EdrawMind Team

EdrawMind Team


Founded in 2019, EdrawMind, formerly known as Mindmaster, is a mind mapping and brainstorming tool of a software company called Edraw.

  • Strategic Content Creation
  • Educational Expertise
  • Impactful Communication

Experience & Education

Writing Purpose & Slogan

Our purpose is to craft content that transcends words, delivering profound value to businesses and educators. We are committed to enlightening minds, inspiring innovation, and empowering growth through the art of words.

Crafting Dreams, Spinning Themes.

Working Experience & Education

Committed to creating high-quality content that genuinely helps readers, EdrawMind's writing team is a powerhouse of expertise and creativity. Our trio of seasoned wordsmiths brings unmatched educational backgrounds and passion to their craft.

  • David Miller, PhD in Education: With a doctorate in education from a prestigious Ivy League institution, David Miller leads our writing team. He research-driven approach ensures that every piece of content is not only informative but also pedagogically sound, making it a valuable resource for educators and learners alike.
  • Sarah Jones, MBA in Marketing: Armed with an MBA in Marketing from a top-tier business school, Sarah Jones brings a wealth of strategic insights to our content. Her business acumen ensures that our materials resonate with professionals and business enthusiasts, offering actionable insights and solutions.