7 AI Story Generators You Must Try This 2024

AI story generators provide different ways for storytellers to create captivating stories by generating them or assisting writers during the process.


Writing captivating stories can be challenging, as writers often face difficulties generating fresh ideas and keeping their narratives engaging. Luckily, artificial intelligence (AI) has stepped in to provide innovative solutions. These AI story generators are designed to unleash creativity and overcome common writing challenges.

This article will explore seven must-try AI story generators for 2024. These powerful tools utilize advanced algorithms to assist writers at every stage of the storytelling process, whether you're a novelist, screenwriter, or storyteller.

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The Best Free AI Story Generators

Given the undeniable contribution of AI story generators in the creative industry, it's best to try them out as soon as possible so you won't miss out. To give you a jumpstart, here are seven of the best free AI story generators available out there. Check them out and find the right fit for you.

1. Wondershare EdrawMind

EdrawMind is a popular mind-mapping tool. It creates beautiful and detailed mind maps, charts, and more. Recently, it's been given an upgrade with its new AI features. Check them out below:

  • One-click Mind Map: Effortlessly create a well-structured mind map with just one click. Save time and ensure your ideas are organized effectively.
  • Brainstorming: Spark your creativity with this innovative tool that generates unique ideas related to your topic. Get inspired and explore fresh perspectives.
  • Smart Annotation: Enhance your charts with valuable annotations in a user-friendly way. Add insightful comments with a simple click.
  • Translation: Break language barriers with EdrawMind's AI translation feature. Easily translate your text into multiple languages for seamless communication.
  • Tarot Divination: Tap into ancient wisdom and gain horoscopes and fortune-telling insights with this intriguing AI capability.
  • Boast Assistant: Infuse your charts with positivity using the Boast Assistant. Sprinkle compliments throughout your work for a more engaging experience.
  • OCR: Transform traditional data into digital form.
  • Copywriting: Refine the text in your charts with the Copywriting feature. Improve readability and engagement by polishing the content.
  • AI SWOT Analysis: Simplify SWOT analysis with AI assistance. Generate comprehensive charts with minimal effort and insightful commentary.
  • Article Generation & Weekly Report Generation: Streamline content creation with EdrawMind's ability to generate detailed articles and comprehensive weekly reports. Save time and produce informative content effortlessly.
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G2 Ratings 4.5/5
OS Availability Windows, macOS, Linux, iOS, Android, and Supported browsers
  • Story prompting is made through a chatbot (it's easier to tell your ideas)
  • AI can generate stories with different styles based on user preference
  • Writers must check the story for accuracy/coherency of stories

Generating Stories With EdrawAI

The new Edraw AI allows users to create stories and written content straight out of the application. Follow the steps below to create yours:

Step 1 Install and download EdrawMind from the official website.

Step 2 Click +Create a new mind map from the app's homepage.

edrawmind homepage

Step 3 From the uppermost toolbar, click AI. Then, click Edraw AI.

edrawmind ai features
Note: You can also access the Edraw AI chatbot by clicking Article generation or the little robot icon in the bottom left corner, then select Article generation in the dropdown menu of the Pre-scene setup button.

Step 4 Ask the chatbot to write you a story using any prompt. The more specific you are, the better. These are some prompts you can use:

  • “Write a story about [insert topic here].”
  • “Can you write about [insert premise of the story here]? I want it to feel like a [insert genre here] story.”
edraw ai output

Step 5 Click the Continuous Dialogue button to let the AI continue writing the story. You can also ask it directly to continue writing.

edraw ai continuous dialogue function

2. ChatGPT by OpenAI

ChatGPT, created by OpenAI, is an advanced language model trained on a wide variety of internet text. ChatGPT can generate creative content, including stories, essays, and reports.

openai chatgpt interface
G2 Ratings 4.6/5
OS Availability Supported browsers
  • Has the latest GPT-4 model to create better stories
  • Has a vast reference base for writing styles and more
  • May sometimes be inaccessible during high demand
  • Content generated is limited to around 4000 characters for every prompt (but you can ask the bot to continue writing)


Jasper.ai stands out for its exceptional writing quality, thanks to its utilization of advanced machine learning algorithms. With a focus on capturing the desired brand voice, Jasper.AI offers valuable assistance for various content writing tasks.

