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A hospital organogram visually represents the hierarchical structure and reporting relationships within a hospital or healthcare facility. These charts depict the organization's various departments, divisions, and positions. They highlight the flow of authority and communication channels.

Hospital org charts play a crucial role in clarifying roles and responsibilities. They facilitate effective decision-making and coordination among healthcare professionals and support staff. This article discusses creating a hospital org chart within your organization. Read on below to learn more.

hospital organizational charts overview

The Importance of Hospital Organizational Charts

Hospital organograms play a crucial role in safeguarding patients. They assign decision-making authority based on expertise and training. In the context of healthcare, decision-making related to patient treatment typically follows an upward trajectory within the medical hierarchy. Meanwhile, decisions about business aspects such as marketing traverse the administrative hierarchy.

hospital lobby org chart

Organizational charts provide a clear representation of this hierarchical flow. It enables stakeholders to understand which decisions are made in different areas of the organization. By delineating decision-making lines, organizational charts enhance transparency. It facilitates effective communication and promotes cohesive decision-making processes within healthcare organizations.

1. The Benefits of a Hospital Org Chart in Hospital Management

One of the key benefits of using a hospital organizational chart is that it helps streamline hospital management. Here are some of the key benefits of utilizing one.

Reveals Organizational Leadership

The primary goal of a healthcare facility is to deliver quality medical care to patients. However, the operational and business aspects of running the facility cannot be overlooked. It's a must to separate the administration from medical services. This strategy safeguards the humanitarian nature of healthcare from financial influences.

Highlights the Role of the Board of Directors

The highest level of authority within a healthcare organization rests with the board of directors. This governing body establishes the vision and direction for the facility. They approve policies and make significant purchasing decisions. Additionally, they are responsible for appointing top-level executives.

Facilitates Effective Communication

Organizational structure in healthcare plays a critical role in establishing clear lines of authority, communication, and delegation. However, communication gaps between a healthcare organization's administrative and medical services can hinder efficiency. A well-designed organizational chart can bridge this communication divide by clearly indicating the appropriate contacts for inquiries related to specific divisions and overall organizational performance.

Key Elements and Examples of Hospital Organizational Charts

The key elements of a hospital organizational chart typically include the following:

  • Hierarchical Levels: Hospital organizational charts commonly display a vertical structure. It represents the hierarchical levels within the organization. This structure starts with the highest level of authority, such as the CEO or President. It's followed by various executive positions, department heads, and managers and extends to frontline staff members.
  • Departments and Divisions: Organizational charts outline the different departments and divisions within the hospital. These include clinical, non-clinical departments, support services, and administrative functions.
  • Reporting Relationships: Organizational charts depict the reporting relationships between different positions and departments. They show who reports to whom. It illustrates the lines of authority, communication, and decision-making within the hospital.

1. Popular Hospital Organizational Chart Templates

Here are three commonly used templates for hospital organizational charts. These can serve as a guide when creating your hospital organogram.

Hospital Organizational Chart

This chart showcases the hierarchy of leadership roles within the organization. At the top level is the board of directors overseeing the hospital. Below them is the managing director, followed by the corporate chief information officer and chief strategist. Along the same line are the hospital CEO and medical director. Additionally, a corporate chief financial officer and a separate hospital chief financial officer are responsible for financial matters.

Hospital Organogram

This organogram demonstrates the structure of the hospital. The board of directors is positioned at the top, followed by the board's president. Below the president are five vice presidents, each overseeing a specific department. These include the therapeutic, diagnostic, administrative, financial, and support departments. This hierarchical arrangement ensures efficient management and division of responsibilities within the hospital.

Hospital Hierarchy Chart

This hospital hierarchy chart depicts the organizational structure of the hospital. At the top is the board of directors, followed by the chief executive officer (CEO). Below the CEO are four officers: chief administrative officer, chief human resources officer, chief financial officer, and service support director, each responsible for their respective departments. Furthermore, the hospital has various departments, including emergency, medicine, nursing, surgery, dentistry, radiology, and pediatrics.

The Best Platform for Creating Hospital Org Charts: Wondershare EdrawMind

EdrawMind is the ideal tool for crafting effective hospital organizational charts. The platform empowers users to effortlessly design org charts that effectively depict the hierarchical structure of their hospitals.

