Learn to Make a Tree Diagram with EdrawMind

If you are looking for a complete guide to creating the tree diagram, don’t miss this read. It provides a step-by-step guide to do the job within minutes. Read more.

how to make a tree diagram

Whether you are a student or a professional, you may have to solve a couple of academic or corporate problems. Addressing problems often becomes challenging, especially when only the textual information is available to analyze possible outcomes of the main issue. This is where you can benefit from visual representations, like the tree diagram.

If you are not familiar with the tree diagram and are looking for a comprehensive read to explore it, you are at the right place. In this article, you will learn what this diagram is and how you can create one with the most demanding diagramming utility, Wondershare EdrawMind. Let’s get into further details.

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Tree Diagram: What Should You Know

This diagram is a popular tool in different areas of study, including but not limited to statistics, probability, and mathematics. It plays a crucial role when you have to find out possible outcomes of the problem, situation, or event. In addition to determining the possible outcomes, the tree diagram also assists you in displaying them all in an organized manner.

This diagram is also called a decision tree or probability tree. It is quite a versatile diagram and is demanding for many known departments, like finance. As a user, you can start from a single point and end up with a couple of mutually exclusive decisions to consider. Simply put, this diagram combines payouts, costs, and probabilities of a decision. In the end, you get a strategic output as an answer.

The tree diagram consists of multiple branches coming out of a single node. These branches are commonly called events or decisions. Mostly, these diagrams follow a right-to-left flow, but it can be from top to bottom as well.

The applications of the tree diagrams are not only limited to mathematics, but you can also use them in a variety of areas, like probability calculations, company valuations, decision making, and the list goes on. Moreover, they are used in designing fintech algorithms.

If you are a businessman or an entrepreneur, you can use decision tree diagrams to plan or prepare an effective strategy to achieve the desired goals. Similarly, this diagram assists bankers in calculating the risks of investment or loan opportunities. At the same time, being a popular infographic choice, tree diagrams are often shared on different digital media platforms.

In simple words, a tree diagram can be used for any situation, problem, or concern to find out possible outputs and visualize them all meaningfully. The best thing about these diagrams is that they do not consist of many elements.

The main element of a tree diagram is known as a node. It is denoted by a circle or square. A circle is used for uncertain outcomes, whereas a square is used for representing various decisions. Different types of this diagram exist, including organizational trees, fault trees, decision trees, genealogical trees, and more.

When it comes to making the decision tree diagram, you have to consider a few points in mind. First of all, identify the purpose and determine the main nodes. Then, move toward developing sub-nodes. Once done, review the whole diagram and refine it.

EdrawMind: A Perfect Online Tree Diagram Maker!

Searching online will show you a number of tools to make tree diagrams, but understanding a tool’s credibility takes a lot of time. Picking a random tool without getting familiar with its features and potential can be a risky thing to do.

If you are on the hunt for a trusted online tree diagram maker, consider Wondershare EdrawMind. As the name depicts, it is a wonderful utility to draw your decision trees instantly. You can access it easily from any device and from anywhere in the world. All you need is a stable internet connection to use this diagramming software. You can organize your ideas with EdrawMind.

Key Features

  1. It offers different templates to choose and edit them according to your needs. All templates are fully customizable.
  2. To make your tree diagrams meaningful with this tool, you can use a variety of emojis, stickers, fonts, branches, and shapes. Moreover, you are free to choose different layouts.
  3. Along with the support for the web, EdrawMind is also available for desktop and mobile devices. If you are attracted to using the web version, you can collaborate in real time with more than 100 members.
  4. The note feature assists you in promoting creativity and generating ideas.
  5. It allows you to convert your diagrams into presentations.
  6. EdrawMind is considered among the best meeting management and project management tools because of the availability of real-time collaboration.

Let’s now look at how you can use EdrawMind to make your tree diagram.

How to Create a Tree Diagram with EdrawMind?

Following the steps below will help you make an effective tree diagram within a few minutes.

Step 1:Visit the official website of Wondershare EdrawMind. The main interface will be like the image shown below.

edrawmind online

Step 2:Now, tap on the “Tree Map” option and click on the “Tree Map” layout, as shown below.

select the tree diagram layout

Step 3:A layout with different boxes for the main idea and other branches will appear on your screen, as shown below.

tree diagram

Step 4:Now, enter the information into the diagram, considering the problem you want to solve. The example below shows four types of weather conditions, e.g., sunny, windy, cloudy, and rainy.

enter data

Step 5:You can now customize your diagram by changing the color scheme, layout, font size, font style, or other similar parameters you want.

customize a tree diagram

Step 6:EdrawMind allows you to share your tree diagrams on different online platforms, like Pinterest, LINE, Twitter, and Facebook. For this, click on the “Share” option from the top-right corner, as you can see below.

share a tree diagram

Tap on the “Copy Link” button to copy the shareable link of your diagram and share it wherever you want. You can also send invitations to specific people by adding their email addresses and hitting the “Send Invitation” button.

copy a diagram link

Step 7:Click on the three dots and choose “Export.”

export the tree diagram

A new window will now ask you to choose your desired file format to save your tree diagram. The supported formats include pictures, PDF, TEXT, PPT, and more. Tap on the “Export” button once you choose the right format for your diagram to save it on your system.

select file format

Bonus: Other Features of EdrawMind that Make It Stand Out

This software utilizes the power of artificial intelligence to provide you with a simply unmatchable diagramming experience. AI-assisted features you will find in this tool are listed below.

  • AI summarize
  • AI drawing
  • AI poster
  • AI presentation
  • AI video
  • AI translation
  • AI smart annotation
  • AI one-click diagramming
  • AI weekly report generation
  • AI copywriting

All these AI-assisted features have helped EdrawMind stand out in the competitive market. Plus, regular upgradation and the introduction of unbelievable features add more value to the credibility of EdrawMind.

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Ending Note

A tree diagram assists you in finding possible solutions to the problem or possible outcomes of a particular situation or concern. It is an important part of mathematics and probability estimation-related subjects. Apart from that, this diagram plays a key role in business management and project management departments. You can prepare and plan successful strategies using the tree diagram.

It not only helps you find possible outcomes but also enables you to present them in an organized way, as discussed earlier. A tree diagram consists of multiple branches that come out of a single point, node. Every branch shows an experience or one of the possible solutions. The organized structure of this diagram makes learning and understanding the problem easy for everyone.

Today’s market has a number of tree diagram makers, but you can’t trust a random utility until you get a bit familiar with its features and further potential. If you need a reliable online tree diagram maker, make sure you try Wondershare EdrawMind. Advanced and AI-powered features have given this tool a family of more than 25 million active users around the world.

EdrawMind is currently operating in over 100 countries and is helping people make different diagrams, like the tree diagram. Give this amazing tool a try. It will surely provide you with an unforgettable tree diagram-making experience.

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