While primarily geared toward writing business-related outputs, Jasper AI also packs a lot for creative writing.

jasper ai interface
G2 Ratings 4.7/5
OS Availability Supported browsers
  • Has a chatbot that can assist the writer/give feedback
  • Many writing tones presets
  • May still need human checking after writing
  • There is a paywall after the 7-day free trial

4. Story Spark

Story Spark is an innovative tool designed to ignite your creativity and support you throughout the writing process. It mainly generates kids' storybooks complete with images based on your prompts. However, it can create engaging texts for any age group as you may need.

story spark create a story interface
G2 Ratings N/A
OS Availability Supported browsers
  • Creates a whole storybook based on users' prompts
  • Provides many sharing options for the generated books
  • Cannot edit output after generation
  • Generation is limited to storybooks

5. Sassbook AI

Sassbook AI is an all-rounder writing tool. One of its features includes an AI story writer, which helps you generate stories based on your prompt. The key here is to write a compelling introduction for your story, and the AI will pick it up.

sassbook story writer interface
G2 Ratings Not available
OS Availability Supported browsers
  • Several writing styles
  • Customizable creativity level/number of words generated per prompt
  • Built-in text generator
  • The free plan has daily limits on the words generated
  • The free plan is limited to 100 words per generation


ShortlyAI positions itself as a reliable writing partner, offering a range of writing commands and prompts to facilitate the essay writing process. Unlike fully automated essay generators, ShortlyAI encourages active participation by guiding you through the writing journey.

It provides valuable suggestions and assistance, empowering you to start writing and offering support as you progress.

shortly ai interface
G2 Ratings Not available
OS Availability Supported browsers
  • Has powerful commands that assist the writer
  • Provides real-time suggestions as you write
  • Beautiful interface
  • AI only generates short paragraphs at a time to encourage the user to write
  • Generated content may still need human review


NovelAI is a powerful AI-assisted writing application that lets writers manifest their imaginations into literature. It's based on a large amount of literary text, which ensures only the best output for writers. It treats the writing process as a “game” where several characters provide input as you write.

novel ai new story interface
G2 Ratings No ratings yet
OS Availability Supported browsers
  • Built-in text editor
  • AI generation adapts based on user input
  • The tool does not entirely generate a story. It only complements what users input
  • Some generated content may need human review

AI Capabilities in Story Generation

AI Story Generators have revolutionized the world of storytelling by harnessing the power of artificial intelligence to assist writers in various ways. Explore the remarkable capabilities of these tools below:

1. Providing Suggestions and Ideas

AI Story Generators serve as a wellspring of creativity, offering writers many suggestions and ideas to ignite their storytelling journey. From unique character names to unexpected plot twists, these tools provide valuable insights that inspire writers and enhance their storytelling process.

2. Overcoming Writer's Block

Writer's block can be a frustrating hurdle that disrupts the creative flow. Fortunately, AI Story Generators come to the rescue by generating stories and engaging writing prompts. They serve as catalysts for inspiration, sparking new ideas and helping writers overcome the barriers of writer's block.

3. Writing Plots

Crafting a captivating plot is paramount for beautiful readers. AI Story Generators excel at developing intricate and well-structured plots. By analyzing story patterns and narrative arcs, these tools offer plot suggestions that assist writers in constructing engaging storylines that grip readers from start to finish.

4. Improving/Providing Feedback on Writing Style

AI Story Generators can analyze and evaluate a writer's style. They provide valuable feedback on grammar, sentence structure, and tone. This constructive feedback empowers writers to refine their skills and elevate the overall quality of their stories.


In conclusion, AI Story Generators have revolutionized storytelling by assisting writers in creating captivating stories. These tools offer creative suggestions, overcome writer's block, provide plot ideas, and offer feedback on writing style. AI's contributions to storytelling are remarkable, unleashing imagination and enhancing the storytelling experience.

Explore the AI features of EdrawMind and other tools to enhance your storytelling journey. Embrace the power of AI to unlock your storytelling potential and captivate your audience with compelling narratives.

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