How to Make Fishbone Diagram for Medical

Medical science has significantly evolved in the last couple of years. Most pharmaceutical companies are on a look to save resources and increase their output. In this article, we will learn the benefits of a fishbone diagram in healthcare and how to make

fishbone diagram medical

Fishbone Diagrams or Ishikawa Diagrams are very important when it comes to the medical industry. The cause-and-effect diagram helps the medical practitioner understand the primary effects of any situation and its contributing factors. In general terms, a fishbone diagram for the medical domain helps identify and understand the various factors contributing to a problem or outcome in healthcare.

In this fishbone diagram for medical domain guide, we will explore the ins and outs of this important visual tool and guide you through the process of when to employ it in a healthcare setting. Before we learn how to make a fishbone diagram with EdrawMind, let us understand the primary purpose of fishbone diagrams in the healthcare industry.

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What is a Fishbone Diagram in Healthcare

A Fishbone Diagram in health care is a structured graphical illustration used to systematically analyze and depict the potential causes of a specific medical issue or outcome. The Cause-and-Effect diagram is shaped like a fish skeleton, with the problem or outcome at the head and various 'bones' branching out to represent different categories of causes and sub-causes. Some of the notable categories that influence the issues or create bottlenecks in healthcare are people, processes, equipment, environment, and materials.

In the medical field, the fishbone diagram contributes in different ways, like:

  • It helps understand the underlying issues.
  • It helps reach the optimal goal faster.
  • It helps avoid unnecessary delays, resulting in better productivity.

1. The Importance of the Fishbone Diagram in Health Care

The Fishbone Diagram is very important in the healthcare vertical for several reasons, like:

  • Identify Root Causes: With a fishbone diagram, medical professionals can visually organize the potential causes.
  • Categorize Issues: By creating fishbone diagrams for medical, professionals can distinguish between major and minor factors, which encourages the team members to focus on more critical areas.

2. When to Use a Fishbone Diagram in Health Care

The Fishbone Diagram is a versatile tool that can be employed in various healthcare situations, like:

  • Quality Improvement: Medical professionals are aiming to enhance the quality of patient care by addressing issues like medical errors or unforeseen delays.
  • Process Analysis: With fishbone diagrams in medicine, one can easily streamline complex healthcare processes.

How to Make a Fishbone Diagram With EdrawMind

In order to make a fishbone diagram with EdrawMind, you need to follow the below-mentioned steps. These steps are focused on fishbone diagrams for medical but can also be used as it is while creating Ishikawa diagrams for other industries. Before you go ahead and start making a fishbone diagram with EdrawMind, make sure to download and install the latest version of this mind-mapping tool in your system.


In the EdrawMind homepage, click 'Mindmap Gallery' to access all the user-generated fishbone templates. In the 'Search Template' section, type 'Fishbone', and the system will generate all the fishbone diagram templates that are ready to use. Choose any one of those templates that come close to your vision and click on 'Duplicate' to instantly duplicate the fishbone diagram template to your EdrawMind canvas.

How to Make a Fishbone Diagram
Step2Blank Drawing

If you wish to create a fishbone diagram from scratch, go to the homepage and click on the 'Fishbone' diagram type. Additionally, you can also click on 'New +' > Fishbone to create a fishbone diagram. This will take you directly to the EdrawMind canvas, where you will find a fish-like diagram ready to be explored and customized with the relevant data.

How to Make a Fishbone Diagram
Step3Add Causes & Sub-Causes

Once you are in the EdrawMind canvas, start replacing the fish's head with the 'Effect', followed by adding different causes and sub-causes that might influence the healthcare industry. It is always advisable to categorize these causes so the team can have better brainstorming sessions. Additionally, you can even customize the entire fishbone diagram from the floating toolbar and change the layout, branch, connector, and shapes, and even use Edraw AI to generate valuable texts.

How to Make a Fishbone Diagram

Once you and your team have entered all the causes that affect the particular medical-related problem, you can brainstorm ideas to find the root cause of it. Once identified, you can use EdrawMind's 'Boundary' feature to add the entire section under a nice-looking boundary. In later stages, you can export this fishbone diagram for the medical domain in different formats.

How to Make a Fishbone Diagram

Fishbone Diagram Healthcare Examples

Fishbone Diagram for Medical Education: In this fishbone diagram for medical education, we have added the problem statement in the fish's head. Here, we are going to find the root cause of 'Diagnostic Error'. Diagnostic errors represent a critical subset within the realm of medical errors, frequently originating from lapses in individual cognitive processes. As visually illustrated in this fishbone diagram, there are several factors contributing to this effect, which we have laid out in different categories. As illustrated in this fishbone diagram, we have successfully created a fishbone diagram to tackle diagnostic errors, aligning overall efforts by keeping patient safety and educational requirements in mind.

Fishbone Diagram Healthcare Examples

Fishbone Diagram for Patient Safety: In the following fishbone diagram, the designer has added a psychological aspect to the fishbone diagram, which would help the residents learn 'Why do patients show up 34% year-over-year?' In this fishbone diagram, we have categorized the problem statement into different verticals and have added sub-causes based on cognitive biases and systemic factors. You can download this fishbone diagram template from EdrawMind and customize it as needed.

Fishbone Diagram Healthcare Examples

🔥 The above templates are all made using EdrawMind. Want to make your own beautiful templates? Come and try EdrawMind Online for free.

Free Fishbone Diagram Maker

As you saw here, creating a fishbone diagram for the medical domain becomes extremely easy when we go ahead with EdrawMind. Some of the amazing features of this free fishbone diagram maker are:

  • Layout: EdrawMind comes with several layout options, each tailored for specific needs.
  • Edraw AI: This free fishbone diagram maker now comes with Edraw AI, which helps medical practitioners generate texts based on queries.
  • Templates: With EdrawMind, you don’t have to create any fishbone diagram from scratch -- you can easily visit the template community and take inspiration from hundreds of free fishbone diagram templates.
  • Collaboration: This free fishbone diagram maker also offers real-time collaboration. Head to EdrawMind Online and invite your team members to brainstorm on different Ishikawa diagrams.
  • Cliparts: EdrawMind comes with built-in customization options that help in creating unique fishbone diagrams. You can choose from different icons and cliparts to give a personal touch to your diagrams.


Fishbone Diagrams come in handy in the medical profession as they help understand the causes and effects of different verticals. From patient history to understanding diagnostic errors, fishbone diagrams in the medical industry are very useful. When you plan to start creating the fishbone diagram for medical domain, you can use EdrawMind. The tool comes with built-in templates, symbols, and layout options that help in creating the fishbone diagram with ease.

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  • 1. How is a Fishbone diagram used in healthcare?
    A Fishbone Diagram in healthcare is used as a visual tool to analyze and identify the potential causes of a specific medical issue or outcome. By using a fishbone diagram, healthcare teams can easily collaborate to understand different root causes, prioritize on the grounds that need improvement, and implement effective solutions that would eradicate the generated problem.
  • 2. What are the advantages of a Fishbone diagram?
    Some of the most common advantages of creating a fishbone diagram are:

    1️⃣ It helps in visually representing the causes and sub-causes.

    2️⃣ It helps promote a collaborative environment.

    3️⃣ It opens up ways to have enhanced communication.

  • 3. Do Fishbone Diagrams have any disadvantages?
    Yes, fishbone diagrams do have some limitations, like:

    1️⃣ It tries to oversimplify the issues, which causes unnecessary delays.

    2️⃣ Without external interference, the causes are limited to predefined categories.

    3️⃣ Some medical practitioners may find this project management tool time-consuming.

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