Create a Family Tree Online with Free Templates

A reliable, free online family tree maker not only simplifies family tree creation but also offers a richness of customization choices.

free online family tree builder
free online family tree builder

Understanding one's family heritage holds immense importance. A family tree offers insights into traditions, values, and shared experiences across generations. It provides a sense of identity and belonging, connecting individuals to their roots. In the digital era, online family tree makers play a pivotal role in preserving this heritage. These platforms offer a convenient and collaborative way to document family histories.

Creating a family tree, you can preserve your legacy, fostering a stronger sense of unity among relatives. This article will present a first-rate web-based family tree creator, EdrawMind Online, to transform your family lineage into a cherished visual. Employing this brilliant platform, you will be able to effortlessly make family tree online for free.

In this article
  1. How to Create a Family Tree Online on EdrawMind
  2. How To Customize the Family Tree
  3. Family Tree Templates from EdrawMind's Mindmap Gallery
  4. Why Choose EdrawMind as Your Online Family Tree Maker
  5. Tips for Making Family Trees
  6. Conclusion

How to Create a Family Tree Online on EdrawMind

Sketching your family's heredity becomes a truly inspiring endeavor with EdrawMind Online. It is an exceptional online platform that elevates the art of creating family trees. EdrawMind stands out because of its multifarious features and free-for-all services. Using this family tree builder online solution, you can unravel the stories woven into your heritage. The tool not only simplifies the process of family tree creation but also enhances it with its unending customization options.

Method 1: Use a Template

EdrawMind Online offers an extensive library loaded with millions of professionally built templates. You can find a suitable template relevant to your industry & needs. Let's learn how to design family tree online for free using a ready-made template:

Step 1: Access EdrawMind Online. Navigate to the EdrawMind Gallery.

open edrawmind gallery edrawmind

Step 2: Search "family tree" in the search bar. Choose your preferred template.

choose template edrawmind online

Method 2: Start from Scratch

In addition to starting with a template, you can also choose to make one totally on your own.

Step 1: Access EdrawMind Online. Click Tree Map from the tabs.

new tree map edrawmind online

Step 2: Add the ancestor's name in the root shape.

add ancestor edrawmind family tree

Step 3: Add branches to introduce the descendants or progenies.

add descendants edrawmind family tree

Step 4: Complete the family tree by adding more relationships & branches.

develop family tree edrawmind online

How To Customize the Family Tree

Customization is an important step in family tree creation since it gives a polished look to your diagram. Below is how to customize your family tree using EdrawMind Online's powerful customization features:

Shape & Font Customization

Step 1: For shape customization, go to "Style" and select your desired shape. You can also choose its color (border & fill), corner style, & shadowing.

shape customization edrawmind

Step 2: To customize font, navigate to "Font" under "Style".

edit font edrawmind family tree

Adding Relationships in Family Tree

Step 1: To show a relationship, select a shape & click "Relationship" above. Now, drag the line towards the intended shape & label their relationship.

add relationship edrawmind tree

Adding Images or Clipart

Step 1: To add a clipart, go to "Clipart" on the right.

add clipart edrawmind online

Step 2: To add a picture, click "Insert" > "Picture".

add picture edrawmind online

One-Click Theme Application

Step 1: To customize the entire theme with one click, go to "Canvas" > "Diagram Style" > "Topic."

theme customization edrawmind

Step 2: To customize the theme color, click "Topic Color" and choose from the given color palettes. You can also create your personalized color kit.

color customization edrawmind online

EdrawMind Online templates usually have sophisticated color combinations matched with the overall theme & layout. You can consider using a template if you don't know coloring fundamentals.

Family Tree Templates from EdrawMind's Mindmap Gallery

EdrawMind Online is brimmed with countless family tree templates. Out of so many choices, we have unearthed some of the most consummate family tree templates:

1. Kennedy Family Tree Template

The Kennedy family is one of the most prominent political dynasties in American history. Originating from Irish immigrants, the family rose to prominence in the 20th century. This family made a significant impact on the political landscape of the United States.

2. Blank Family Tree Template

The above diagram is a blank family tree in fishbone format that you can use to create family tree online using EdrawMind. Fishbone family trees are invaluable for understanding complex family dynamics. They identify patterns and offer insights into relationships and medical history. Therapists, healthcare professionals, or families can use them to foster understanding.

3. Genesis Family Tree Template

The genesis lineage traces the generations from Adam and Eve, considered the first human beings in different religions. The notable figures are Noah, Abraham, Isaac, Jacob, and Joseph. These individuals are often referred to as prophets, and their stories are fundamental to religious beliefs.

Why Choose EdrawMind as Your Online Family Tree Maker

You might be contemplating why EdrawMind Online should be chosen as the ultimate online family tree maker. Here are a few sensible reasons:

  • EdrawMind Online offers a Templates Gallery with a wide range of professionally designed templates. You can pick your desired family tree template based on your preferences.
  • This online family tree maker allows you to make personalized pictures as illustrations or the background through its AI drawing capabilities.
  • EdrawMind is accessible online and compatible with all operating systems, including Windows, macOS, and Linux. This cross-platform compatibility ensures flexibility and convenience for users regardless of their devices.
  • You can easily export family trees in various formats such as PDF, PNG, JPEG, etc. Also, the tool allows seamless sharing, printing, & document integration.
  • EdrawMind offers the file recovery option to retrieve your file if it's accidentally closed.

Tips for Making Family Trees

Creating a comprehensive and accurate family tree can be painstaking. However, here are essential tips that can make your family tree creation effortless:

  1. Plan Your Layout
  2. Determine the structure of your family tree. Decide if you want to focus on specific branches, generations, or include extended family members. Planning ahead will help organize your information effectively.

  3. Include Photos
  4. Add photographs of family members. Images will help you remember which member is the relative of which one. Also, visual elements add a personal touch and make the family tree more engaging and relatable.

  5. Label Relationships
  6. Clearly label relationships between individuals. Indicate whether they are spouses, siblings, parents, or children. This clarifies the family structure for viewers. You can also use color coding to represent different generations within your family. Assigning specific colors to each branch can visually distinguish relationships.

  7. Maintain Spacing
  8. Keep an appropriate distance between each entity. It will help you avoid a messy family tree. Also, a family tree diagram with equal distancing augments viewers' understanding.

  9. Balance Text and Visuals
  10. Strike a balance between text and visuals. While details are essential, overcrowding the tree with information can overwhelm viewers. Use visuals like icons and symbols sparingly but effectively to represent occupations, hobbies, or other key attributes.


Family trees serve as valuable chronicles of our heritage, offering profound insights into our origins and shared experiences. They provide a tangible link to our ancestors, reinforcing a sense of belonging. In today's digital age, online family tree builders play a pivotal role in preserving this invaluable heritage. We have presented a top-notch solution to create family trees online for free: EdrawMind Online.

The platform is equipped with state-of-the-art technology to offer enhanced user experience. Its user-friendly interface, diverse template selection, and powerful customization options make family tree creation enjoyable. Don't hesitate to merge your creativity with a feeling-enriched family legacy.

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