10 Free Brainstorming Examples: From Idea to Action (2024)

Are you struggling to come up with new ideas and turn them into actionable plans? Brainstorming can help you generate creative solutions and take your ideas to the next level. we've got you covered with 10 free brainstorming examples that will inspire you

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When it comes to finalizing something, it is always recommended to think it through! Whether planning to bring a new product to the market or even planning a trip with your family, a brainstorming session is not only helpful but is a fun activity that helps in improving the medial temporal lobe subsystem of our brains. With the right brainstorming examples, you can easily reach your decision.

Some of the benefits of using free brainstorming examples are:

  • You can easily get your brainstorming session going.
  • You get inspiration that comes in handy for long sessions.
  • You get a new set of perspectives to look at things.

Here, you will find ten free brainstorming list examples, all created in EdrawMind. The powerful mind mapping tool provides such and more brainstorming templates that you can fully customize.

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Free Brainstorming Examples & Templates

If you ever find yourself at a dead end when planning a brainstorming session, you are here for a treat. In this comprehensive guide, we will introduce a wide range of free brainstorming examples that you can easily duplicate using EdrawMind.

1. Brainstorming Examples for Students

The following brainstorming example for students talks about different ways one can do a thorough analysis of any book. As per this mind map, a few of the important areas that one can talk about are the characters, background of the story and the author, influential figures in the author's life, and more. By working on such brainstorming examples, students can easily master any book and grasp the intrinsic thoughts behind the narrative.

2. Brainstorming Example in Writing

In this brainstorming example in writing, we have a team and how they are discussing the most sought technical topic of this year -- the future of AI. As the mind map suggests, there are various verticals in which the future of AI can be analyzed, like the Business and Education domain, the Healthcare industry, and the Transportation domain. Importantly, by customizing such brainstorming templates, we can understand the challenges and ethical factors behind using artificial intelligence.

3. Brainstorming Example for Meeting

In the below brainstorming example for a meeting, we created a diagram showcasing how a team should conduct an effective conference. As illustrated in this brainstorming example, a team can create agenda topics, topics of discussion, and meeting information. When everyone has access to this template, they can start customizing it and add different agendas and lines of action per the discussion. Download this brainstorming template today.

4. Brainstorming Example for Business Strategy & Planning

There are different levels involved when it comes to business strategy and planning. One of the major aspects is a marketing strategy. In the following brainstorming example, we have laid out different marketing strategy ideas, like Website design, Internal Analysis, Market Analysis, Artificial Intelligence, and more. As per your business and the market growth, you can enter the details in this template and start the productive brainstorming session.

💡Learn about creative EdrawMind 10 brainstorming topics to help you break free from creative brainstorming constraints.

5. Brainstorming Example for Healthcare & Medicine

Health and wellness are such domains that need thorough brainstorming. We have created a brainstorming example for the healthcare and medicine domain, targeting "Pneumonia Community Acquired". For this brainstorming example, one can go deep into understanding outpatient and inpatient treatment, when to switch to oral therapy and more. As a team, you can even add descriptions to these particular subtopics. Download this brainstorming example today for easy customization.

6. Brainstorming Example for Scientific Research

If you are from a scientific research background, you understand the importance of properly brainstorming before finalizing anything. As shown in this brainstorming example for scientific research, you can instantly customize the elements per your academic requirements. We have added subtopics here for brainstorming, like Concept, Process, and Example. With EdrawMind, we have even put a whole part into the Summary section. Instantly download this scientific research mind map template and start brainstorming.

7. Brainstorming Example for Problem Solving

If you ever encounter a situation where you need a path to find a solution for an ongoing problem, we recommend checking out this brainstorming example for a problem-solving template. We have taken an IT-related example here where we have categorized three topics as per the priority level -- Cause, Impact, and Prevention. During the brainstorming session, you can thoroughly check all the aspects of Cause and Impact and find the right prevention methods.

