3 Business Timeline Templates in EdrawMind for Your Business Plan

Crafting a solid business plan? Look no further! Our article unveils three impactful business timeline templates in EdrawMind. Organize your goals, milestones, and projections seamlessly with these dynamic templates. Elevate your business planning to new



A business timeline and plan is a roadmap that helps a business achieve its goals. You can simplify the process using visual aids. EdrawMind is a tool that can help you make mind maps and provides various templates to make your business planning easier.

This article will introduce the three best business timeline templates. It will also discuss how they can help you plan your business strategies. Whether you are a seasoned entrepreneur or starting, these templates can be valuable tools to help you achieve your goals.

example of a business plan timeline

Understanding Everything About Business Timeline

A business timeline represents a project's key milestones, tasks, and deadlines. A project timeline helps everyone involved in a project understand what is needed and keeps track of progress.

A business timeline is crucial in achieving project objectives and ensuring the project stays on track and within budget. It is a critical component of effective project management. It ensures you complete tasks on time, on budget, and within scope.

Key elements of a business timeline:

  • Project start and end dates
  • Key milestones
  • Deadlines
  • Deliverables
  • Tasks required to complete the project
  • A detailed breakdown of each task, including dependencies and the estimated time required to complete it.

There are different types of business timelines that project managers can use to manage their projects. One of the most popular is the Gantt chart, which represents a project's schedule. It shows each task as arrows representing a bar on a timeline and dependencies between tasks. People use Gantt charts to manage complex projects.

example of a gantt chart

Swim lane diagrams are a type of business timeline that shows the relationship between tasks and team members in a horizontal chart. Each team member has a specific lane, and tasks in a vertical bar span the swim lanes. These diagrams are useful for smaller and simpler projects.

example of a swim lane diagram

A project timeline is a type of business timeline that shows a project's schedule. It lists all the tasks and milestones with their start and end dates. It can help keep track of progress and identify any problems that might cause delays. Project timelines work for any project, no matter how big or complex.

example of a project timeline

Overview of EdrawMind's Business Timeline Templates

EdrawMind is a tool that helps create business plans and proposals using diagrams and mind maps. It has many valuable features, including business timeline templates that help visualize important project deadlines and tasks.

timeline template example of edrawmind

1. Three Examples of Business Plans Diagrams From EdrawMind

EdrawMind offers a range of business timeline templates. This section will focus on 3 templates, fishbone diagram, mindmap, and project timelines. These customizable templates allow users to tailor them to their needs and requirements.

Key Features and Design of Fishbone Diagram:

Here are the summarized features of the fishbone diagram for business timelines.

  • Backbone: A horizontal line represents the problem or effect being investigated. The line serves as the backbone of the diagram.
  • Branches: Many branches are drawn off the backbone to represent the potential causes of the problem or effect.
  • Categories: The branches are different categories, varying depending on the problem. Common categories include people, processes, equipment, and environment.
  • Sub-Causes: Each branch can have smaller branches that show other possible reasons for the issue.
  • Cause-and-Effect Relationships: Show how a problem is related to its possible causes.
  • Collaboration: Get people from different parts of a company to work together and find potential causes.
  • Visualization: The fishbone diagram represents the problem and its potential causes. Hence, it can help with understanding and communication.

Key Features and Design of a Mind Map:

These points show the key elements of mind maps when drafting a business plan.

  • Central Idea. The main idea locates in the center of the map. And other ideas and information appear around it.
  • Branches. Branches connect the central idea to other related ideas and information. They can be curved or straight and color-coded or labeled to differentiate.
  • Nodes. Nodes represent individual ideas or pieces of information. They connect to the branches. And they can further expand with sub-nodes to provide more detail.
  • Collaboration. Mind maps can be a collaborative tool. They allow multiple people to contribute ideas and information in real time.
  • Non-linear structure. Mind maps have a non-linear structure, which allows for a more creative and flexible approach to organizing ideas and information.
  • Flexibility. Mind maps can be modified and updated, allowing for necessary changes and additions.

