How to Build an Effective IT Organizational Structure

An effective IT organizational structure aligns technology teams with business goals. This guide provides an overview of common IT org structure types, with templates, examples, and tips for choosing the right framework for your company's needs and cultur


Without an organizational chart, new employees may feel confused about whom to report to and what tasks they are responsible for. This lack of clarity can hinder their productivity and familiarity with the IT department. A well-structured IT department with a visible org chart helps new employees understand their roles and collaborate effectively.

In this article, you'll learn about IT organizational structure. You'll also find some pre-designed templates and a step-by-step guide on creating one. Plus, it'll answer some common questions to keep you on track.

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In this article

  1. What Is the IT Department Organizational Chart?
  2. Check Out These IT Organizational Structure Templates
  3. How To Create an IT Organizational Structure Chart Fast and Easy?
  4. Frequently Asked Questions
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What Is the IT Department Organizational Chart?

Think of the IT department organizational chart as a blueprint that outlines the roles and responsibilities of each team. The IT organizational structure shows how the team is set up, with each member having a unique task. This clarity ensures the team knows whom to approach for issues and creates a cohesive workflow.

Components of IT Department Structure and Roles

1. Upper Management

The CIO / IT Director / IT Manager. This group comprises the primary decision-makers in the IT department. They are responsible for formulating strategies and plans to ensure efficient operations.

2. Technical Support

The Help Desk Technician / Desk Support Technician. Have you ever faced a computer problem, like when it freezes or won't turn on? That's when technical support comes to the rescue. They help diagnose and resolve all the hardware and software issues.

3. Network Infrastructure

The Network Administrator / Network Engineer / System Admin. This team manages the intricate web of connections that keep all the computers and devices linked. They ensure that data can flow seamlessly, much like the highways of information.

4. Software and Development

The Software Developer / Quality Assurance Analyst / DevOps Engineer. This team creates the applications and software that you use on your computers. Whether it's a game, an educational program, or a productivity tool, they design and develop software to make your lives easier.

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5. Cybersecurity

The Security Analyst / Security Engineer / Chief Information Security Officer (CISO). The cybersecurity team protects sensitive information from potential threats and ensures its safety.

Check Out These IT Organizational Structure Templates

The appropriate IT organizational structure depends on the company's size, complexity, and strategic objectives. Some organizations might have a combination of functional, hierarchical, and divisional structures. Let's check these IT organizational structure templates below.

Example 1: Basic IT Department Org Chart (Functional)

In this IT department structure, the Chief Technology Officer (CTO) at the top of the chart makes vital decisions for the entire IT team. Below the CTO, you have different teams, each with a different job.

These teams are responsible for various tasks such as Application Development, IT Management, IT Security, and User Support & Service. People with similar skills, like software developers or security analysts, are on the same team.

Example 2: IT Organizational Structure (Hierarchical and Divisional)

In this divisional IT org chart, the Assistant City Manager is at the top, followed by the IT Manager overseeing four supervisors. Each supervisor handles different divisions, like IT Operations and GIS - Analyst Sr for Applications. Each division works independently but together to achieve IT goals.

In a divisional IT department org chart, employees work as a collection of semi-independent units. This structure is used in big companies where IT serves different business units. Each division has IT specialists and analysts, making things run smoothly! The chart shows who reports to whom, from the top boss to the employees. It helps everyone know their role and work better as a team.

Example 3: IT Department Structure (Functional With Assistant)

In an org chart, an assistant is like a helper who supports a higher-level position. They are right beneath the upper management but not directly in line with the rest of the chart. Their role is to assist the higher-up and keep things running smoothly.

This IT organizational structure has the President of IT Services at the top. Beneath the President, there's an assistant box for the Vice President of IT Services. The assistant helps the VP with crucial tasks, but no one reports directly to the VP. Four departments report directly to the President, each with its managers and specialists.

How To Create an IT Organizational Structure Chart Fast and Easy?

