A Complete Guide to Best AI Painting Generators

If you love to do creative artwork or want to generate paintings according to your requirements. This article is for you, and you can get a detailed overview of AI painting generators.


Creativity has no boundaries in the field of art, and the development of AI painting generators has opened up fresh possibilities for artistic expression. By providing an original and creative approach for artists and art lovers to produce engaging works of art, these advanced technologies are transforming the art industry.


The advancements in technology have allowed for the creation of artificial intelligence-generated content (AIGC). AIGC refers to content that is produced by AI algorithms without human involvement. The introduction of AI painting generators has revolutionized the art world by providing innovative tools that utilize the power of AI algorithms to create captivating artworks, offering a new perspective on creation.

Eight AI Painting Generators


EdrawMind is a powerful and user-friendly AI software program that enables teams and individuals to unleash their creativity using its AI-backed powerful features. With EdrawMind AI drawing, you can set the image dimensions, and model styles and use text description or images to generate AI paintings. Write a prompt, customize it according to your specifications, and use it as the background or an illustration of your mind map.


List of Other AI functions in EdrawMind:

  • One-click Brainstorming

Use AI-powered brainstorming to produce original ideas and thoughts.

  • AI-SWOT Analysis

Use AI capabilities to do a thorough SWOT (Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, and Threats) analysis.

  • AI Article Generation

Use AI algorithms to produce high-quality articles based on input topics.

  • AI Drawing

Enter your command in the AI text box, and it will generate according to your requirements.

  • Making structured and visually appealing paintings and outlines is simple.
  • The platform provides affordable plans with customizable features to meet the demands and budgets of different users.
  • Users can export their projects in many file formats.
  • Free version does not have access to certain features

2.Image ai


The Image AI Tool is an advanced artificial intelligence platform designed to make art easily accessible to all. Even without technical expertise, users can create breathtaking artwork thanks to its intuitive user interface. The AI painting generator is available for free and can produce incredible pieces of art with just a search keyword, providing endless inspiration and creativity at your fingertips.

  • Users can use the photographs without any limitations because they are copyright-free.
  • No need to give credit to the image.
  • You can use AI paintings on various platforms.
  • Users are limited to producing no more than 25 photos each day.
  • When handling large files or complicated picture-generating requests, it could run into problems.



By combining different art forms and releasing their creativity, users of the GETIMG AI Tool may discover the incredible world of art. You can convey your vision with this tool, and it will translate it into mesmerizing visual works of art. Select from a wide range of more than 60 community-trained models to add distinctive and fascinating aesthetics to your painting.

  • It provides customers with a variety of opportunities to develop and improve their photographs.
  • It generates superior art that meets industry requirements.
  • The platform is accessible to consumers due to its user-friendly UI.
  • Some users may experience problems when the AI fails to analyze the data.



An ai painting generator called the NightCafe uses artificial intelligence to create beautiful art in a few seconds. With just a single word, the powerful generator will produce visually appealing images that express your unique artistic vision. The Creator AI Art Generator app's availability for Android and iOS phones, as well as its free access, makes it possible for you to express your creativity wherever you are.

  • Based on word instructions, it produces precise and beautiful visuals.
  • Users don't need to create an account to use NightCafe's AI picture generation.
  • The word limitations and the absence of concise explanations may be too restrictive for certain users.



An exciting paid AI platform called Midjourney Tool is causing controversy in the creative industry. People may create interesting characters and visuals with Midjourney AI, which enhances their material above what is possible with only words. It does not matter if you are an artist, writer, marketer, or content creator—this tool expands your options for communicating your thoughts and improving the overall look of what you create.

  • The AI-powered image generator does not require creative ability.
  • It allows customers to easily make hundreds of photos, saving time and effort.
  • It can lower the expense associated with expert artists or buying stock photos.
  • It's possible that AI-generated visuals won't always match users' perceptions accurately.
  • Large datasets are used to train AI models, and if the data is biased or lacking in variety, it may affect the accuracy and diversity of the generated pictures.

6. Bing Image Creator


With the Bing Image Creator tool, you can bring your ideas to life by describing them in words and generating images based on those descriptions. You can even add context, such as location or activity, and select an art style to suit your preferences. All you need to do is enter simple commands like "draw an image" in the chat box provided.

  • Bing AI uses OpenAI's GPT-4 model's powerful features to provide more advanced and accurate replies.
  • Users have the freedom to alter the conversation style.
  • Users are limited to 15 chats in a single session.
  • Bing AI's replies may be short when looking for more comprehensive ones.

7. Fotor AI


An exciting paid AI platform called Midjourney Tool is causing controversy in the creative industry. People may create interesting characters and visuals with Midjourney AI, which enhances their material above what is possible with only words. It does not matter if you are an artist, writer, marketer, or content creator—this tool expands your options for communicating your thoughts and improving the overall look of what you create.

By transforming your words into AI-generated visuals, Fotor AI is a powerful and free AI painting generator that gives your words life. It produced breathtaking images so that you can see your thoughts come to life. Fotor AI helps you save time by quickly generating images relevant to your content.

It contains many different types of art available to you, such as realistic, animation, 3D, watercolor, and oil painting. With Fotor AI's word-to-image AI generator, express your imagination and bring your ideas to life.

  • Basic picture editing and design tools are included in Fotor's free edition.
  • The platform offers style manuals and control choices so users may modify their designs.
  • It offers an intuitive user interface that is simple for both beginning and seasoned designers.
  • Although there is a free version, some advanced tools, and features could need a premium membership.

8.Starry AI


Starry AI is an AI painting website that uses artificial intelligence to transform text prompts into beautiful artwork. Compared to conventional AI art-generating techniques, and simplifies the process, making it simple and natural for everyone with a cellphone to produce stunning artwork. You can enjoy complete authority and control over your works since you may generate up to five complementing, watermark-free artworks each day.

  • It enables you to quickly create artwork in a variety of your preferred styles.
  • You can save time and energy for more time-consuming tasks.
  • You may use the software on mobile devices to bring out your creativity and realize your ideas wherever you want.
  • Starry AI may only provide some credit or recognition for the artwork it generates.
  • Users on a restricted budget may find it less accessible because of its potential cost.

How to Create a Painting in EdrawMind

Follow these steps to generate AI painting in Edrawmind.

Step 1:Open Edrawmind’s Website

Go to the website of EdrawMind and create an account on it. If you are already a user, then put in your login and password to start the AI painting.

Step 2:Select AI painting Option

You will see a feature of AI painting on the interface of the software. Click on it and type your text in the prompt. If you want to create a drawing of a mango tree, then type it in the box and click on generate. The AI generator will generate it within seconds.


Step 3:Export AI painting

Click on the download button, and you can export your painting to your computer. You can also adjust the image settings.



AI painting generators have transformed the field of art by providing an innovative and creative technique to produce incredible works of art. With only a few inputs, these technologies have made it simpler for artists and designers to bring their ideas to life. EdrawMind comes out as a wonderful tool that not only performs mind mapping but also demonstrates its skill as an AI painting generator among those described above.

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