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What is a sunburst chart ?

A sunburst chart is a hierarchical visualization that represents data in a circular shape. It shows the parent-child relationships between data categories, allowing for a detailed analysis of the data at different levels. Each level is represented by a ring, with segments divided into arcs based on their proportional values, creating a sunburst-like appearance.

Identify top-performing products

Analyze sales data with a sunburst chart, especially when there are multiple levels of categorization, such as product categories, subcategories, and individual products. Uncover hidden gems in sales data to identify top-performing categories or products at different levels, discuss a chapter or a book, and brainstorm ideas for a project.

Allocate budget plainly

Gain a clear overview of the distributed funds when allocating the budget to different departments or cost centers. With a sunburst chart, you can see clearly how much budget is allocated to which department, sub-department, and even individual cost items.

Decode website traffic

Examine website traffic patterns and visitor behavior. Use each level of the sunburst chart to represent different dimensions such as traffic sources, pages visited, or time on site. You will find it way easier to identify which sources are driving the most traffic, which pages are most popular, and how visitors navigate through the website.

How to make a sunburst chart?

  • Step 1: Prepare data

    Collect and organize the data you want to represent in the chart. Identify the hierarchical structure, as sunburst charts represent nested categories.
  • Select a software program that supports the creation of sunburst charts. Some popular options include Microsoft Excel, Google Sheets, and EdrawMind.
  • Configure the sunburst chart, mapping data to respective levels, adjusting segment sizes, and selecting color schemes for differentiation.
  • Refine the chart for clarity, adjust labels and colors, analyze patterns, and add interactive elements if available.

Sunburst chart templates in EdrawMind

Albert Einstein Introduction
Psychology Introduction
Email List Health Analysis

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FAQs on sunburst chart makers

There are numerous online tools for making sunburst charts. Some popular free platforms are EdrawMind Online and Lucidchart, which offer free versions with access to basic functions.
To create a sunburst chart in Excel: First, organize your data hierarchically in a table. Then, select the data and go to the 'Insert' tab. Click on 'Hierarchy Chart' and choose 'Sunburst'. Excel will automatically generate the sunburst chart, which you can then customize and format as needed.
Create a sunburst chart by organizing hierarchical data in columns. Select your data, click on "Insert" in the menu, choose "Chart," then under the "Chart type" dropdown, select "Sunburst chart." Google Sheets will generate the chart, which you can then customize and format as required.
Treemaps are optimized to show lots of data because they stretch to within their bounding box, whereas plotting a Sunburst is fitting a circular chart into any rectangular window. Space that could be used to tell a story with your data is lost in the corners.
Yes, Tableau supports sunburst chart creation. Prepare hierarchical data, then use Tableau's interface to build the chart, customizing angles, radii, and hierarchy levels. Customize colors, sizes, and labels for clarity, and optionally add interactive elements like tooltips or filters for enhanced data exploration.

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