10 Best Free AI Video Editors to Spark Your Creativity

From color adjustment to transition effects, AI video editors ease manual troubles. Let's discover how AI is revolutionizing the video editing realm.

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Artificial Intelligence has become a transformative force, fundamentally altering how you approach creative work. It is remodeling the landscape of text, visual, and audio production, extending its influence into video editing tools. AI streamlines the video editing process, automating time-consuming tasks. Now, you can apply professional-grade video effects within minutes using the best AI video editors.

The greatest perk of such tools is that they operate as suggestive AI. Rather than create an entire video, they serve as a creative partner that ideates, establishes foundations, and accelerates edits. Against this backdrop, we have selected the best free AI video editors to control your artistic expression.

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The 10 Best AI Video Editors

Whether it's footage selection or visual effects generation, these AI video editors redefine creativity. Let's discover some of the best AI video editors out there:

1. Lumen5: Best AI Editor for Adding Transitions & Effects

lumen5 best ai video editor

Lumen5 stands out as the best AI video editor that offers seamless conversion of blog posts or articles into engaging videos. It offers an array of advanced AI-editing features, such as text overlays, transition effects, and motion graphics. You will also get a vast media library.

Features & Capabilities
  • Crop, rotate, & trim
  • Customizable video templates
  • Royalty-free stock library

A one-click blog to video conversion.

  • Multilanguage support
  • Extensive transitions and effects
  • Themes, fonts, and brand colors
  • Easy to use interface
  • Limited customization on text placement

2. Descript: Ideal for Screen Recording

descript best ai video editor

Descript is more than a video editing tool; it's a complete platform enabling video recording, transcription, and editing within a single environment. It is an editing tool with an integrated screen recorder. Descript also provides an array of drag-and-drop templates and stock assets.

Features & Capabilities
  • Filler word removal
  • Overdubbing
  • Color and transition adjustments

AI-powered green screen feature.

  • Online collaboration
  • Transitions and animation presets
  • Templates gallery & stock library
  • Screen recording
  • Sometimes users experience transcription errors

3. Adobe Premiere Pro: A Proficient AI Video Editor Overall

adobe premiere pro best ai video editor

Adobe Premiere Pro proves to be a game-changer, transforming the editing experience for users. This AI video editor simplifies tasks like color grading, audio mixing, and aspect ratio adjustments. The tool also automates time-consuming tasks like keyframe adjustments and color correction.

Features & Capabilities
  • Trim, crop, & GIF conversion
  • Color adjustments
  • Transition & effects

Comprehensive video editing features.

  • Motion graphics templates
  • Online collaboration
  • Audio mixing & effects
  • Transcription
  • High learning curve

4. Runway: Best for Green Screen Editing

 runway best ai video editor

Runway lies among the best free AI video editors renowned for green screen editing. It features an inpainting tool that removes objects from video backgrounds. Runway's standout feature is Style Transfer, enabling users to apply the visual effects of a video to their existing videos.

Features & Capabilities
  • Style transfer & AI magic toolkit
  • Automatic subtitle adding
  • Color adjustment, VFX, & transition

AI magic toolkit with all-inclusive features

  • 4K quality video resolution
  • Dynamic images & slow-mo effect
  • Advanced video editing toolkit
  • Color adjustments & transitions
  • Limited storage options in the free version

5. Kapwing: An Online AI Video Editor

kapwing ai video editor

Are you looking for a comprehensive platform equipped with AI-powered editing tools? Consider Kapwing. From background removal to auto-generated subtitles and text-to-speech edits, it offers enhanced features. Kapwing also offers a comprehensive inventory of templates.

Features & Capabilities
  • Smart Cut
  • Video blur & audio waveforms
  • Crop, rotate, and trim

Diversified AI-powered features

  • Video templates
  • Tutorials and guidelines
  • Document to video conversion
  • Subtitles and transcriptions
  • No application interface

6. Wisecut: Video Editor with Automated Capabilities

wisecut best ai video editor

Wisecut is an automatic video editing software utilizing AI and speech recognition technology. The tool empowers lightning-fast video creation and editing. Ideal for talking head videos, it caters to subjects like explainer videos and tutorials. The tool also generates auto subtitles and translations for videos.

Features & Capabilities
  • Auto-cut silence
  • Auto subtitles and translations
  • Smart background music

AI-powered automatic video editing

  • User-friendly interface
  • Affordable premium plans ($10)
  • Multilanguage support
  • Video auto-reframing
  • No video templates

7.Wondershare Filmora: Video Editor with Comprehensive Toolkit

wondershare filmora ai video editor

Wondershare Filmora integrates traditional video editing tools with advanced AI capabilities in a comprehensive editing suite. From color adjustments to speed ramping, the tool proves a game-changer. Also, Filmora is the best AI video editor for Android because of its cross-platform compatibility and sleek interface.

