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Efficiently plan and track your research projects with EdrawMind's customizable timeline template. Stay organized and ensure timely completion of your research goals.


Starting a research project can feel like a puzzle. There are many pieces, and figuring out how they all fit together can be tricky. One tool that can help is a research timeline. It enables you to map out when and what you need to do. This way, you will have a guide that lets you know what steps to take next.

This article will show you six different research timeline templates made with EdrawMind. Each is designed for various uses, so you'll know where to begin your research. Whether you're a new or seasoned researcher, these templates can help organize your research process.

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Research Timeline Templates

This section will explore different research timeline templates you can easily create or copy. Check out which suits you best and apply them to your research projects. These templates are all made with EdrawMind.

1. Market Research Timeline

A market research timeline is particularly for businesses that want to study their market before releasing a product. This winding timeline involves defining the target market, the source of respondents, the data-gathering method, and other essential parts of market research. It's also great to include the time needed for each part to have a set of tasks you should accomplish in a specific time.

2. Research Content Timeline

A research content timeline focuses on the details of your research. In the form of a vertical timeline, it is more like a mind map. It does not provide the required time for each part, but you can easily add them if you want to use this template.

Using this timeline, you can plan out the contents of each section for easy reference during writing. Make sure to add questions or notes you'd like to emphasize in your project.

3. Research Project Timeline

A Research Project Timeline is like a schedule or a planner for your research work. It breaks down the research process into smaller parts and assigns a specific time to complete each.

Think of it as a roadmap of your research journey, with signposts marking where you should be at a particular time. It helps you stay on track and stay focused and focused. It also makes it clear what tasks need to be done and when. The feature is especially helpful when you're working with a team. Everyone can see what they should be doing and when it should be finished.

So, whether you're working alone or with a group, a Research Project Timeline is a handy tool to keep your research work organized and on schedule.

4. Research Proposal Timeline

A research proposal timeline is mainly designed for the proposal stage and the projected outcomes of a research project. While most research timelines involve the contents or the timeframe for each part of the project, a proposal timeline focuses on the general tasks needed to start a research.

This template is perfect for brainstorming new research projects. You can add more details as necessary, but a general look at the timeline can be found below.

5. Research Goals Timeline

The research goals timeline shows the goals required for each part of the project. The example below utilizes the fishbone diagram, but you can think of other ways to express the timeline's contents. With this research timeline template, you can set specific goals as early as the planning stage.

6. Research Planning Timeline

This kind of research template is a more detailed approach to planning. This is generally the best approach for any research, as it considers all the required details for projects. It also includes the goals per part of the paper. Since it uses a vertical template, it makes adding branches to your topics more manageable.

You can use these research timeline templates for your following projects. Please browse the next section on how to look for other templates for your projects using EdrawMind.

💡Learn more other creative EdrawMind timeline templates you can quickly grab and use for your next presentation., such as blank timeline templates, business timeline templates and so on.

Creating a Research Timeline Using Templates in EdrawMind

Wondershare EdrawMind is a user-friendly tool that can help you create research timelines. Its visually appealing and intuitive interface will help you organize your timelines better. This section will teach you how to make your research timeline using the templates available on MindMap Gallery.


The following are some of its features that can help you create research timeline templates.

  • Pre-made Templates: EdrawMind has a bunch of beautiful pre-made templates, which makes it convenient for you to start creating timelines. Also, check out the MindMap Gallery for templates that other users like you have made.
  • Drag-and-Drop Interface: You can add photos, videos, and other elements that make your timelines more immersive and detailed by simply using the drag-and-drop feature of EdrawMind.
  • Unlimited Canvas: EdrawMind offers a virtually infinite canvas for your timeline. This way, you can create a more detailed research timeline.
  • Zoom and Pan: The increasing number of elements on your timeline as you work may make navigating and viewing everything hard. EdrawMind has a Zoom and Pan feature for you to check the progress of your work.
  • Import and Export Options: After creating your research template, you can export your work to various file formats like Microsoft Office and import files and information from other apps to your timeline.
  • Collaboration and Sharing: EdrawMind Online supports teamwork and provides collaboration and sharing features for research members to cooperate in real-time.