Key Features and Design of Project Timeline Template:

You can see the advantage of timeline templates when constructing a business project below.

  • Time Scale. The time scale is an essential feature of a project timeline template. It indicates the project's duration, marking the start and end dates.
  • Milestones. Milestones are significant events or achievements important to the project. They are usually marked on the timeline with a diamond-shaped icon to help visualize the project's progress.
  • Tasks and Activities. Tasks and activities are the individual steps to complete the project. These can be displayed as horizontal bars on the timeline. The length of the bar represents the duration of each task.
  • Dependencies. Dependencies indicate the order of completing tasks. These can be represented as arrows on the timeline, with the start and end points of the arrow indicating the tasks that are dependent on each other.
  • Resource Allocation. Resource allocation is an important aspect of project management. It can be displayed on the timeline template by showing which tasks need which resources.
  • Flexibility. A good project timeline template should be flexible enough to accommodate project schedules or scope changes.

2. Steps of Creating a Business Timeline Using EdrawMind

After understanding the 3 different business timeline templates, the following part will provide an example of creating your business timeline using EdrawMind.

Step1: Download EdrawMind and launch the application on your computer.

Step2: You will see the interface of EdrawMind. Click Horizontal Timeline.

select edrawmind horizontal timeline

Step3: A horizontal template appears on the canvas. You can input details of your business timeline into each topic box by double-clicking them.

Step4: To add a subtopic for a specific topic, click it and press Ctrl + Enter on your keyboard. To add a sibling topic for a topic, select it and press the Enter button on the keyboard.

Step5: Click each topic, and the Style toolbar in the right side panel will pop up, allowing you to set the color, font, and size of your words.

editing wording in box options

Step6: Below is an example of a completed business timeline. Once done, click the save button on the top left corner to save this timeline.

saving completed business timeline

The Information of Business Plan of Proposal Essentials You Should Know

A well-crafted business plan or proposal is essential when starting a new business or seeking funding for an existing one. Here are some key things you should know about the information included in a business plan/proposal:

A business plan is a written document that outlines a company's goals, strategies, and expected outcomes. Its purpose is to provide direction to the organization and communicate its value to investors and partners. A well-crafted plan can help secure funding, attract talent, and guide decision-making to keep the business going.

1. Key Components of Business Plans:

While the specific contents of a business plan or proposal will vary depending on the organization's industry and goals, several key components should be included in most plans. These components include:

  • Executive Summary. It is a brief overview of the business plan. It includes critical goals, objectives, the problem or opportunity being addressed, and the proposed solution.
  • Market Analysis. This section provides an overview of the market landscape. It refers to trends, competitors, and customer segments. It should also include an analysis of the organization's strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats.
  • Product/Service Offering. This section describes product or service features, benefits, and pricing.
  • Marketing and Sales Strategy. It's a plan to reach customers and make money through advertising and sales channels.
  • Financial Projections. This section provides a detailed breakdown of the financials of the business. The main points include revenue projections, expense projections, and funding requirements.
  • Management Team and Operations. This section outlines the leadership and management structure of the organization. It also demonstrates the operational plan for delivering products or services.

A good business plan or proposal should be easy to understand, short, and convincing. It should show the organization's benefits and its potential to grow and succeed. By following the crucial elements mentioned above, you can ensure that your plan is complete, persuasive, and communicates the worth of your business to stakeholders.


Wondershare EdrawMind offers three useful templates for creating a complete business plan. These templates help businesses plan their goals, strategies, and timelines. Hence, they can use their resources and achieve their objectives.

The project timeline template is the best one out of the three business timeline templates. This template is suitable for all types of projects and covers all the important business plan details. EdrawMind's business timeline templates are powerful and flexible tools. Businesses can use them to create successful business plans. Businesses can stay organized and focused on reaching their goals using these templates.

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