EdrawMind - Mind map software

1. Key Features

EdrawMind is your go-to solution for crafting a hospital organizational chart with its array of helpful features. Here's what sets it apart:

  • Template Library: EdrawMind offers an extensive collection of templates exclusively designed for organizational charts. Choose a layout that fits your requirements, enabling you to kickstart your org chart creation process promptly.
  • Intuitive Interface: With EdrawMind's intuitive and user-friendly interface, creating org charts becomes effortless. The drag-and-drop functionality simplifies customization, allowing you to tailor your org structure seamlessly.
  • Edraw AI-Powered Smart Suggestions: Edraw AI enhances your experience by providing intelligent suggestions, streamlining the creation of organizational charts, and optimizing your workflow. This smart feature saves you time and effort throughout the chart-building process.

2. Pricing

If you're interested in using EdrawMind for your hospital, here are the platforms pricing plans:

  • Semi-Annual Plan: $39 per month (billed every 6 months)
  • Annual Plan: $59 per year (billed annually)
  • Perpetual Plan: One-time payment of $118


We recommend taking advantage of EdrawMind's perpetual plans before transitioning to a subscription-based pricing model. Act quickly to seize this opportunity!

In addition, here are the pricing plans for incorporating Edraw AI into your projects:

  • 50,000 Tokens: $5.90
  • 100,000 Tokens: $9.90
  • 999,999 Tokens: $79.90
Note: Edraw AI utilizes tokens for different features. Text consumption is approximately 1 token per 10 words, while OCR requires 50 tokens peruse.

3. The Advantages of Using EdrawMind for Org Chart Creation

Below are the advantages of EdrawMind, with a specific emphasis on its Hospital Org Chart creation feature.

  • EdrawMind's extensive template library provides readymade hospital org chart templates. The choices available to you ensure a solid foundation for your designs.
  • Sharing your hospital org chart with colleagues, stakeholders, or clients is effortless. EdrawMind supports multiple formats, so you can easily share your org chart.
  • Edraw AI offers intelligent suggestions and automates certain tasks when setting up the hospital org chart.

4. How To Create a Hospital Org Chart With EdrawMind

Creating a visually appealing and informative hospital organizational chart is easy. Follow these steps using EdrawMind:

Step 1: Download and install EdrawMind on your computer. Open the software and select New > Org Chart. Or, browse the MindMap Gallery for suitable pre-designed hospital org chart templates.

getting started with edrawmind

Step 2: Customize your hospital org chart by adding shapes and connectors. Click the Topic button located at the top panel to insert a Shape within the org chart. Double-click on each shape to input job titles and names of individuals. Next, select the right panel and choose Style > Branch > Connector Style to change the styles of the connectors in each position.

customizing org chart edrawmind

Step 3: Change the chart's appearance to align with your hospital's branding. From the right panel, click the Map button, then Layout, to change the layout of your org chart. Meanwhile, select the drop-down list of Theme to change the color of your org chart to match your organization's theme.

customizing layout and themes edrawmind

Step 4: Resize and reposition the images and shapes as required. Arrange the shapes or adjust spacing. Refine and fine-tune your org chart until it meets your requirements. Finally, save the chart in your preferred format by clicking the "Save" icon on the top-left ribbon.

finished hospital org chart using edrawmind

Step 5 (Optional): In addition, you can enhance your org chart by adding AI-generated images. Click on AI > AI Drawing and choose a model (Universal, Comic, or Img2img) to upload an image. Enter prompts and let Edraw AI generate the picture, which you can insert into the chart.

using ai for hospital org chart

Best Practices for Implementing and Using Hospital Org Charts

Implementing hospital org charts requires attention to detail and regular updates. Here are some best practices to consider.

1. Accuracy and Up-to-Date Information

Ensure that the org chart reflects the current structure of the hospital. You can do this by obtaining up-to-date information from relevant departments and stakeholders. Verify job titles, reporting lines, and departmental changes to maintain accuracy.

2. Regular Review and Revision

Organizational structures evolve, so reviewing and revising the org chart to adapt to changes is essential. This includes staff movements, departmental restructuring, or additions/eliminations of positions. Regular reviews ensure the org chart remains accurate and relevant.

3. Centralized Access

Make the org chart accessible to all employees through a centralized platform. This ensures that everyone can access the most recent version of the org chart. Centralized access fosters a shared understanding of the hospital's structure.


Understanding hospital organizational charts is crucial for efficient communication within healthcare organizations. These charts represent the hierarchical structure, departments, and reporting relationships. By using hospital organizational charts, healthcare professionals can streamline operations. It improves collaboration and ensures clarity of roles and responsibilities.

To create effective org charts, consider using tools like EdrawMind. The platform provides usable templates and customization options to get your hospital org chart up and running in minutes.

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