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Halloween is the perfect time to explore the deadly murder saga of Michael Myers. The franchise has been rebooted several times, confusing the entire timeline. Learn Michael Myers movies in order with this guide.

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Halloween is around the corner, and so is your horror movie galore. You will not get a better opportunity to catch up on Michael Myer, the emblem of Halloween's soulless villains. His era of terror started in 1978 with the original Halloween release, and since then, the white-masked killer wearing a jumpsuit became a trademark for the October 31st movie nights.

What was once introduced as a Halloween Indie spooky movie became a slasher franchise. No wonder the original franchise release took inspiration from legendary films like The Exorcist and Psycho. Today, the Michael Myer outfit is used as a pop culture reference.

However, the chronology of the Halloween franchise gets all over the place due to its recurring reboots and sequels. Want to know more about it? Let us get in and explore Michael Myers movies in order.

michael myers movies in order

The Original Halloween 1978

Known for exaggerated violence and a soulless villain figure, the Original Halloween went to the cinema in 1978. With high expectations and a not-so-significant budget, the 1978 Halloween, directed by John Carpenter, was a success at the box office with $23 million international and $70 million theatrical profit.

The plot starts with an adolescent boy killing his sister. Soon, viewers get a glimpse of the transition of a killer in a jumpsuit and white mask on a hunt for his other Laurie Strode and her friends. The terror unravels as he goes the extra mile to get her.

Michael Myers Movies in Order 800

The Halloween franchise has rebooted several times, and you are not alone in confusing its timeline. So, let us discuss Michael Myers movies in order without giving spoilers away.

Halloween 1978

The movie that popularized the Halloween film series was set in 1963. It starts when the six-year-old Michael Myers kills his older sister, Judith, at Lampkin Lane. After this, he escaped the mental hospital after 15 years under the supervision of Dr. Samuel Loomis. Upon returning to his hometown, Haddonfield, he started the killing spree and targeted his other sister, Laurie, and her friends.

Halloween II 1981

Halloween II was equally successful at the box office. The plot picks up with Laurie defeating Michael Myers and him surviving several gunshot wounds. Soon, Michael recovered and started targeting his sister again. During the movie, Dr Loomis discovers why Michael wants to kill Laurie.

Halloween 4: The Return of Michael Myers 1988

After Halloween II, the 4th part grabbed public attention after ten years. The movie starts with Michael waking up from a coma and chasing Laurie's daughter, Jamie Llyod. For those wondering about Laurie's whereabouts? She died in a car accident in the backdrop of Season 4. Unlike the previous three parts, John Carpenter did not write or produce the film.

Halloween 5: The Revenge of Michael Myers 1989

Halloween 4 ends with Michael Myers being shot several times and thrown down the woods. The fifth part of the film picks up with a person washing his body in the creeks and taking care of it until he wakes up on a Halloween night. He immediately kills the man and continues his search for Jamie, who is traumatized by the past events and is now in therapy. The movie ends with her and Dr Loomis attempting to defeat Michael.

Halloween: The Curse of Michael Myers 1995

The Halloween 1995 is set six years later with Jamie, who is imprisoned by a cult and is forced to bear a child. Jamie is killed after she tries to escape, but the baby survives. Later, Tommy Doyle, whom Laurie used to babysit on the first Halloween, finds the baby and protects him from Michael Myers, who is on a hunt.

Halloween H20: 20 Years Later 1998

Twenty years later, the Halloween H20 raids and vandalizes the home of the recently deceased Dr. Loomis. The movie discovered Laurie Stroke returns even though it was first implied that she died in an accident. Michael soon finds out about her faking her death and now has a son.

Halloween Resurrection 2002

The Resurrection 2002 opens up with Michael Myers finally killing Laurie Strode and having a karate fight with Busta Rhymes. Following her death, college kids spend a night at Michael Myer’s abandoned house. He pays them a visit.

