7 Amazing Free Online AI Writers for Content Generation

Discover the magic of a free online AI writer. Explore how this revolutionary tool leverages artificial intelligence to generate captivating content effortlessly, saving you time and boosting your writing productivity.


In the world of writing, grappling with challenges is all too common. Writers often need help with writer's block, time constraints, and maintaining high creativity. What if there was a solution to navigate these hurdles more efficiently?

Enter Artificial Intelligence (AI). Today, AI is transforming how people write by offering tools for idea generation, grammar correction, and content creation. This article explores how free online AI writers are revolutionizing the writing landscape. It will also show you the benefits it can bring to writers and how you can utilize these cutting-edge tools.

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Understanding Online AI Writers

Have you ever thought of an intelligent helper who can lend you a hand while writing? Well, that's precisely what an Online AI Writer is - a smart tool powered by Artificial Intelligence to assist us with writing tasks.

1. Machine Learning and Natural Language Processing

These AI writers are quite the tech marvels. They work using two unique technologies - Natural Language Processing (NLP) and Machine Learning (ML). NLP is like the AI's language teacher; it helps the AI understand and use human language, fixing grammar mistakes and suggesting better sentence structures.

ML, on the other hand, is like the AI's brain that learns from each interaction, helping it get better over time.

2. Real-life Applications of AI Writers

Free online AI Writers can be used in tons of ways. Bloggers can use them to brainstorm ideas or write whole articles. Businesses can whip up reports or craft emails in no time. Students can draft their essays more efficiently. And if you're selling something, these tools can even help you write persuasive product descriptions.

The Best Free Online AI Writers

The digital realm has introduced us to AI writers, a real game-changer for content creation. These tools have advanced tech that mimics human-like learning and thinking and produces unique content tailored to specific needs.

This section explores the top-rated free online AI writers that transformed traditional writing approaches.

1. Wondershare EdrawMind

EdrawMind is more than just a mind-mapping tool. Recently, it has incorporated powerful AI features that can make writing tasks more efficient and creative. By harnessing AI's power, EdrawMind can generate fresh ideas, organize thoughts clearly, enhance written content, and even create full articles.

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Both desktop and online versions of EdrawMind have a user-friendly interface and a robust suite of features catering to different writing needs, making it an ideal writing companion for individuals and businesses. Check out the new AI features:

  • One-Click Mind Map: Seamlessly craft an efficient mind map with a single click, ensuring you save time and keep your ideas meticulously organized.
  • Brainstorming: This innovative tool generates fresh, distinct ideas around your topic, fostering inspiration and creativity when needed.
  • Smart Annotation: This intuitive feature allows you to enrich your charts with insightful annotations, achieved with a simple click.
  • Translation: EdrawMind's AI skillfully renders your text into many languages, fostering clear communication across borders.
  • Tarot Divination: This unique AI capability delves into timeless wisdom to provide horoscopes and fortune-telling insights.
  • Boast Assistant: This entertaining feature produces compliments that you can pepper throughout your charts, creating a more engaging atmosphere.
  • OCR: This powerful feature enables EdrawMind to interpret printed or handwritten text, effectively digitizing traditional forms of data.
  • Copywriting: This sophisticated tool elevates the quality of the text in your charts, boosting readability and engagement.
  • AI SWOT Analysis: Generate comprehensive SWOT analysis charts with minimal input, thanks to this smart AI feature.
  • Article Generation & Weekly Report Generation: EdrawMind now facilitates content creation tasks, with the capacity to generate detailed articles and exhaustive weekly reports.
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You can use Edraw AI with purchasable AI tokens. See the following table for more information about EdrawMind.

G2 Ratings 4.5/5
OS Availability Windows, macOS, Linux, iOS, Android, and Supported browsers
  • Chatbot is intuitive and understands prompts very well.
  • Free users can try out Edraw AI with 200 AI tokens.
  • Intelligent AI that can analyze topics.
Cons Human input is still needed for the accuracy of the content

Using the AI Writer Capabilities of Edraw AI

To begin writing with EdrawMind's online version, follow the steps below:

Step 1: Access the EdrawMind online version here, register, or log in to your account.

