Group Brainstorming vs. Individual Brainstorming: Which Approach is Right for You?

Discover the importance of group brainstorming and individual brainstorming. Unleash EdrawMind's guide to grasp the pros, cons, and techniques for group and individual brainstorming.

group brainstorming vs individual

Brainstorming is an old-age method to improve creativity and find new innovative ways to solve any given problem. Generating ideas and finding solutions collectively or individually leads to breakthroughs, saves companies from unnecessary expenditures, and provides results faster than expected. This detailed article will explore group brainstorming and individual brainstorming based on benefits, pros, and cons and which type is best for you and your company's ongoing requirements.

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What is Individual Brainstorming

As the name suggests, individual brainstorming, or self-brainstorming, involves generating ideas on your own, freeing the thinker from any external influences or pressure. It's a solitary process that allows for uninterrupted thinking and enhanced output. When one does a brainstorming session on their own, it's mostly about understanding the pros and cons of any given topic and finding ways to resolve the issues.

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1. Advantages and Benefits:

There are several advantages of going ahead with an individual brainstorming session, like:

  • It helps introverts to contribute to any given topic without any external pressure.
  • An individual brainstorming session offers privacy, which is impossible with a group or collective brainstorming session.
  • It also promotes deep thinking and minimizes distractions that enable a focus on personal ideas.

2. Techniques and Tips:

If you plan to have an individual brainstorming session, note down the following techniques, as they might come in handy and save you both time and other resources.

  • Try to have the individual brainstorming session in a conducive environment.
  • You can never go wrong when you set a time limit for each session.
  • Always jot down all of your ideas, no matter how unconventional they may sound.
  • Try to revisit those ideas later to refine them for maximum effectiveness.

What is Group Brainstorming

Unlike individual brainstorming, where an individual sits alone to do all the brainstorming, group brainstorming is a collaborative approach where a team gathers to collectively generate a magnitude of ideas. With group brainstorming, the diversity of perspectives often leads to enriched solutions that one might have skipped while working individually.

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1. Advantages and Benefits:

Some of the benefits of going ahead with a group brainstorming are:

  • Group brainstorming harnesses the synergy of a team.
  • It encourages diverse viewpoints that spark inspiration through the rapid flow of ideas and gives a sense of teamwork.
  • With group brainstorming, one can identify new sets of ideas that might have been overlooked otherwise.

2. Techniques and Tips:

If you are planning to have a group session for any given project, try to inculcate the following tips for a smoother process:

  • Set clear guidelines between different team members.
  • Try to appoint a facilitator to avoid any miscommunication or micromanaging.
  • To have a productive brainstorming session, try to have a judgment-free zone.

Group Brainstorming vs Individual Brainstorming

Choosing between group brainstorming vs. individual brainstorming can be challenging. Let us discuss the most notable advantages of both techniques to get a clearer understanding. Let us start with group brainstorming first.

1. Group Brainstorming


  • Diverse Viewpoints: Group brainstorming gathers individuals with varying backgrounds, expertise, and perspectives. Such inclusion leads to a wider range of creative ideas.
  • Synergy: Most psychologists state that collaborative brainstorming results in the synergy of ideas. Simply put, one person's idea can trigger a new idea from another team member, leading to more comprehensive solutions.


  • Dominating Personality: In a group, certain individuals might dominate the discussion or take unnecessary control over the entire brainstorming session, which hampers the professional growth of the team as a whole.
  • Social Pressure: Some naturally introverted team members might hesitate to share their ideas, resulting in low creativity and a delay in productivity.

2. Individual Brainstorming

Here are some pros and cons of conducting individual brainstorming sessions:


  • Privacy: When brainstorming individually, there is a sense of privacy and safety that allows several individuals to explore sensitive ideas without fear of criticism.
  • Minimized Pressure: Individual brainstorming sessions often reduce the pressure of competing with one another in a team, leading to a more comfortable environment.


  • Limited Perspectives: Individuals might get stuck in their perspectives, leading to a more limited range of opinions.
  • Potential Isolation: Since interactions and discussions are impossible with other team members or different individuals, individual brainstorming sessions sometimes hinder creativity.

3. Factors to Consider

When deciding between individual and group brainstorming, try to consider the following factors:

  • Problem's Nature: The complexity and nature of the problem might help you acknowledge whether you will require a group's measure or can work on the task unaided.
  • Time Constraints: If you need to find the solution to any given problem or need to decide on something at the earliest, a group brainstorming session is your answer. But if you know you can manage the deadlines or have complete assurance of your opinion, you should at least give your own thoughts a try.

4. Choosing the Right Approach

For complex, multifaceted issues, collective brainstorming can provide comprehensive solutions.

Whereas, for individual tasks, individual brainstorming might yield more tailored ideas. Some other factors that you need to consider are:

  • Time Constraints: Individual brainstorming might be more efficient if time is restricted.
  • Team Member's Skills: If your team succeeds in cooperation, go ahead with group brainstorming sessions.


As we saw here, both group and individual brainstorming have their merits. Recognize that no single technique fits all problems, and depending upon your need of the hour, you can choose between these approaches. Whether you opt for group brainstorming, individual brainstorming, or a combination of both, EdrawMind is the perfect brainstorming software that caters to all your conditions. Moreover, EdrawMind has an AI Brainstorm function, enabling instant text generation.

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