How to Create Your Personal Timeline with Wondershare EdrawMind? 2 Methods!

In this article, you will go through the best personal timeline examples and learn how to create your timeline within minutes.

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how to create a personal timeline using edrawmind

A personal timeline is a diagram or a graphical representation of special moments in your life. It visualizes both positive and negative events you have gone through. If you want to create your personal timeline, make sure to note down all influential and important events during your lifetime. Once you collect them all, the next step is to make a chronological arrangement of those events.

Creating your personal timeline template has a couple of benefits. It helps you understand the influence of your life in a better way and assists you in making better choices for the future. Are you searching for "how to draw my personal timeline examples?" This is the guide you must read through. It presents some valuable personal timeline examples and lists two methods to create a sample of personal timelines.

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A List of Personal Timeline Examples Created in EdrawMind

Before we move toward creating a personal timeline template, let's go through some personal timeline examples created in Wondershare EdrawMind to better understand these diagrams.

1. Delta Lifestyle Personal Timeline Template

This is a sample of a personal timeline that shows the daily routine of an individual who wakes up at 4:44 am and goes to bed by 10:00 pm after winding up all the activities. As you can see, the top activities presented in the image below include; exercise, meditation, personal pursuits, prayer, breakfast, lunch, work, dinner, and the list continues.

The below diagram clearly shows that you can spend your day in an effective manner by creating a proper timeline and defining a specific time for every activity. The best thing associated with this timeline is that it enhances your daily performance and gives your productivity a great boost.

2. Internee Growth Plan Timeline Template

An internship is an excellent opportunity for students who are looking for worthy exposure to the professional industry. The internship opens the doors for students to step into their professional careers with a bang. Being a student, you get a chance to interact and communicate with industry professionals to understand what you will be exposed to in the future.

Reputed organizations offer internship opportunities to train students and find the top talent out of the trained internees. Those who perform consistently well are shortlisted for contractual and permanent hiring. To maintain an effective shortlisting system, employers prepare timelines to monitor the weekly progress of every student to determine whether or not they are doing what they are expected to do. The below image shows a 12-week progress plan for the internee growth.

3. Baby's First-Year Timeline Template

This timeline is designed to discover the development of abilities in a child during the first year of birth. With this timeline, you can look at the stages children go through during the first six months of their lives. For example, in the first month, a child may fully develop hearing abilities and respond to some sounds, as displayed in the image below.

If you have created a similar timeline for your child, you will be able to monitor if your child is growing accordingly. If you find any unusual thing, you can consult a healthcare practitioner immediately to get medical assistance. The below timeline lists everything from the development of basic abilities during the first month to rolling in both directions during the sixth month.

4. Personal Event Timeline Template

An event timeline is the visual representation of various events that come along at different times during your lifetime. These events are presented in chronological order to develop a better understanding for everyone. Usually, the time and date of all events are mentioned to help readers understand the occurrence of each influential event.

The below image shows a timeline presenting the early career leadership abilities of a dean at a business school. It covers a wide variety of events, including but not limited to working in the family business, volunteer work, sports activities, earlier career developments, overseas posting, research activities, rejections, career shocks, and the list goes on. Moreover, scholarship awards and co-authoring are also part of this timeline.

5. One-Day Personal Timeline Example

As the name depicts, this timeline presents the events occurring on the same day, like wedding ceremonies, birthday parties, political events, or other similar functions. With a one-day timeline, you can list all the activities you need to do throughout the day. In simple words, it enables you to plan your day effectively and get the maximum out of it.

The personal timeline template shown below presents the arrangements and activities of a wedding day that starts at 8:00 am sharp and ends at 09:50 pm. The different activities displayed in the timeline include; waking up, breakfast, hair styling, lunch, make-up, getting dressed, dance presentation, photoshoot, fun activities, dinner, and seeing off guests. For a better understanding, look at the timeline presented below.

6. Daily Routine Timeline Example

A timeline template that highlights the daily activities is commonly called a daily routine timeline. With this diagram, you can keep track of every activity you need to perform on the day. The key benefits of a daily routine timeline include; productivity enhancement and stress reduction. In addition, it helps you organize your life very well.

If you want to set up certain activities to achieve success, there is nothing better than organizing your daily activities effectively. This is where a daily routine timeline lends you a helping hand. The use of this diagram enables you to set a specific time for different activities, like socializing, working, sports, outdoor activities, traveling, and much more.

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How to Create Your Personal Timeline Using Wondershare EdrawMind?

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Now that you have explored a couple of personal timeline examples. It is time to look for the methods you can use to create a personal timeline template. Below are the two efficient ways to get this job done.

Method 1: Create a Personal Timeline Using an EdrawMind Template

Step1: Download Wondershare EdrawMind on your laptop or computer and open the software.

Step2: You will see a couple of personal timeline templates on the main interface, as shown below. From there, choose the desired timeline template.

choose a timeline template in edrawmind

Step3: Now, add the main subject and subtopics (e.g., activities or tasks) to your personal timeline.

add main topic and subtopics to a timeline

Step4: It is time to customize or personalize the timeline you have created in the previous step.

personalize your personal timeline

Step5: As soon as your personal timeline template is ready, you can export it into any format you want. The popular formats you will see there include; graphics, SVG, Office, PDF, and HTML, as shown below.

export your personal timeline with edrawmind

Method 2: Create a Personal Timeline from Scratch

If you want to create your personal timeline template from scratch, follow the steps below.

Step1: Download and install EdrawMind on your system.

Step2: Open the tool and go to the blank canvas for the timeline.

select a blank canvas for the timeline

Step3: Now, explore the libraries to select the desired symbols required to create your personal timeline. Add the text and customize the timeline as per your requirements.

customize your personal timeline with edrawmind

Step4: Now, save the file on your computer in any file format you want.

export the personal timeline using edrawmind

Ending Note

A diagram or visual representation of the specific events (of a person's life) in chronological order is known as a personal timeline. This diagram enables you to look at how you have been performing previously. As a result, you can do better planning for the future by setting certain goals.

Exploring personal timeline examples is the best way to understand how these diagrams work. The discussion above has presented six different samples of personal timelines to familiarize you with their characteristics. Make sure you explore them all. If you want to create a personal timeline template, trying Wondershare EdrawMind will be worth it.

With EdrawMind, you can use a timeline template to save time. At the same time, you can also create your timeline from scratch.

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