All About AI Brainstorm in 2024

Artificial Intelligence tools have taken their steps into the world of brainstorming. With this elaborated guide, we aim to explore how to leverage the power of brainstorming with AI brainstorm tools, like EdrawMind.

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When it comes to finding different ways to approach a problem, most people brainstorm. In academics and the corporate world, brainstorming is considered a cornerstone that promotes creative thinking and catalyzes new ideas across different ventures. However, most people still wonder how to brainstorm in the most effective way and AI brainstorming processes have emerged as one of the highly discussed topics.

In this detailed guide to AI brainstorm, we will delve into the capabilities of AI in improving brainstorming sessions and how to brainstorm using EdrawMind's AI chatbot, an ultimate artificial intelligence tool that helps in text generation while you sit with your remote to brainstorm on any topic.

Before we talk about the process of brainstorming, let us check out some of the amazing functions of conducting a brainstorming session.

  • With brainstorming, we can find innovative ideas.
  • Brainstorming promotes healthier collaboration among team members.
  • Different brainstorming sessions help in identifying who provides excellent ideas.
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What is AI Brainstorm?

Gone are the days when the team members would find themselves with repeated ideas. AI brainstorm tools introduces a new dimension to idea generation as it enables individuals to generate unique ideas quickly and efficiently. If you and your team have access to the right AI brainstorming tool, then it not only helps in generating ideas but can ease down your entire brainstorming session.

EdrawMind, the powerful mind mapping and brainstorming tool, has recently introduced its AI chatbot. This powerful AI works as a copilot to your project as it can generate a significant amount of ideas as per the topic.

Some of the most notable features of Edraw AI are:

  • Easy Idea Generation: Whether you prefer to brainstorm on your own or with your team, Edraw AI simplifies the process of generating new ideas. The built-in chatbot facilitates the creation of ideas that make brainstorming sessions highly productive.
  • Create Framework: With Edraw AI, you can easily streamline the creation of different brainstorming frameworks. Just entering a text or a topic helps in creating the generic rough draft that would later serve as a solid foundation for innovative development.
  • Real-Time Brainstorming: EdrawMind is a remote brainstorming tool that offers real-time collaboration. With the built-in AI, different individuals can now work together to contribute their ideas to a shared platform. This not only speeds up the entire brainstorming process but also fosters healthier teamwork.

Brainstorming AI Template

In order to understand the benefit of AI in brainstorming and how EdrawMind's AI chatbot helps us enhance the overall brainstorming experience, let us walk you through a detailed description of the following template.

In the following brainstorming AI template, we see how a design, development, marketing, and business team sit together to find a name for their new mobile application.

In EdrawMind, you can easily add different sub-topics and even make detailed connections between them. If required, you can easily put a particular topic under a close knitted summary group for further discussion. With the same thought in mind, the development team has added different sub-topics here in this brainstorming AI template example, like:

  • Guidelines: This sub-topic suggests what must be kept in mind before finalizing the company's name. As the guidelines state, the name should express what the application is all about, and its domain name must be available for them to acquire.
  • Focus: This is one of the names suggested by the team members. It is subdivided into different subtopics that reveal how even though they all prefer this name, the domain of this name is currently not available.
  • MindTask: This is yet another mobile application name suggested by the team. The team has stated here that the name fits with their company's guidelines, and at the same time, they have found its domain.
  • Productivity: Even though the team liked this name, they all think that the name is way too long and even its domain is not available for them to buy.

Similarly to this, the team here has added a couple of more names as per their brainstorming session. With the built-in AI brainstorm features of EdrawMind, you can even add a few more mobile app names as per your convenience.

When you download this brainstorming template, you get different options from EdrawMind to customize it. With your remote team, you can even change different aspects of this template as per your requirements. Additionally, with Edraw AI, you can generate quick ideas regarding mobile application naming and put them out in front of others. Once voted in, you can start using the AI-generated text to make changes to this template.

🚀Such and more AI brainstorming templates are readily available in EdrawMind. With one simple click, you can download these templates and start brainstorming with your team.

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How to Brainstorm in an Easier Way

There is a traditional method of brainstorming where you sit with your colleagues in a conference room and discuss ideas. However, with the remote-working culture, most of the team members are either working remotely or have chosen a hybrid model. Moreover, the traditional brainstorming method is very tedious and requires a lot of effort.

In order to eradicate such problems, we recommend going ahead with EdrawMind. Check out the following steps to learn how to brainstorm in an easier way:

Step 1Launch

The first step is to download EdrawMind to your system. If you are planning for a real-time collaboration with virtual team members, head to EdrawMind Online and invite your team members.

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Step 2Download or Template

EdrawMind gives you multiple options to get started with brainstorming. You can either download the aforementioned template and open it, create a blank diagramming canvas, or head to the 'MindMap Gallery' from the homepage to instantly import some of the user-generated templates that come close to your requirements.

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Step 3AI Brainstorm

Once you are inside the EdrawMind, you can start a brainstorming session with your team. You can find Edraw AI brainstorm tool on the EdrawMind's canvas screen itself, where you can put out a query related to your topic, and the intelligence tool would generate relevant text that would assist you in generating more valuable ideas.

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Step 4Customize

After you are done brainstorming, you can either create a detailed outline using the 'Outliner View' or create a highly dynamic diagram using the built-in tools. From the right panel, choose different customizing options like layout, font, cliparts, and more.

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Step 5Export & Share

After completing the brainstorming session, EdrawMind lets you export the content into different formats. From HD graphics to PDF, you can export the content into multiple formats that meet your needs.

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Brainstorming Method That Enhances Efficiency

Now that you have understood how easy it is to conduct brainstorming sessions with the help of an AI tool like EdrawMind, let us give you a brief idea about different brainstorming techniques that would enhance efficiency in the long run.

There are several brainstorming methods, and depending on the nature of your problem, availability of resources, time constraints, and team dedication, one can go ahead and use any of these brainstorming methods. Some most common brainstorming methods are:

  1. Mind Mapping
  2. Brainwriting
  3. SCAMPER Method
  4. Random Word Association
  5. Reverse Brainstorming
  6. Storyboarding

The important thing that one needs to remember before choosing a brainstorming method is to understand how relevant it would be to their current problem. It is a possibility that some method would work on a particular problem but fail to achieve the same result when we put it to test with different scenarios.


As you learned here today, AI-powered tools would not only help you create detailed content but would also answer the old-age query -- how to brainstorm easier? Now, you don't have to take the traditional method to create everything from scratch. With AI-powered tools like EdrawMind, you can instantly work on your topic by brainstorming different ideas with your team. By incorporating different brainstorming methods like mind mapping, reverse brainstorming, and more, individuals and teams can surely elevate their overall creative process. Download EdrawMind today and utilize the built-in AI brainstorm feature to improve your productivity.

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EdrawMind Team May 21, 24
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