Think Bigger From EdrawMind User Guide

An Introduction to EdrawMind

Wondershare EdrawMind is a powerful cross-platform mind-mapping tool designed to enhance your productivity. With our user-friendly app, you can effortlessly create a diverse range of mind maps to visually represent concepts, ideas, words, tasks, and information. Experience the comprehensive solution provided by EdrawMind, enabling you to efficiently organize your thoughts and streamline your workflow.

wondershare edrawmind main window

EdrawMind offers both a free trial and the premium versions. Whether you're involved in project management, team brainstorming, classroom instructions, or public presentations, EdrawMind has become a trusted tool for countless users seeking accuracy and efficiency in their creations. Join the diverse community of EdrawMind users and elevate your visual communication to new heights.

Key Features of EdrawMind

Here are the key features of EdrawMind you can immediately take advantage of.

1. Abundant Templates

The software has many ready-made templates that cover different topics. It gives you lots of options to be creative and come up with new ideas. You can explore and let your imagination soar to new heights!

edrawmind templates
EdrawMind Templates

2. Gantt Chart

In the Advanced function, there's something called the Gantt Chart. It helps you manage tasks for your projects while making mind maps.

edrawmind gantt chart mode
Gantt Chart Mode

3. Show Feature

Click the Show tool to access Full Screen, Focus On, Drill Down, Display Branch, Display Level, and Map Overview features.

edrawmind slide presentation
Slide Presentation

4. Styles and Themes

EdrawMind offers many beautiful styles and designs for you to choose from. You can pick different fonts, shapes, colors, and line sizes that match your own style.

edrawmind styles and themes
Styles and Themes

5. Powerful Toolbar

EdrawMind has a special toolbar that helps you get more things done and be really productive.

edrawmind quick access toolbar
Quick Access Toolbar
Relationship Line

Users can connect two subjects using a Relationship Line to show they're related. EdrawMind will adjust the arrow direction automatically, and users can change the line's appearance, color, and add text to explain the relationship.

edrawmind relationship line
Relationship Line

Callouts are additional information on a particular topic and can form their branches.

edrawmind callout
EdrawMind Callout

The Boundary feature in EdrawMind helps show the connection between topics. It creates outlines around a specific area on the map to group related topics and highlight important content. EdrawMind offers different styles of frames to choose from for this purpose.

edrawmind boundary
EdrawMind Boundary

The Summary feature in EdrawMind allows you to add a summary for several topics. This makes it easier to understand the main idea.

edrawmind summary
EdrawMind Summary

In EdrawMind, you can use special icons called Marks to add visual elements to your topics and make your mind map more interesting. These icons help explain the content and make the map look more colorful. EdrawMind has lots of different icon groups to choose from, and you can even create your own custom icons.

edrawmind mark
EdrawMind Mark

In the software, there is a Clipart gallery with professionally designed clip art. These clip arts can be used to make your maps look visually appealing and exciting.

edrawmind clipart
EdrawMind Clipart

To add pictures to your map, you can choose any image from your computer. Just click on Picture and insert it directly into your map. If the image is too big, you can make it smaller to fit the map without losing its clearness.

edrawmind picture
EdrawMind Picture

Hyperlinks are like shortcuts that take you to other files, websites, or pages. They help keep your map clean by letting you access information without cluttering the map. When you click on a hyperlink, it will open the updated file or page.

edrawmind hyperlink
EdrawMind Hyperlink

Users can add external documents to their mind maps by clicking on Attachment.

edrawmind attachment
EdrawMind Hyperlink
Mind maps are concise, but sometimes we need more details. You can add annotations under Note to provide extra information with formatted text and images.

Insert a note to the outline by clicking on Note.

edrawmind attachment
EdrawMind Hyperlink

To leave comments on a subtopic, click on Comment.

edrawmind comment
EdrawMind Comment

Adding tags to topics is possible by clicking on Tag to mark task information.

edrawmind tag
EdrawMind Tag

If you need to include mathematical formulas, you can insert LaTeX or EdrawMath formulas.

edrawmind formula
EdrawMind Formula

Tables can be inserted directly into the map using the Table feature. You can also customize colors and font sizes.

edrawmind table
EdrawMind Table

6. Rainbow

With the Rainbow function, you can quickly change the color scheme of the map.

edrawmind rainbow colors
EdrawMind Rainbow Colors

7. Magic Hand Drawing

Switching between Paint Bucket Style, Charcoal Style, Pencil Style, Watercolor Pen Style, Graffiti Style, and Marker Style can be done with one click.

edrawmind hand-drawn style
EdrawMind Hand-drawn Style

8. Outliner

The Outliner feature displays the map's content in a text outline format for easy understanding.

edrawmind outline mode
EdrawMind Outline Mode

9. Encrypt File

You can encrypt your files with the Encrypt File function to protect them.

edrawmind encrypt file
EdrawMind Encrypt File

10. Display Level

Use the Display Level function to collapse or expand topics, helping you focus on specific areas.

edrawmind display level
Edrawmind Display Level

11. File Recovery

If the software unexpectedly closes without saving your map, you can easily recover the unsaved file with one click using File Recovery.

edrawmind file recovery
Edrawmind File Recovery

12. Share

Sharing your maps on social media is possible with the Share function.

edrawmind share
Edrawmind Share

13. Import

EdrawMind supports importing mind maps from other software and file formats, such as MindManager, XMind, FreeMind, Word, HTML, Markdown, and more.

edrawmind import
Edrawmind Import

14. Export

You can export your maps to various image formats, PDF, Word, Excel, PPT, HTML, SVG, and MindManager.

edrawmind export
Edrawmind Export

15. Shortcuts

Shortcut keys greatly improve drawing efficiency.

edrawmind shortcuts
Edrawmind Shortcuts

16. Brainstorming

The Brainstorming function in the Slideshow panel provides a creative solution for teams and individuals.

edrawmind brainstorming
Edrawmind Brainstorming

17. Mind Map Gallery

The Mind Map Gallery offers thousands of original mind maps for reference and inspiration. To publish your work in the Community, click on the plane icon in the upper right corner and fill in the relevant information in the Publish Your Mind Map window before clicking Publish.

edrawmind publish mind map
Edrawmind Publish Mind Map