Wondershare EdrawMind is a diagramming tool that helps you create IT department organizational charts. You can choose from several templates blank and layouts for your IT organizational structure. This way, you don't have to start from scratch, and it saves you time. Plus, EdrawMind takes data security very seriously, so you don't have to worry about your information getting into the wrong hands.

EdrawMind - Mind map software

1. Benefits and Features of EdrawMind

EdrawMind is packed with features that make designing IT organizational structure quick:

    • Light and Dark Themes

Not only can you design a beautiful org chart, but you can also pick between light and dark themes to suit your style.

    • Images and Clipart

Want to add some fun to your org chart? You can insert images and clipart to make it more colorful and engaging.

    • Available Online and Cross-Platform Compatibility

Whether using a computer, tablet, or phone, EdrawMind works smoothly on all devices. Plus, you can access it online, so you don't need to worry about installing anything.

    • Intuitive Tools and Infinite Canvas Space

EdrawMind makes creating your IT org chart easy with its simple and intuitive tools. Also, the canvas space is infinite, so you can add as much information as you need.

2. Step-by-Step Guide To Make an IT Department Structure With EdrawMind

Here's a quick tutorial on how to create your IT department org chart using EdrawMind:

Step 1: Download and install the EdrawMind app on your computer from the official website of Wondershare EdrawMind.

Step 2: Open the app and choose the Org Chart from the Blank Templates section. If you prefer, you can search for a template from the Local Examples section.

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Step 3: It's time to fill employee positions in the chart. Select a shape in the canvas, then click the Topic drop-down list or Subtopic from the Home tab in the upper navigation pane.

edrawmind add shape on the canvas

Step 4: Upload pictures of the employees from your local storage. Click the Picture drop-down menu from the Home tab in the upper navigation pane.

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Step 5: EdrawMind provides customization options on the right panel.

  • Go to the Map tab bar and scroll down to the Theme section. You can change the Theme, Theme Color, and Theme Font.
  • You can also add Color, Texture, or Image from the Background section.
edrawmind map customization options
  • Select an item on the canvas. Go to Style tab bar > Topic section and change Shape, Fill Color, or Connector Style from the Branch section.
edrawmind map customization options

Step 6: Save your work from the File tab in the upper navigation pane. When you're ready to share or use your IT organizational structure, click Export in the left-side navigation pane and select a file type.

edrawmind export it org chart file

Frequently Asked Questions

In this section, you'll get answers to some common questions about IT organizational structure. Keep reading to learn more.

  • 1.Which IT Organizational Structure Is Best for IT Projects?
    The best IT organizational structure for IT projects depends on the size and type of the project. One primary structure is the functional IT department structure. With clear divisions based on functions, communication becomes more straightforward. Each functional team becomes an expert in their respective areas.
  • 2.What Are the Functional Areas of the IT Department?
    The IT department has several functional areas, each vital for ensuring everything runs well in the company. Some of these areas are management, development, user support, and security.
  • 3.What Are the 7 Key Elements of Organizational Structure?
    The org chart displays the arrangement of employees and their respective responsibilities. There are seven key elements: hierarchy, specialization, centralization, and formalization. It also includes departmentalization, a span of control, and a chain of command.
    Organizational Structure
  • 4.What Are the 4 Types of Organizational Charts?
    Organizational charts have four main types. These are functional org charts for grouping people based on their roles. Divisional type organizes employees based on different divisions or geographic regions. Each division operates as a separate entity with its management.
    The hierarchical org chart is like a pyramid, with leaders on top and several employees below. Next is the matrix org chart, which combines two or more types of org charts and looks like a grid.


In a nutshell, IT department organizational charts are vital. They help everyone see who's doing what and familiarize them with the decision-makers. Now that you know about the org chart, why not give it a try? Use the templates and guide shared in this article to make an eye-catching IT organizational structure. It's like building the perfect team for your projects.

And here's a tip: Wondershare EdrawMind is a user-friendly tool to help you with that. It's easy to use and will make your IT organizational structure understandable. So, get organized and start visualizing with EdrawMind org charts.

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