Free Brainstorming Meeting Examples: Easy to Use

Brainstorming meetings can be a great way to come up with new solutions to problems, develop new products or services, or simply generate new ideas. Here are a few examples of free brainstorming session templates that you can use.

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What is Brainstorming Meeting

Generating ideas and solving problems through brainstorming has been an old tradition. Though you can approach this practice individually, holding a brainstorming meeting is more productive.

So, what is a brainstorming meeting? It is a typical group session for discovering problem-solving ideas, discussing their prospects, and making decisions. In this technique, a secure and judgment-free environment is built for members to express their thoughts about a specific topic.

Hence, it encourages innovation and brings diverse, out-of-the-box ideas to the table. Moreover, it improves teamwork, promotes tolerance, and helps members build professional relationships. However, a meeting can easily get out of hand if not planned properly.

So, what might be better is a digital space where you can find brainstorming session examples to allocate time, gather feedback, build connections, and evaluate potential ideas. Here, tools like EdrawMind , designed to ease the process of mind mapping, might sound logical. Let's take a look into it!

Free Brainstorming Session Example

Brainstorming can produce fruitful results if done correctly. A good way to prepare for such sessions is through brainstorming meeting examples, which declutter the notes and give you structured feedback.

Here are some brainstorming session examples from EdrawMind to inspire your creativity.

Example 1: Brainstorming for Meeting

Business meetings are the norm of any office setting. However, summarizing them on paper requires you to be extra attentive, have multiple notes, and keep up with the pace. It may become overwhelming to decide what to include in the meeting minutes.

A good approach to recording meeting discussions is by using a pre-built example. This meeting summary template is designed for formal board meetings and team meetings. You can also use this example for routine informal meetings at educational institutes or within teams.

It has a proper structure, which makes recording the meeting minutes, agenda topics, and the discussed actions quick and effortless. This way, you can automatically filter practical and usable ideas.

🔎Learn more creative EdrawMind Brainstorming Examples you can use to improve your efficiency for brainstorming.

Example 2: Marketing Campaigns

Deciding the correct marketing strategy for your product means going through multiple brainstorming sessions. During this process, a moderator has to take notes of all the potential problem-solving ideas discussed to promote the product and increase sales.

Hence, you can utilize this marketing strategy brainstorming session example instead of making multiple notes for each meeting. It helps you rule out unnecessary clutter, record feedback from members, and link them accordingly. Its well-organized format further allows you to add and remove marketing ideas to your product suitability.

So, set an agenda, discuss points, and plot them. Later on, the team can go through the discussed best techniques and launch a successful marketing campaign.

6 Items to Include in a Brainstorming Meeting Agenda

Productive brainstorming meetings demand detailed preparation and guidelines. Here are six items for your brainstorming session preparatory checklist.

1. Objectives

Setting an agenda is the first priority of any brainstorming session, as it helps maintain focus. A better way to do this is by doing pilot research beforehand.

  • Ask questions like, What is the issue? What do you want to get?
  • Clearly convey objectives to the participants.
  • Create a one-line goal for the meeting, like “five ideas to hold a successful market campaign.”

2. Ground Rules

Brainstorming can easily turn unproductive when dominated by certain individuals. One person giving multiple ideas or bluntly criticizing can make others insecure. Hence, it is best to introduce the do's and do not's of the meeting beforehand.

  • Do not talk over people.
  • Do not criticize the ideas right away. The voting takes place at a later stage.
  • Do bring up new ideas.

3. Brainstorming Time

Let us proceed further to brainstorming. There are multiple techniques to do so, including brainwriting, timed idea lists, and ideation. Whatever you choose, don't rush the process. Allocate adequate time for group members to think logically.

4. Share Ideas

It is time for idea sharing. Here are some practices to keep it civilized.

  • Give each individual equal time.
  • Have a person write down each idea.
  • Don't let anyone interrupt when a person is sharing an idea.

5. Voting

If you have been withholding feedback about a specific idea, it is time to express it. So, let us get on with the voting. Filter out the potential ideas by analyzing their utility, reasoning, and practicality. You will be left with only a few amazing ideas at this point.

6. Evaluation

The scope for idea improvement always continues, and your input in the brainstorming meetings is highly appreciated. So, express your opinion, discuss the idea's prospects, and make decisions. End your brainstorming meeting by deciding the best idea and assigning tasks to the team.

Note: Brainstorming can be a great way to generate new ideas, but it's important to know how to do it right. Click here to learn how to run a successful brainstorming session.

Free Brainstorming Tool

Free Brainstorming Tool cover

Brainstorming is more than getting people and sharing ideas. A productive brainstorming session is only possible with structured feedback and collaboration. This is why turning to the EdrawMind virtual team space might be a good start. Here is what makes it an excellent space to brainstorm.

  • One-Click Mind Map: EdrawMind AI allows you to create detailed mind maps with a single click, so it is quicker to visualize and improve the documented ideas.
  • Free Brainstorming Examples: Be it a board meeting, marketing campaign, product launch, or essay writing, EdrawMind has brainstorming session examples for all. So, if you have a meeting tomorrow and no time to prepare, get a suitable template and edit it accordingly.
  • Team Management: Team collaboration is easy with the virtual space on EdrawMind Online. Plus, it is available across all the systems, including Mac, Linux, iOS, and Android.

Final Thoughts

Brainstorming can bring productive and innovative ideas to the table. It is a tried-and-tested problem-solving method. And when done with an entire group, it becomes revolutionary. However, holding a brainstorming team meeting can be stressful.

In this case, Brainstorming session examples are more helpful than you think. It may simplify the process of organizing a team meeting. Using these examples helps you record the proposed ideas, filter practical techniques, and collaborate with the team.

And if you want to edit, collaborate, and decide all in one place, EdrawMind might be the right match. So, check out its free brainstorming meeting examples.

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