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Your words, our bridge. Break linguistic barriers with optimized neural machine translation. Edraw AI provides accurate translations in over 10 languages, flawlessly conveying meaning fast. Trust us to connect you globally.

AI-powered productivity

A second brain for you and your team

Boost your productivity with EdrawMind AI's all-in-one tools. Achieve seamless efficiency by syncing your work across all devices in a unified workspace.

One-Click Mind Map

Unleash your creativity with EdrawMind AI's cutting-edge one-click Mind Map functions, supercharging your productivity and efficiency.

Brainstorming AI

Discover how AI is revolutionizing the brainstorming process with this comprehensive guide on Brainstorming AI. Unleash your creativity like never before!
Available for:

Mind Map to Powerpoint/Poster

  • Instantly transform your mind map outline into stunning slideshows or mobile posters that captivate audiences.
  • Effortlessly customize poster themes to suit your preferences, with diverse styles from business to fashion, fresh to minimalistic.
  • Achieve personalized perfection with easy text and image edits, making your creations uniquely yours.
Available for:

Mind Map to Video/Audio

  • Generate captivating videos and audios based on content of your mind map effortlessly, as our AI analyzes it, generates scripts, and brings them to life in stunning multimedia creations.
  • You could also convert text to speech, perfert for video dubbing or standalone use.
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Content to Mind Map

Automatically analyze, organize, and summarize file content and generate mind maps accordingly. Supported file formats include PPT, WORD, PDF, HTML, TXT, and Markdown.
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Creates captivating content with impressive accuracy and speed.

Article Generation

Generate a whole article in seconds with a simple click.

Smart Annotation

Enhances mind maps by automatically adding relevant information.

Weekly Report

Leave the tedious job to AI and focus on what matters more.
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AI Drawing

Convert text into images and images into stunning works of art as the back ground and illustrations with 20 pre-set styles to choose.

Image Text Extraction

Come across uncopyable text? Use our AI OCR tool to extract content and insert it in your mind map.
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Informative Chat Assistant

Maximize your team's potential with our AI Chat function. Get instant feedback, suggestions, and real-time answers to streamline your workflow and unlock more innovative solutions.
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More features of EdrawMind

Unleash boundless potential with EdrawMind - an innovative and versatile tool that goes beyond AI.
Various Styles and Themes
EdrawMind provides users with a range of exquisite themes and layouts, with delicately designed fonts, shapes, colors, and line sizes tailored to various needs.
Collaborate in Real Time
By saving your mind map to the cloud or Dropbox, it will sync automatically across your other devices. What's more, you can create team groups to efficiently share, manage, and edit team files, thereby boosting productivity.
Massive Resources
We offer diverse templates ideal for different scenarios like education and business. EdrawMind is also integrated with Pexels and Iconfont, offering many emoji icons and symbols, and a library of personalized templates.
Mode Versatility
Switching between multiple modes in EdrawMind is a walk in the park! You can choose from Outline Mode, Zen Mode, Presentation, Gantt Chart, and Brainstorming.
Robust Toolsets
Our suite of 14 tools includes Relationship Line, Callout, Boundary, Summary, Mark, Clipart, Picture, Hyperlink, Attachment, Note, Comment, Tag, LaTeX Formula, and Table, all designed to improve productivity in a variety of ways
Multiple Formats Supported
You can import various file formats such as Word, HTML, Markdown, and more. Additionally, you can export your files to a range of image formats, as well as file formats such as PDF, Word, Excel, PPT, Html, SVG, and MindManager.

A smart mind mapping tool for everyone

AI Mind Map Generator is an ideal helper for anyone hoping to organize thoughts and ideas in a clear and efficient manner. Individuals, teams, and organizations can use its functions to brainstorm, collaborate, and make plans.
Note Taking Note Taking
Use AI functions to quickly generate dynamic slideshows, captivating audiovisual content, engaging videos, and eye-catching posters.. Showcase your creative ideas more intuitively in meetings, project plans, and seminars for better collaboration.
Article Writing
Note Taking
Stuck with the writer's block? Let our one-click mind mapping feature help you outline the article. Simply input the topic, and our powerful AI will generate a comprehensive and multi-dimensional mind map.
Need inspiration for work? Try one-click brainstorming to break through mental barriers and generate more creative ideas.
Business Analysis
Business Analysis
Get quick and comprehensive business analysis with AI SWOT intelligent analysis, so you can evaluate and make decisions faster.
Plan Making
Article Writing
How to self-study economics? Planning a 10-day tour to Holland? Try EdrawMind AI's provided plan, adjust it based on your needs, and save yourself the hassle of planning.
Plan Making
Plan Making
Streamline your plan-making process with EdrawMind's versatile AI one-click mind mapping and visualization tools. Effortless collaboration, visual clarity, and creative planning await!

What is EdrawMind AI Translation?

a feature offered by EdrawMind, a popular mind mapping software. It utilizes artificial intelligence technology to facilitate the translation of mind maps and their content into different languages to enhance efficiency in sharing ideas and information.
Experience seamless global communication, eliminating language barriers and fostering collaboration.
Unlock the power of language diversity , effortlessly translating your mind maps into multiple languages.
Boost productivity and efficiency by instantly translating your ideas across different languages.
Easily share your thoughts with people all over the world, taking your mind mapping to new heights.

Neural Machine Translation

Only the most advanced neural network architectures and deep learning techniques are utilized to deliver extremely accurate and human-like translations. The systems flawlessly convey the full context and nuance of the source text, retaining meaning down to subtle details.

Multilingual Support

By supporting over 10 languages, businesses can break down linguistic barriers and engage with broad global audiences. This enables reaching new markets and building connections worldwide through seamless communication.


Translation models are optimized specifically for the use case, terminology, writing style, and industry niche. The translations are tailored to the brand voice, conveying messages that resonate with the unique identity and ethos. Context, emotions, and cultural nuances are preserved.

AI Translation: All you need to know

AI functions require the use of AI tokens. Premium members receive extra AI tokens and can also buy additional tokens to freely utilize AI functions.
AI translation has become quite accurate in translating simple and straightforward texts. While AI translation can be a helpful tool for basic translations, it is still recommended to rely on human translation for important and sensitive content where accuracy and fluency are crucial.
EdrawMind AI translation has the capability to handle complex languages and structures. Its advanced technology and algorithms enable it to understand and translate various complex languages accurately.
The limitations of AI translation include AI translation may not fully capture the tone or style of the original text, leading to potential misinterpretations. AI translation also lacks the ability to understand and interpret emotions, humor, or sarcasm, which can further hinder its accuracy.
EdrawMind AI translation handles idioms or culturally specific phrases by using advanced algorithms and machine learning techniques. It analyzes the context and meaning of the idioms or phrases based on a vast database of linguistic patterns and cultural references.
No, currently EdrawMind AI translation does not have the capability to translate documents in real-time. It is mainly focused on providing AI-powered mind mapping and diagramming features.