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Unleash limitless creativity, fueling inspiration and empowering you to reach new heights of innovation and ideation.
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Unleash new ideas and organize thoughts effortlessly with EdrawMind's AI mind mapping feature. Gain valuable suggestions, connections, and associations for clear and structured visualization of possibilities.
  • AI One-Click Mind Map Creation
  • AI SWOT Analysis
  • AI Language Translation
  • AI Weekly Report
  • AI Presentationnew
  • AI Summarizenew
  • AI Brainstorming
  • AI Smart Annotation
  • AI Copywriting
  • AI Drawing
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Sleek and Functional UI
Experience a sleek and highly functional user interface (UI) with EdrawMind. Enjoy an intuitive design that enhances productivity and simplifies the mind mapping process.
Sleek and Functional UI
Experience a sleek and highly functional user interface (UI) with EdrawMind. Enjoy an intuitive design that enhances productivity and simplifies the mind mapping process.
Sleek and Functional UI
Experience a sleek and highly functional user interface (UI) with EdrawMind. Enjoy an intuitive design that enhances productivity and simplifies the mind mapping process.

Map Your Mind Limitlessly


Infinite Canvas

Experience limitless space to unleash creativity without the worry of running out of room.

Ready-Made Templates

Ignite inspiration and swiftly create mind maps using our collection of professionally designed templates.

Rich Styling Options

Tailor your mind maps and diagrams to perfection with our built-in styling tools.

Boundless llustrating

Use AI to generate stunning drawings of a variety of styles as the mind map background or illustrations.

Customizable Themes

Embark on your mind mapping journey by selecting a theme that perfectly aligns with your thoughts from our extensive gallery. 

Abundant Layouts

Unlock the power of your mind: choose from our 22 diverse structures to enhance your mind maps.

Professional Templates

Brainstorming & Ideation

15 best places to visit in the USA
Game of Thrones Mind Map


Improve Business Efficiency
Business Plan


Some Basic Concepts of Chemistry
Body System Concept Map Template

Project management

Software Project Management
Project Timeline Template


Content Marketing Mind Map
User Persona Template

Strategy & Planning

Six Thinking Hats Mind Map
Event Planning Checklist Template

Massive Professional Resources

Pexels Integration
Enjoy Access to a vast collection of high-quality stock photos and videos.
Iconfont Integration
a robust vector icon library offering powerful functions and numerous icons.
Emoji Icons & Symbols
Emoji icons and symbols for all your expressive needs.
Personal Template Library
Organize and categorize your templates usingthe personal template library.
Elevate creativity and aesthetics with over 700 ready-made cliparts

Toolbox for All Mind Mapping Needs




Establish meaningful connections between two relevant ideas using the relationship line feature.


Provide additional context about a topic by incorporating callouts in your mind map.


Add emphasis to specific sections of your mind map by utilizing various customizable shapes.


Summarize a set of subtopics into a single cohesive topic by utilizing the summary feature.


floor floor

Switch Between Multiple Modes

Encourage free thinking and gather fresh ideas from your team members.
Outline Mode
Efficiently organize topics in a hierarchical structure and convey your main idea.
Present your ideas effortlessly and captivate your audience instantly.
Gantt Chart
Illustrate schedules and showcase dependency relationships between topics
ZEN Mode
Experience distraction-free brainstorming in a full-screen environment

Share, Sync, and Collaborate. Anywhere. Any Device

Easy File Sharing
Share mind maps on social media, embed them into a website, or export them in various formats such as images or PDF files.
Cloud File Syncing
Safeguard your mind maps by saving them to the cloud or Dropbox. Enjoy automatic synchronization.
Real-Time Collaboration
Invite people via email to collaborate on your mind maps and decide who can edit or only view it.
Team Management
Boost productivity by creating a team group, enabling seamless sharing and management of team files.
Share With QR-Code
Share your mind maps using links or QR codes. Stay updated on the editing process by monitoring changes on your phone

Protect your data with uncompromising security

Privacy Guaranteed
Rest assured that the highest level of SSL encryption secures all information transferred in EdrawMind.
Password Protection
Password protect mind maps for enhanced security and controlled access to your valuable information.
Cross-Platform Compatibility
EdrawMind runs on all OSs and modern browsers, providing a seamless cross-platform mind mapping experience.

EdrawMind Tutorial Video

How to Create A Mind Map | The Best Practice for Beginner
In this video, Memory Master Tansel Ali shows us how to create a mind map at the most basic level based on his experience.
Five Methods toInsert Additions onMind Map
By Adding visual elements such as marks, clipart’s, pictures, links can help make the map concept more interesting. Let’s continue the video by showing these features in detail.
Effective Note TakingWith Mind Maps
Althouah you have discovered mindmaps as a solution to effective note -taking , you might still lack somecrucial points . This video will help youin taking notes properly.
How to Write Essays Using Mind Mapping Techniques For Students
We will be helping you out with our step-by-step guide for building a perfect outline for your essay with mind map. In this video you will find the best ideas for your academic writing.


Go to File > Import to import the Word file into EdrawMind to automatically create a mind map. Ensure the content in Word follows the appropriate text styles. EdrawMind will accurately match titles and paragraphs with mind map branches of brand branches.
In EdrawMind, generate a smart slideshow presentation of your mind map by clicking the "Auto Create" button under the Slideshow tab. Alternatively, you can choose to navigate through the entire mind map without dividing it into smaller sections using the "Traverse Topics" or "Traverse Branches" features, allowing for a seamless exploration of your mind map during the presentation.
To generate a sharing link for your mind map in EdrawMind, click on the share icon located next to your username. From there, you can choose to share the link on various social media platforms by selecting the desired option, facilitating easy sharing and dissemination of your mind map with others.
Utilize the brainstorming mode in EdrawMind to gather every idea during your session. Start by determining the main topic, then drag and drop the ideas from the discussion panel onto the canvas to build your mind map, ensuring a comprehensive representation of all the collected ideas in a structured and visually engaging manner.

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A great solution for students, teams, and decision-makers to work together, share ideas, and break down complex topics.
I found EdrawMind to be very useful and helpful in assisting me in my ability to simplify complex knowledge, information, and ideas into orderly structured mind maps.
It has all the features that every user needs. There's no other mind map app on the marketplace that is at the same level as they are. EdrawMind is a supreme product.