Halloween 2018

Halloween 2018 has been the highest-grossing Halloween sequel at the box office. The film is a direct sequel to Halloween 1978 and negates plot developments up until now. Laurie Strode is alive, traumatized by the night Michael Myers came home. She is preparing for his return and is in touch with her granddaughter, Allyson. All hell breaks loose when Myers breaks the asylum to chase Laurie.

Halloween Kills 2021

Since Halloween 2018 was highly successful, it resulted in two extended releases. The 2021 plot follows Michael raiding Laurie’s house and burning her basement. However, he survives the injuries, but Laurie is taken to the emergency. Upon Tommy learning Myers is not dead, a strategy is devised by the group, including Allyson, to take him down. However, the plan does not go smoothly, and viewers witness several deaths.

Halloween Ends 2022

Halloween Ends picks up the Halloween Kills plot and follows the 43 killings by Michael Myers, after which he has not been seen. Laurie lives with granddaughter Allyson since her daughter Karen is among the killed. This movie ends with the only face-off between Jamie and Myers, a scene worth watching.

Halloween 2007

It shares the name with the original Halloween 1978. However, it is a reboot and takes place at another time. Technically, you can watch it at any point as the story explores the wrath of Michael's character and his childhood murders. But watching it at the end is better to avoid confusing the timeline.

Halloween 2009

Halloween 2009 is a sequel to 2007 and unravels family affairs Michael takes care of in search of Laurie. Michael has flashbacks of his mother advising him to reunite with his sister. Quite the opposite, Laurie is seen recovering from her past trauma.

Halloween III: Season of the Witch

Halloween III is mostly on its own. It follows an irrelevant plot and has no mention of Michael Myer. The movie kicks off with the mask that children want to wear. Soon, it is unraveled that the company has put microchips in the masks, compelling kids to do unusual things.

Michael Myers Movies Timeline Template

Finding it difficult to visualize the Halloween movies in order? No worries. The Michael Myers timeline template breaks the Halloween franchise into chronological releases and their influence. It offers a sneak peek into movie plots without giving spoilers away with easily understandable nodes.

Halloween is around the corner, which means an opportunity to plan horror movie nights, costume parties, and story swaps. So, be it spreading the word to friends or making scary story swaps, designing a spooky flyer is your best bet.

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Michael Myers Costume and His Iconic Mask

The descriptionless, tall build and the frightening white mask make the Michael Myers Halloween costume a staple for Halloween parties as a pop culture reference. Michael acquired the mask in the first Halloween release in 1978 when he stole some hardware items, including the mask, from a store. But there is much more in the backdrop.

The limited production budget strained the resources for the costume department to develop the Michael Myers mask. This was when director John Carpenter hired Tommy Lee Wallace, who bought the Star Trek William Shatner mask for under $2.

Wallace spray-painted it white, widened the eye holes to get emotions out of the mask, and paired it with the infamous black suit. The entire dominating figure transformed the indie character into the phenomenal soulless villain we know today as Michael Myers.


John Carpenter released The Original Halloween in 1978, and ever since, the franchise has become popular among the masses. Today, it is a must for all 31st October movie nights to explore Michael Myers' reign of terror. However, the best way to approach Michael Myer's movie in order is to have a visual guide. It helps you follow the events and timeline correctly.

Planning a Michael Myer night for Halloween and wondering what is the most thrilling way to spread the word? Nothing beats a spooky invitation template. Even better, you can find pre-built Halloween-theme examples on EdrawMind. The only thing left is editing.

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  • Is Michael Myers a real person?
    No, Michael Myers is a fictional character from the popular Halloween franchise.
  • Which “Halloween” film is considered the best?
    The Original Halloween 1978 beats others in the thrill. It focuses on the transition of Michael Myers from an adolescent killer to a soulless villain, offering a nail-biting terror experience.
  • What is the significance of the upcoming sequel in the “Halloween” franchise?
    The Halloween Ends 2022 is the last sequel for the franchise, according to producer Jason Blum. The movie marks the face-off between Laurie and Michael.
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