4 Brainstorming Examples for Student Projects: Think Outside the Box

Check out brainstorming examples for students and improve classroom productivity. Download free brainstorming templates from EdrawMind and start customization.

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Brainstorming is one of the most dynamic process techniques that help academicians, teachers, and even project managers to collaborate and generate different ideas. By working on different brainstorming examples for students, institutes can ensure they equip their pupils with the essential skills useful for all future endeavors. Some of the benefits of using different brainstorming examples are:

  • It helps in creating a creative environment.
  • Students can come up with the solution faster.
  • With the right approach, one can expect more participants from the individuals.

There are several other benefits of incorporating brainstorming activities with tools like Wondershare EdrawMind. The all-in-one mind mapping tool offers many features that empower students to excel during brainstorming sessions.

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Free Brainstorming Examples For Students

Studies have shown how brainstorming sessions greatly help students and teachers. Here, we will shed light on some free brainstorming examples for students that are readily available for you to download from EdrawMind.

1. Future of AI Brainstorming Template

In this free brainstorming example, students can discuss the possibilities of artificial intelligence in different sectors. From healthcare to transportation, AI has evolved to become one of the most talked about inventions of recent times. Through such brainstorming templates, students can brainstorm different ideas, put their thoughts into the picture, and understand the scope of AI in detail.

2. Science Research Brainstorming Template

This free brainstorming template example is the perfect ground to start the discussion for all science students. Like any other scientific research, we have added concepts for Concept, Process, and Example. Students can take any science research topic and start customizing this brainstorming template as per their topic.

3. Analysis for a Book Brainstorming Template

Who does not love reading and then analyzing a good book? Whether fiction or academic, by analyzing a book, we get to understand the intrinsic details of it. In this brainstorming example, students can easily sit together and thoroughly analyze any book. By doing such, the students can easily retain the information for a longer time and even understand the characters and the plot in detail. Download this free brainstorming template today and start customizing as per the book.

4. Brainstorming Template

In the above brainstorming template, students can note their discussion points and write down what they need to implement. Since students often require a facilitator who provides a safe ground for others to speak, we have also added their information here. By doing proper brainstorming followed by voting on the ideas, the students can easily implement them into their projects.

Learn more creative EdrawMind brainstorming examples you can quickly grab and use for your next brainstorming session.

5 Fun Brainstorm Activities for Students With Free Templates

Some of the fun brainstorming activities for students that can easily be organized in a classroom are:

  • Ideation Race: Teachers can ask students to generate as many unique ideas as possible within a time limit about any given topic. All the students have to gather information about the topic, create sub-topics, and add their ideas that they can later present to their classmates. Such a free template encourages quick thinking and enables spontaneous creativity.
  • Sports Planning: Sports play a vital role in development. A sports teacher can ask the students to conduct a brainstorming session with their representatives and talk about which sports they like, why they like it, and what kind of preparations they want to do for that particular sport.
  • Pass the Message: As a brainstorming activity, ask your students to sit down in a circle, write down a few ideas, and pass them to different students as per the music queue. When the music stops, the student with someone else's ideas must find ways to add more relevant ideas and pass them on.
  • Connect the Angles: During the brainstorming session, sit down with your students, give them two topics, and ask them to find the relevant connections between them. Once they have jotted down a few ideas, give them another topic and then ask them to find a connection between them. This is indeed a fun activity for students.
  • Synonym Session: If you are into literature studies, you will love this brainstorming idea! Create a group of students and give each group one long sentence. In the sentence, you have to underline the words you want your students to check and offer synonyms for them. Each group will have five minutes for this activity. Once done, you can share the answers with the rest of the groups.

Tips for Effective Brainstorming for Students

To maximize the benefits of brainstorming examples for students, try considering executing the following strategies:

  • Supportive Environment: Ensure you create a non-judgemental space for your students where no idea is left untouched, and every student gets a comfortable environment to share their expressions.
  • Clear Goals: Start your brainstorming session by sharing the objective with your students. Once they have a clear set of goals and objectives, they will easily understand the process they must undertake.
  • Encourage Thinking: Try to urge your students to challenge the conventional approach of brainstorming and explore new innovative ideas. By doing this, they can embrace diverse perspectives to enrich their creative thinking.

Free Brainstorming Tool

Brainstorming tool

EdrawMind is one of the most powerful brainstorming tools in the market. Some of the astounding features of this free brainstorming tools are:

  • Real-time Collaboration: With the web version, students can brainstorm different ideas in real time.
  • Layout: For every brainstorming session, students can choose a different layout. From fisheye to circular to timeline, this brainstorming tool has it all.
  • Templates: With EdrawMind, you don't need to create a brainstorming session from scratch. Download any of the templates from the gallery and start your discussion.
  • Cliparts: This free brainstorming tool has hundreds of cliparts and icons, ensuring your designs remain unique from all fronts.
  • Compatibility: This brainstorming tool offers multiple import and export options, ensuring that all of your data remains compatible with different tools.


Integrating different brainstorming techniques into students' projects is a powerful approach to enhancing learning outcomes. With the right brainstorming examples for students, one can embrace the power of discussion and unlock the full potential of different projects. In order to run a successful brainstorming session, we highly recommend checking out EdrawMind and downloading any of these brainstorming examples mentioned in this comprehensive guide.

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