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Marketing is all about being creative. Companies hire creative people to come up with exciting and catchy advertising campaigns. These campaigns grab people's attention by understanding how people think. However, different people have different ways to solve a problem. That is why disagreements are common among marketing specialists.

Dealing with such problems can be hefty. Companies need to have a clear structure for how their marketing teams work. This structure helps to keep ideas flowing smoothly. It also allows for different creative ideas to be respected and used effectively. Read this article to learn more about creating a good organizational structure for your marketing team.

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  1. What is Marketing Organizational Structures
  2. Templates You Can Follow To Create Your Marketing Organization Structures
  3. Wondershare EdrawMind: The Most Efficient Tool for You To Create Marketing Organizational Structures
  4. Tips When Creating Marketing Organizational Charts
  5. Conclusion

What is Marketing Organizational Structures

A marketing organizational structure can help a company thrive. It ensures smooth communication between specialists. They are especially beneficial for marketing companies or departments with many staff members. This section will delve into their benefits and some samples you can follow for your business.

1. Marketing Organizational Structures & Its Benefits

A marketing organizational structure defines how to organize a company's marketing team. It also shows how various roles and responsibilities are distributed. It serves as a guide that ensures efficiency within the group.

These organizational structures provide significant benefits:

  • A well-designed marketing organizational structure helps keep order. Delineating roles and responsibilities get rid of confusion in the team. They enable team members to understand their specific contributions.
  • Ensure smooth communication and coordination. It defines reporting lines and communication channels. That's how team members can easily share information and exchange ideas.
  • Help with smooth project collaboration. This simplified flow of communication reduces bottlenecks. It also ensures swift decision-making to enhance overall productivity.

2. Usual Roles in Marketing Organizational Structures

Let's look at the typical roles that find their place within these organizational structures.

  • Marketing Manager/Director: Oversees the entire marketing department and sets the strategic direction. They are responsible for developing marketing plans, coordinating campaigns, and monitoring the team's performance.
  • Marketing Coordinators: Act as the bridge between the marketing team and other departments. They ensure the smooth execution of marketing initiatives. They also manage timelines and are responsible for collaboration.
  • Marketing Staff: These may include graphic designers, copywriters, and content creators. They bring marketing campaigns to life with their work. They effectively communicate the brand's voice and identity with the marketing team.
  • Marketing Analysts: Armed with data, they evaluate marketing performance and conduct market research. They also identify trends and opportunities. Their expertise guides strategic decision-making, especially for campaigns.

Templates You Can Follow To Create Your Marketing Organization Structures

Read this section to discover three templates you can follow as you create your own. All templates are made through EdrawMind.

Template #1: Basic Marketing Structure

This template is best for smaller teams that want to have a research side. It's divided into two groups: marketing communication and business development. The whole team is led by a marketing director who coordinates everyone. The first template also focuses on the people within the groups, so you can use this if you want a more personal vibe.

  • The marketing communication team will involve artists, writers, and more. They do the actual marketing and produce content for their clients. They are led by a marketing communication manager who will distribute work. The manager will also be the one communicating with the marketing director.
  • On the other hand, the business development team handles the research side of things. They provide the information the communication team needs to create effective campaigns. This team analyzes trends and user interest. It's also led by a manager known as the business development manager.

Template #2: Large-Scope Marketing Organizational Structure

The second template is more suitable for companies with their marketing departments. It is usually more extensive when it comes to roles.

This template focuses on work distribution rather than the actual staff in the teams. You can add key persons like managers of each team and the Chief Marketing Officer (CMO). This way, staff are informed of who to report to. Work is divided into different departments as follows:

  • Domestic Marketing: Focuses on campaigning in the local areas or country where the company is located. They usually take the heavy load as companies often focus on improving brand presence in the countries they are in.
  • Overseas Marketing: Focuses on campaigning overseas. This team is usually made when a company expands abroad. The work here is usually more challenging to execute due to the nature of its target market.
  • Customer Service: The company's most outstanding marketing team is the customer service team. By providing quality service, a brand's image is automatically improved. Due to technology, customer service must include email and telephone support. This may be expanded according to tech trends.
  • Advertisement: The advertisement team works with creative minds. The department's goal is to create remarkable content that people will remember.