Features & Capabilities
  • AI smart cut-out
  • Quick split mode
  • Color adjustment & video templates

Comprehensive AI-driven editing toolkit

  • ChatGPT plugin availability
  • All-inclusive editing toolkit
  • Easy-to-use interface
  • Professional interface with guides
  • No free trial

8.Topaz Video AI: Best for Quality Enhancement

topaz video ai video editor

Topaz Video AI is a desktop video editing software designed to enhance video quality. With features like upscaling and creating slow-motion effects, it proves invaluable for video editors seeking powerful tools. Also, the tool automatically eliminates video flickering and enhances blurred areas.

Features & Capabilities
  • Motion interpolation
  • Video upscaling
  • Frame blending

Its advanced-level video upscaling capabilities

  • Video smoothness increase
  • Shake stabilization
  • Restoring old footage
  • Upscaling videos to 8K
  • Expensive premium plans

9. Magisto: An Easy-to-Use AI Video Editor

magisto best ai video editor

Magisto, a cutting-edge AI video editor, simplifies video creation in three steps. It provides access to 3 million HD stock videos, 100+ stickers, and music. Its AI features include camera stabilization, color correction, and effortless editing effects. Transforming clips into polished videos is effortless with Magisto.

Features & Capabilities
  • Crop, trim, & merge
  • Stickers, watermarks, & filters
  • Video templates

Convenient video editing procedure

  • Affordable premium plans
  • Tutorials and guides
  • Straightforward editing
  • Templates inventory
  • Lacks advanced editing features

10. FlexClip: An AI Video Editor With Extensive Stock Assets

flexclip ai video editor

Are you a beginner who needs an intuitive editing tool? FlexClip is a solution offering a plethora of templates and a vast selection of stock imagery and videos. You can edit your footage by adjusting brightness, speed, flipping, trimming, and applying filters to refine your video's colors.

Features & Capabilities
  • Video templates
  • Transitions and overlays
  • Background removal & cropping

Up to 4,000,000 royalty-free stock and motion graphics

  • Team collaboration on video editing
  • Royalty-free stock asset
  • Subtitles adding
  • Tutorials and guides
  • No video translation feature

EdrawMind AI: AI-powered Video Generator

The above-described video editors are undoubtedly excellent in seamless video editing. But what the power of AI is beyond video editing. In fact, many apps now support generation of videos based on AI. For example, EdrawMind AI, a feature of mind map maker EdrawMind, can transform a mind map or a concept map into a video for presentation.

edrawmind ai video generator

EdrawMind AI is a top-notch mind-mapping platform that now integrates AI prowess to take your creativity to the next level. Among its other AI functionalities, EdrawMind also possesses an AI video generation feature to convert your map into a compelling video.

EdrawMind AI's Video Generation Function

Creating a video from the text is no surprise. But generating a video from a mind map is super-marvelous, which EdrawMind performs effortlessly. You don't need any manual edits or endeavors for video generation. Instead, mind map to video conversion is a one-click process. Let's learn how to do it:

Step 1: Launch EdrawMind.

Step 2: Create a mind map manually, via a template, or using AI mind map generation.

create mindmap edrawmind

Step 3: Go to "AI >AI Video Export."

ai video export edrawmind

Step 4: Adjust your export setting and click "Export."

adjust export setting

Key Features

Edraw AI video generation feature offers several advantages, some of which are the following:

  • Edraw AI can generate a script for your mind map video if your map contains only key phrases.
  • The tool provides a prebuilt AI voice for video.
  • You can choose the playback level of your AI-generated video depending on your topics and subtopics.
  • Edraw AI also allows you to add a cover image to your video. You can also seek assistance from the tool for the cover image.

What Else Can EdrawMind AI Do?

  • AI Drawing. You can use EdrawMind to generate a drawing from a text or picture.
  • AI Presentation. EdrawMind can generate a slideshow with dozens of slides in minutes according to your prompt.
  • AI Copywriting. EdrawMind AI can generate text, change its tone, expand or translate it.
  • AI OCR. You can use EdrawMind AI to extract text from pictures.


Since its inception, AI has not only renovated our video editing approaches but also propelled us into an era where imagination knows no bounds. Each tool showcases the prowess of AI in simplifying intricate editing processes. Whether it's basic video tweaks or advanced VFX editing, these tools never fail to offer us tailored solutions. This article presented the ten best AI video editors, each having unique competence. Also, if you are not hesitant to unravel your creativity, you can go for EdrawMind AI mind map to video generator.

Hence, join hands with your desired AI editor, experiment with its capabilities, and step confidently into the realm of video editing. As technology progresses to evolve, you will experience more productivity and convenience in your video editing journey.

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