What Is a Bubble Map & How to Make One? A Complete Guide!

A bubble map is a visual representation used in various fields like data visualization, brainstorming, and concept mapping. Explore bubble maps in our comprehensive guide. Learn what they are, their benefits, how to create them, and more!

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Presenting information in the text or tabular format often becomes difficult for viewers to understand. They always look for something eye-catching to grab the information easily. This is where charts and maps play their part.

This article focuses on a popular type of map, a bubble map. It explains everything from the purpose of this map to benefits, and an example to the making process. Moreover, you will also see some tips to make your bubble mind map more effective in this guide. Let's get the discussion started.

In this article
  1. What is a Bubble Map
  2. What is the Main Purpose of Making a Bubble Map
  3. Benefits of Bubble Map
  4. Bubble Map Example: EdrawMind for Creativity and Innovation
  5. How to Make a Bubble Map within Minutes
  6. Tips for Making a Bubble Map More Effective
  7. Ending Note

What is a Bubble Map

As the name depicts, a bubble map consists of a series of bubbles. One bigger bubble is placed at the center, and it is surrounded by different small bubbles.

The main topic, keyword, central idea, or noun is put in the bigger bubble at the center of the map. At the same time, the related information is placed in smaller bubbles. This information could be the solution ideas or other attributes of the main title.

The structure of the bubble mind map makes it super easy for you to analyze complex subjects and get better ideas to develop effective solutions. When you use adjectives to define the topic, a bubble map helps you improve your thinking abilities. Read more to get into the specifics of this map.

What is the Main Purpose of Making a Bubble Map

The leading purpose of this map is to brainstorm ideas to find solutions by describing any subject, title, topic, or noun with adjectives. As stated earlier, the adjectives are placed around the central idea.

Are you thinking about when to use this map to benefit from it? Well, you can use it for various scenarios. For example, if you want to run a brainstorming session, you can use a bubble map to define your topic. At the same time, you can use the bubble mind map for writing a book, understanding your team roles, and generating new names for your product.

Similarly, a bubble map can be very helpful in the education system. For instance, teachers can help students learn difficult topics easily by using these maps. It is more helpful in understanding science subjects, as they are mostly difficult to absorb.

When you want to break down complex problems and find all possible solutions, bubble maps always lend you a helping hand. It enables you to divide your problem into different components and develop the most effective solution accordingly.

Benefits of Bubble Map

A bubble mind map offers a range of potential benefits, out of which the five most common ones are listed below.

1. Takes Visualization to the Next Level

One of the key benefits of a bubble mind map is that it provides you with high-level visualization. As a result, you can recall every idea easily. In addition, it makes sharing super simple. When you share this map with your team, addressing their feedback becomes easier.

2. Easy to Understand

When you plan to pass your project to a new manager or want to add a new resource to your team, it requires explaining everything from scratch. You can create regular documentation, but it consumes a lot of time. In contrast, a bubble map saves you time by presenting all the information about the project in process. It is not only efficient but also an effective solution.

3. Improves Brainstorming

If you want to get the maximum out of your brainstorming session, look no further than using a bubble map for brainstorming. This map gives you the authority to add new ideas in new bubbles. Hence, flexibility and productivity get increased greatly. The reason behind this fact is that you can upscale your main idea by adding more suggestions without disturbing the original format.

4. Enhances Your Writing Skills

As a writer, you always need to create a detailed outline before you start writing on any topic or subject. Once you create a proper outline, it becomes easy for you to write with a streamlined flow. Similarly, students can use a bubble mind map to create frameworks and characters for future writing. This is how you can focus on every piece of information you need to create an excellent piece of content.

5. Boosts Your Creative Abilities

The unstructured framework of a bubble map helps you generate new ideas quickly. Plus, you can add new connections to the existing ones by using this map. Interestingly, adding new connections does not disturb the actual layout of the project. This is how a bubble mind map helps you improve critical thinking and creative abilities.

Bubble Map Example: EdrawMind for Creativity and Innovation

Here is a potential example of a bubble map which is created in Wondershare EdrawMind. It puts “sociolinguists” in the red circle at the center as the main topic. The main idea is surrounded by a number of small bubbles that carry information related to the title. A sociolinguist is an expert or someone who learns sociolinguistics. It is basically the sociology of languages. It highlights how language affects society.

The phrases or terms related to the main topic presented around include; why people speak differently, important language terms, linguistic choices, and the relationship between society and language. These adjectives are further connected with more information presented in new bubbles, as you can see in the image below.

Bubble Map Example

Do you want to create a bubble map for a specific purpose? Looking for a trusted and efficient tool to do this job? If yes, EdrawMind will surely be your trusted partner to help you get over the line. Give it a try and you will be happy to see the outcomes for sure.

How to Make a Bubble Map within Minutes

Though a number of online tools are available in the market, trusting them all can be risky until you are well familiar with their real potential. But if you need a dependable bubble map creation tool, EdrawMind Online must be your top priority. To make your bubble mind map with this online utility, all you need is to follow the steps given below.

Step 1:Download, install and open Wondershare EdrawMind. Sign in with your Wondershare ID or log in with an account of Google, twitter or Facebook.

Step 2:Go to File > MindMap Gallery to search for a bubble map, move the cursor under the template you like, and click Duplicate to use it.

create a bubble map in edrawmind

Step 3:Add topics and sub-topics to enrich the bubble map. Edit text in the map according to your needs.

add the main topic and details into a bubble map

Step 4:Change the font size, color, and other style settings through the top navigation bar and the floating bar.

customize bubble map

Step 5:Go to File > Export to export your mind map in various formats including Graphics and PDF.

export your bubble map with edrawmind

Tips for Making a Bubble Map More Effective

Making a bubble map is easy, but you should focus on its effectiveness and elegance. Let's look at a few important tips to make your bubble mind maps meaningful.

  • Choose the right structure that best matches your project needs.
  • Always maintain similarity.
  • Try using different elements.
  • Select a suitable size and relevant color scheme.
  • Make sure you always establish clarity.
  • Focus on the map’s readability.


A bubble map usually consists of two types of bubbles or circles, i.e., one at the center and the other in the surroundings. The center bubble carries the main topic, whereas others hold adjectives or phrases. This is how the information is displayed in mind map bubbles. You can add new connections as and when needed. There is no specific limit on adding more bubbles to your map.

When it comes to creating a bubble mind map, a range of map-making tools are available. But trusting a random tool is not a good idea until you get familiar with its credibility. If you need a trustworthy tool to create a bubble map instantly, try Wondershare EdrawMind.

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