Template #3: Marketing Organizational Chart With Lead Generation & Conversion Teams

This template provides the work division between a marketing group. While there is no mention of the people involved, the structure focuses on work. It's suitable for in-house marketing teams.

This template divides work into four central departments:

  • Strategy: Focuses on developing plans and tactics to achieve the company's marketing goals. They analyze trends, competition, and people's insights. The output required is a marketing strategy that effectively reaches an audience.
  • Lead Generation: Responsible for identifying and attracting customers. They employ various marketing techniques to generate interest. They also gather contact information from individuals interested in the company.
  • Lead Conversion: They work closely with interested people. Their job is to guide them through the sales process and address their concerns. Information is used to convert interest into paying customers.
  • Customer Service: The customer service team supports and assists current customers. They handle questions, resolve problems, and ensure customer happiness. Their goal is to build strong customer relationships and foster loyalty.

Wondershare EdrawMind: The Most Efficient Tool for You To Create Marketing Organizational Structures

Now that you've learned all about marketing organizational structures, it's time to create one. Wondershare EdrawMind is a powerful mind-mapping tool perfect for such work. Whether your marketing team needs a staff or workflow chart, it's the ideal application for you.

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EdrawMind boasts several key features to help you create your marketing department org chart:

  • Pre-made Templates: EdrawMind has several beautiful templates. You can jumpstart your chart creation with this feature. Explore the MindMap Gallery to discover templates made by other people.
  • Drag-and-Drop Interface: This feature helps make charts easier. You can customize your work with simple drag-and-drop motions.
  • Unlimited Canvas: EdrawMind has a virtually unlimited canvas you can use. It's great for more extensive marketing teams with staff lists.
  • Zoom and Pan: Using the Zoom and Pan feature lets you easily see the whole of your structure. Using this feature helps you check if you've not missed anything.
  • Org Chart: The Org Chart feature automatically provides all the tools to create your structure. It's a dedicated EdrawMind mode for creating charts for various purposes.

With these pricing options, you can find the perfect plan to create and collaborate on captivating organizational charts that align perfectly with your goals.

1. How To Create Marketing Organizational Structures With EdrawMind

Creating organizational structures all starts with an idea. Use EdrawMind and follow these steps to put them into action:

Step1: Install, download, and launch EdrawMind from the official website.

Step2: Click Org Chart on the quick templates on the homepage.

edrawmind homepage

Step3: To add job titles/department names, edit the textboxes of the blank chart by double-clicking on them. Wait for the text cursor to appear and for the original text to be highlighted.

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Step4: You can add more relationships to your chart by clicking the box where you wish to add a subtopic. Then, click Subtopic on the upper toolbar.

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Step 5 (Optional):Customize your chart using the customization options when you click a topic. In this example, the shape of each department was changed to a diamond. The connector colors for the Managerial staff were also changed to blue. You can add legends to your structure so that members can understand them.

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Note: If you want to change the layout or appearance of the chart, click the Layout menu on the right sidebar. Then, click the drop-down menu to choose which chart layout fits your structure best.

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Tips When Creating Marketing Organizational Charts

Creating a clear and effective marketing organizational chart requires careful thought and attention to detail. Here are some helpful tips to guide you as you embark on this task:

  • Use visuals: Make your chart visually appealing by adding icons, images, or colors. These elements help team members easily recognize roles and departments, making the chart more engaging and easier to understand.
  • Stay flexible: Keep your chart adaptable to changes. The marketing landscape evolves quickly, so be prepared to adjust. Update the chart as needed. This flexibility allows the team to adapt to the dynamic industry.
  • Keep it concise: Use short and simple names for positions in your chart. Lengthy titles can lead to confusion. Clear labels help team members understand their roles. It also makes communication within the marketing team effective.
  • Choose the right tool: Select a user-friendly software or online platform to create your organizational chart. Look for drag-and-drop functionality and templates that suit your needs. Using the right tool makes the process easier and ensures a visually appealing chart.


Creativity is unlimited in the marketing world. That is why marketing organizational charts play a crucial role. These charts bring order to the creative chaos. Teams work together effectively and achieve their goals following clear structures. They also clearly show roles, responsibilities, and reporting lines.

To create impressive marketing organizational charts, EdrawMind offers a fantastic solution. The Org Chart feature makes it easy for marketers to design charts. Get ready to unlock the magic of collaboration. Watch your marketing efforts soar to new heights.

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