Learning with Bubble Map Example: A Comprehensive Guide

Dive into the world of bubble maps and learn how to create and utilize them with this comprehensive guide. Packed with examples, this resource will help you enhance your learning and brainstorming processes.

bublle map example

Bubble map examples are an excellent way to learn how a bubble map actually works. Teachers can use these examples to familiarize students with adjectives of a particular noun or topic. This is how creative skills and critical thinking are improved.

When it comes to solving complex problems, bubble maps provide us with a complete map to get out of trouble. At the same time, you can generate plenty of new innovative ideas with these maps. This article presents 10 bubble map examples to develop a better understanding of this area. Let's get into the specifics.

In this article
  1. What is a Bubble Map
  2. Benefits of a Bubble Map / Why to Use It
  3. A List of the 10 Bubble Map Examples
  4. Final Words

What is a Bubble Map

A bubble map is composed of different circles. One is placed in the middle, whereas other circles are placed in the surroundings. These circles are known as bubbles. The middle bubble holds the main topic or noun, whereas adjectives are written in the surrounding bubbles. You are free to add as many adjectives as you want.

Though you can list all the details in tools like Word, using a bubble map maker is usually preferred. Moreover, start with one or two circles to keep things simpler and more manageable. A bubble map can have the same or different-sized bubbles.

You can always use EdrawMind's bubble map examples to understand this subject better.

Benefits of a Bubble Map / Why to Use It

The top benefits a bubble map offers are given below.

  • A bubble map makes understanding easier. It does not matter whether you want to add a new member to the team or look forward to handing over your project to a new person; a bubble map will make it easy for them to understand your project without explaining all the details.
  • It helps you get the maximum out of your brainstorming sessions. When you make a central bubble and connect it to the relevant bubbles in the surroundings, brainstorming sessions improve.
  • You can add as much information as you want to your bubble map, and this diagram keeps track of everything you put on the map.
  • The improved visualization of bubble maps allows you to recall ideas in no time. At the same time, sharing these maps also becomes easy.
  • Another leading benefit of a bubble map is that it enhances your critical thinking abilities.

Are you thinking of why you should use bubble maps? Well, you can use these maps to brainstorm new ideas and visualize existing ideas. At the same time, you can use a bubble map to enhance creativity and boost your writing abilities.

A List of the 10 Bubble Map Examples

Let's go through the ten EdrawMind's bubble map graphic organizer examples.

1. Invertebrate Bubble Map

Animals with no vertebral column are commonly called vertebrates. This bubble map example presents different vertebrates to make you familiar with a couple of members of this family.

As vertebrates is the central noun, it is placed in the middle. The adjectives are placed around. They include Annelida, Coelenterata, Arthropoda, Mollusca, Echinodermata, Nemathelminthes, and Platyhelminthes.

Each bubble is assigned a different color to make the bubble map more presentable and easy to visualize.

2. Sociolinguistic Bubble Map

This example presents sociolinguistics-related stuff. The main topic, “sociolinguistics,” is written in the middle circle. The adjectives placed in the surroundings include linguistic choice, definition, people communicating differently, the relationship between society and language, important terms, and more.

Every adjective is further connected to other bubbles displaying more values or information. This is how a sociolinguistic bubble map makes it easy to understand the relation of languages with society.

3. Roisin Carey Bubble Map

This bubble map example is all about Roisin Carey and vacations. It consists of three adjectives, including type of vacation, holiday checklist, and where to spend holidays. The adjective bubbles are connected to further values.

For example, the “type of vacations” bubble is connected to various bubbles, like adventure holidays, beach holidays, city breaks, walking holidays, and ski breaks. The color scheme of a noun and objectives is different to increase the visualization.

4. Global Issues & Globalization Bubble Map

This bubble mind map example highlights global issues and globalization. The central idea or subject has different issues in the surroundings, including society, education, health, economy, and politics. To show more details of this domain, adjectives are further connected to small bubbles, as shown in the image below.

If, according to this bubble map, we talk about societal issues, they include two main barriers, e.g., culture and languages.

5. Sports Bubble Map

If you are a sports lover, this bubble map graphic organizer example is for you. It shows that sports are divided into different categories, like contact sports, team sports, individual sports, and water sports. Each sport is further divided into different types.

Talking about the contact sports, you will find Soccer, Rugby, Basketball, and Football in this category. At the same time, the adjective “water supports” is in connection with diving, swimming, water polo, and water aerobics are also part of this map.

6. Agenda Web Org Grammar Exercise Bubble Map

This bubble map example talks about Agenda Web Org grammar exercises. It helps you learn grammar with different adjectives, like relative clauses, passive form, past continuous, simple present, if clause, comparative form, superlative adjectives, and more.

If you want to improve your English grammar, this bubble map graphic organizer example will help you achieve your goal with great precision.

7. Computer Components Bubble Map

In this bubble map example, you will see different components integrated into a computer machine. They include a monochromator/filter, detector, sample holder, light source, readout, and pilot lamp, as shown in the picture below.

Like all other examples above, this map is also created in Wondershare EdrawMind and is fully editable. If you want to create a bubble map to show other components of a computer, you can edit this template and go ahead.

8. Developing Healthy Habits Bubble Map

What else do you need if a bubble map can help you develop healthy habits? You will never want to miss this chance. The below bubble mind map example presents different ways to encourage healthy habits. The adjectives in this map include stress, help, diet, sleep, and exercise.

If you don't sleep well, insomnia may develop. At the same time, if you take a sound sleep daily, you will always have a fresh body. Similarly, other adjectives are attached to relevant parameters.

9. Impact of Life on Health Bubble Map

The impact of life on human health is the central subject of this bubble map example. The adjectives around the middle bubble are presented in different colored bubbles, including exercise, study, recreation, diet, substance abuse, medication abuse, and more. You can go through this map to understand this subject better.

10. Ministry of Health & Family Welfare Bubble Map

This example of a bubble map presents information about one of the departments of the Ministry of Health India. The Health and Family Welfare Department deals with family welfare issues like communications, information, maternal health, education, pediatrics, and reproductive health. For more details, look at the image below.

Final Words

By looking at the bubble map examples, you can develop a better understanding of any subject, title, noun, or topic. This article has presented ten examples of bubble maps to familiarize you with different subjects. You can explore EdrawMind's template gallery for bubble map and double bubble map examples.

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