Step 2: On the homepage, click New MindMap. Wait for the canvas to load.

edraw ai interface

Step 3: Click the AI button on the lower left toolbar, or press Ctrl + Q/Command + Q.

edrawmind online interface

Step 4: Click the Pre-scene Setup button and then click Article Generation on the pop-up menu.

edrawmind online ai tools

Step 5: Chat with Edraw AI and tell it what you need with clear prompts and instructions. It will generate content for you.

edrawmind online ai results

2. ChatGPT by OpenAI

Developed by OpenAI, ChatGPT is a cutting-edge language model trained on a diverse range of internet text. It is designed to engage in interactive and dynamic conversational exchanges, generate detailed responses, and even write creative pieces such as stories, essays, and reports.

chatgpt interface
G2 Ratings 4.6/5
OS Availability Supported browsers
  • Equipped with the latest GPT-4 model
  • Vast knowledge base (up to Sept. 2021)
  • Can provide other services than writing
  • Free users are limited to GPT-3.5
  • Free version is sometimes inaccessible when demand is high

3. Writesonic

Writesonic is an AI-powered writing tool that accelerates content creation. It offers various AI tools to help with multiple writing tasks, from creating high-converting landing pages, blog posts, and emails to writing product descriptions and ad copy.

writesonic interface
G2 Ratings 4.7/5
OS Availability Supported browsers, Android
  • Can grab data from the Internet
  • Equipped with Social Media tools
  • Can generate SEO-optimized content
  • The free version has limited words.
  • Requires human review from time to time.

4. Jasper.AI

Known for its remarkable writing quality, Jasper.AI uses advanced machine learning algorithms to assist with content writing tasks based on brand voice. Its AI algorithms understand context and writing style, allowing them to generate unique, high-quality content that reads as a human wrote.

jasper ai interface
G2 Ratings 4.7/5
OS Availability Supported browsers
  • Adjustable writing tone presets.
  • Provides writing suggestions with the chatbot.
  • AI is optimized to provide content for businesses.
  • May produce repeated information on long-form articles.
  • There is a paywall after the 7-day free trial.

5. Rytr

Rytr is another effective AI writing tool that uses machine learning and Natural Language Processing (NLP) to write high-quality content across multiple topics. It offers numerous writing styles and tones, making it a versatile tool for various writing projects.

rytr interface
G2 Ratings 4.7/5
OS Availability Supported browsers
  • Several use-case templates
  • Built-in text editor after AI generation
  • Other AI features: image generator, etc.
Cons Requires human review, especially on long-form content

6. Simplified

Simplified is an AI writing assistant that aims to make content creation easy, fast, and efficient. It boasts many AI tools that help create social media posts, blog articles, ad copy, and more. With Simplified, content creators can produce more engaging content, drive SEO performance, and enhance their brand's online presence.

simplified ai interface
G2 Ratings 4.7/5
OS Availability Supported browsers, Android
  • Wide range of writing templates
  • Social media scheduling capabilities
  • Intuitive commands and options
Cons Output sometimes needs human review

7. Hive

HiveMind, the AI feature of Hive, is a dynamic AI writing assistant that helps businesses and individuals automate their content creation process. It's also equipped with team tools such as planning, live-tracking, and more.

G2 Ratings 4.6/5
OS Availability Supported browsers, Windows, macOS, iOS, and Android
  • Rich collaboration features
  • Can generate rich text based on simple prompts
  • AI writer is hard to find at first.
  • Hard to learn due to the numerous features in one app.

Tips To Effectively Use AI Writers

Even the most excellent tools must be used correctly for the best results. So here's the scoop on how to get the most out of your free online AI writer.

  1. Prompting: Start by clearly telling your AI writer what you need. Say something like "Write an article about space travel" or "Suggest some cool blog titles about gardening." This is called prompting, and guiding your AI in the right direction is critical.
  2. Training: AI learns from its experiences. Providing feedback helps your AI understand your style and requirements better and improve with each interaction.
  3. Human Review: The final touch should always be yours. AI writers are super handy, but they could be better. They can sometimes miss subtle nuances or make tiny errors. That's where you come in. Reviewing and editing the AI-generated content will ensure your writing has that human feel and is error-free.


To summarize, an AI writing assistant can be an absolute game-changer for writers at all levels. AI has revolutionized content generation, from helping us overcome pesky writer's block to crafting intricate content structures.

Tools like EdrawMind, with their impressive suite of AI features, can make the writing process easier and far more enjoyable and productive. Give it a try and tap into the AI-powered magic. See your writing skills soar to new heights.

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