1. Create a Research Timeline Using EdrawMind Templates

Read through this section to learn more about using EdrawMind templates to create your research timeline.


Download (below↓) and install EdrawMind from the official website.


Launch EdrawMind. On the sidebars, click MindMap Gallery.

Note: You can also use the Blank Templates and Local Examples found on the application's homepage. Explore EdrawMind to find the best template for your research projects.
edrawmind homepage


Type "Timeline" in the search bar. You can search diagrams with various layouts that you may need.

edrawmind mindmap gallery


Once you see a timeline template you like, hover your mouse over it and click Duplicate.

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Once you have duplicated the template, you should have the template ready in EdrawMind. The example below is an "Early Experiences" timeline, but you can edit it to become a research timeline. See the next step.

edrawmind workspace


Double-click the text boxes to edit the template's contents. Add details as you may like.

edrawmind workspace
Note: You can delete text boxes you may need by selecting them and pressing Delete on your keyboard. You can also add new text boxes by pressing Enter. Also, please check the right-side panel and explore EdrawMind for more customization options.
edrawmind edit duplicated timeline

Now that you've learned how to create a research timeline template using EdrawMind, browse through the next section for tips to make the most of your timelines.

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Tips and Tricks for Creating an Effective Research Timeline

Creating a research timeline can be quite a task, but knowing some tips and tricks can make the process less daunting and more efficient. Here's a closer look at some strategies to help you create a robust and effective research timeline.

1. Setting Objectives and Milestones

Setting clear objectives and milestones is the first crucial step. It's like setting up the destination and checkpoints in maps before starting a long drive. You need to know what you aim to achieve and the significant stages you must reach. These milestones guide your efforts and offer a sense of achievement as you tick them off, keeping you motivated throughout the project.

2. Breaking Down Tasks

Next, break down your tasks into smaller, manageable parts. Consider an enormous task as a puzzle; trying to complete it all at once can be overwhelming, but if you break it down into smaller pieces, it becomes manageable and less daunting. Smaller tasks also allow for better distribution of work among team members, leading to increased productivity and efficiency.

3. Allocating Time and Resources

Allocating time and resources realistically is another vital aspect. Understanding that each task requires a specific amount of time and resources is essential. Overloading your schedule or underestimating the time needed can lead to stress and rushed work. By being realistic and considerate about your limitations and capacities, you can ensure a smoother workflow and better quality of work.

4. Updating the Timeline in Real-Time

Monitoring progress and adjusting the timeline as needed is equally important. You must be able to adapt and edit your timeline according to the actual situation of your research project. There might be unexpected delays or tasks that get completed faster than anticipated. Regular monitoring allows you to stay flexible and adapt your timeline accordingly, ensuring you stay on track.

5. Collaborating With Others

Lastly, collaboration becomes critical to success when working in a team. EdrawMind's sharing features can be handy here. These features allow you to share your timeline with your team members, ensuring everyone is on the same page about what needs to be done and when. You can also ask the help of everyone to update the timeline now and then and even add their ideas.


Summing up, research timelines are instrumental in effectively managing a research project. They serve as a guiding light, illuminating the path to your project's completion by outlining the process, setting milestones, and keeping everyone on track.

Simplify the process of creating a research timeline by duplicating the templates provided in this article. You can also make the most out of EdrawMind's features. These offer a structured way to plan and organize your research work, making the journey less daunting and more manageable.

So, the next time you're starting a research project, remember the importance of a well-structured research timeline. Utilize these templates, take advantage of EdrawMind, and apply these tips and tricks to navigate your way to a successful research project with ease and confidence.

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