Unlocking Creativity: Designing a Creative Hierarchy Chart for Your Team

This article offers tips on using templates, innovative designs, and strategies to craft visually appealing and functional team structures. Discover creative hierarchy charts and how to design organizational charts beyond the conventional methods.

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A creative hierarchy chart is a visual cornerstone, providing a snapshot of an organization's internal framework. Its main purpose is to offer a clear and structured representation of how individuals or departments interact and report to one another. Creative org chart design helps establish a clear chain of command, ensuring a smoother flow of information within the organization.

The following section will delve into the diverse realms of creative hierarchy chart design, exploring how breaking away from traditional norms can result in visually appealing and engaging representations of organizational structures. By embracing creative organizational chart design ideas, it can become a dynamic and memorable piece within the organizational narrative. Continue reading below to learn more.

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Creative Organizational Chart Design Ideas

Creativity when creating organizational charts is essential as it goes beyond depicting hierarchy. Creativity adds visual appeal, capturing attention and fostering a better understanding of the organization's structure.

The purpose of creativity in this process is to transform a traditionally rigid tool into an engaging visual representation that communicates roles and responsibilities and reflects the organization's culture and values. The result is a more memorable and creative hierarchy chart that resonates with its audience.

Creativity organizational chart template is more than just aesthetics; it's a strategic approach to communicate the essence of an organization's structure. EdrawMind’s organization chart templates offer a canvas for innovative designs beyond traditional hierarchies. Here are five creative organizational chart templates that visually engage and effectively convey the dynamics within an organization.

1. Hierarchical Organizational Chart

This design infuses creativity into the traditional hierarchy using vibrant colors, custom icons, and modern typography. The result is a visually appealing chart that maintains clarity and captivates attention.

hierarchical organizational chart

2. Company Organizational Chart

Represent the organization as a bustling cityscape, with each department depicted as a unique building. This metaphor emphasizes the interconnectedness and distinct roles of different components.

company organizational chart

3. Flat Organizational Chart

Embrace simplicity and modernity with a flat design approach. Use bold colors, clean lines, and minimalist icons to create a visually striking, straightforward organizational chart.

flat organizational chart

4. Matrix Organizational Chart

Combine the structure of a creative hierarchy chart with the flexibility of a matrix. Integrate intersecting lines and dynamic shapes to visually represent dual reporting relationships.

matrix organizational chart

5. Divisional Organizational Chart

Portray the organization as a constellation of interconnected divisions, each with its unique visual identity. This creative organizational chart design ideas provides a cohesive yet visually diverse representation of the organization's structure.

divisional organizational chart

Explore these creative design ideas using EdrawMind’s creative organizational chart template, and transform your organizational charts into dynamic and engaging visual tools.

Helpful Tips When Constructing a Creative Hierarchy Chart

Constructing a creative hierarchy chart requires thoughtful consideration to ensure it effectively communicates roles and responsibilities while maintaining clarity. Here are key tips to successfully create a visually engaging yet comprehensible hierarchy chart:

Clear Definition of Roles and Responsibilities

Each element in the hierarchy chart should have a distinct visual representation that clearly defines its role. Icons, colors, or shapes can creatively convey responsibilities visually. This ensures that team members can quickly understand their roles and the roles of others within the organization.

Balance Creativity with Simplicity

While creativity is encouraged, striking a balance and avoiding excessive complexity is essential. Opt for visually appealing elements that enhance the chart without compromising its ease of understanding. A balance between creativity and simplicity ensures that the hierarchy chart is accessible to everyone in the organization, fostering better comprehension.

Universal Understanding

Design the hierarchy chart with universal symbols, colors, or shapes that a diverse audience can easily understand. Avoid overly niche or industry-specific visuals. Universality ensures the hierarchy chart transcends language and departmental barriers, making it accessible to all organization members.

Utilize an Organizational Chart Maker

Leverage the capabilities of an organizational chart maker, such as EdrawMind, to streamline the design process. These tools often come with templates, making it easier to implement creative designs. An organizational chart maker simplifies the creation process, allowing for more focus on creativity and ensuring that the final chart is professional and polished.

By incorporating these tips, your creative hierarchy chart will be visually appealing and effectively convey team members' roles and responsibilities. The emphasis on clarity and accessibility ensures that the chart is a valuable tool for communication within the organization.

Design a Creative Hierarchy Chart With EdrawMind

Wondershare EdrawMind is a versatile and user-friendly mind-mapping and diagramming tool that empowers users to create visually compelling and informative charts, including creative hierarchy charts. With a focus on simplicity and robust functionality, EdrawMind is suitable for professionals and beginners. Here’s a range of features to bring creative org chart design.

  • User-Friendly Interface
  • EdrawMind provides an intuitive interface, making it easy for users to navigate and create intricate diagrams.

  • Extensive Template Library
  • The tool offers diverse templates, including creative organizational chart templates, which serve as a starting point for various creative designs.

  • Customizable Elements
  • Users can customize shapes, colors, and styles, allowing for a personalized touch in their hierarchy charts.

  • Collaboration Features
  • EdrawMind supports real-time collaboration, enabling teams to work on hierarchy charts simultaneously and enhance productivity.

EdrawMind’s Organizational Chart Maker Feature

EdrawMind's organizational chart maker simplifies the process of creating hierarchy charts. It includes:

  • Pre-Made Templates
  • EdrawMind offers a selection of pre-made organizational chart templates, providing a quick and convenient starting point.

  • Drag-and-Drop Functionality
  • Easily add and arrange elements using a simple drag-and-drop interface, enhancing efficiency in creating the hierarchy structure.

  • Smart Formatting
  • The tool automatically adjusts the layout and formatting of the hierarchy chart, ensuring a professional and polished appearance.

Short Guide on Creating a Creative Hierarchy Chart with EdrawMind

Creating a creative hierarchy chart with EdrawMind is a seamless and empowering process. EdrawMind, with its user-friendly interface and robust features, provides a canvas for innovative organizational chart designs. Here's a short guide on harnessing the capabilities of EdrawMind's organizational chart maker to craft a visually appealing and informative hierarchy chart.

Step1Select Template
template selection

Choose an organizational chart template from EdrawMind’s extensive library that aligns with your creative vision.

Step2Customize Elements
customize elements

Personalize the chart by customizing shapes, colors, and styles. Add icons or images that represent different roles or departments creatively.

Step3Add Information
add important information

Input team members' names, roles, and responsibilities into the respective positions on the hierarchy chart.

Step4Connect and Arrange
connect and arrange

Use the drag-and-drop functionality to connect elements and arrange them in a visually pleasing and logical hierarchy.

Step5Collaborate and Share
collaborate and share

Leverage EdrawMind’s collaboration features to work seamlessly with team members. Once done, share the creative hierarchy chart with the organization.

By using EdrawMind's organizational chart maker, you can easily bring your creative organizational chart design ideas to life, combining innovation with efficiency in the design process.


The journey into the world of creative hierarchy charts unveils the potential to transform a traditional organizational structure into a visually engaging and informative masterpiece. By embracing creativity, organizations can convey roles and responsibilities in a way that captivates attention, fosters understanding, and reflects the team's unique identity.

EdrawMind, with its intuitive organizational chart maker and an array of features, emerges as a powerful ally in this creative endeavor. The user-friendly interface, extensive template library, and smart formatting options make EdrawMind an ideal tool for crafting hierarchy charts that serve their functional purpose and stand out as visually striking representations.

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