8. Brainstorming Examples for Social & Community Projects

Brainstorming also comes in handy when we are working on different community projects. Here we have a template for brainstorming examples for social and community projects. We have used a circular chart as there were several commonalities between the successful prospect of social projects and community projects. With the given context, you can add different areas of project and community projects to understand the process and flow.

9. Brainstorming Example for Process Improvement

In the following brainstorming example for process improvement, we have started the brainstorming session by talking about "The Design Process" in general. In order to understand more about the process, we have established several subtopics and even found relevant connections in them. By creating such concept maps for brainstorming, we assure that none of the topics remain untouched, and when we work on any process, we technically go to cover every major aspect of it.

10. Brainstorming Example for Innovation & Product Development

Have you ever wondered about the complexities involved in naming a new app? Well, most IT companies create detailed brainstorming sessions just to find the name of their mobile app. As shown in this brainstorming example for innovation and product development, a team has started dissecting the mobile app name in detail. Here we are covering different features of the app, market growth, and focus areas. This would help the team to finalize the mobile app name. You can download and use this product development mind map template for your projects.

How to Use Brainstorming Examples

Now that you have acquainted yourself with some of the best brainstorming examples on various topics, it's time to customize them using EdrawMind.

Step 1Install EdrawMind

Head to the official website of EdrawMind to download the offline mind mapping tool in your system. Once downloaded and installed, you should see a homepage with options like Open, New+, Import, Cloud Documents, and more.

interface of edrawmind
Step 2Download the Template

Head to "MindMap Gallery" or click on the "Download" button that you find with each of the above-mentioned brainstorming templates to download it in its entirety in your system.

interface of edrawmind
Step 3Open the Template

Click on "Open" > "Computer" > "Browse" or "Recent Folders". From this location, find the downloaded brainstorming template. Double-click on it to import the layout, content, theme options, and all to your EdrawMind canvas.

interface of edrawmind
Step 4Customize Brainstorming Template

Once you have imported the downloaded brainstorming example template in your EdrawMind, you can start customizing it. Click on any Floating Topic, and you will find different customization options. From the right corner, change the layout and theme, and add cliparts. You can even add more content to it if required.

interface of edrawmind
Step 5Save/Export

After you have modified your brainstorming technique example, you can save it in your system for future use or export it in different formats to share it with your team. Head to the "Export" option from the homepage and select the required file format from the dropdown menu.

interface of edrawmind

Brainstorming Techniques

Check out some of the highly recommended brainstorming techniques that would help you in your process:

  • Mind Mapping: Create a visual illustration of your brainstorming sessions that would help you explore more ideas.
  • SCAMPER Technique: Follow Substitute, Combine, Adapt, Modify, Put to Use, Eliminate, and Reverse guide to generate new ideas or modify previously discussed ideas.
  • Provocation Technique: Introduce questions related to the brainstorming topics to encourage new ways of thinking.
Want to learn about different brainstorming techniques? Click here for our overview of the most popular brainstorming techniques.

Free Brainstorming Tool

Brainstorming tool

EdrawMind is considered the best brainstorming tool. Some of the highly recommended features of this free brainstorming tool are:

  • Layout: It comes with different layout options, like org charts, vertical timelines, tree maps, mind maps, sunburst charts, and more.
  • Edraw AI: With built-in AI, you can now generate more brainstorming ideas.
  • Outliner Mode: With Outliner mode, you can easily take down notes and convert them easily into stunning diagrams.
  • Templates: Apart from the above-mentioned templates, EdrawMind is a pool of brainstorming templates that are ready to use and customize.
  • Cliparts: With built-in cliparts, you can ensure your brainstorming example remains unique.


Brainstorming is considered the ultimate tool when it comes to finalizing any topic. However, most companies struggle when it comes to starting a brainstorming session. Furthermore, it can be a bit daunting to develop a new set of brainstorming examples every time. Thankfully, with EdrawMind, you don't have to worry about a lack of inspiration. The tool is equipped with hundreds of templates that would get you started. As this article mentions, download any free brainstorming example templates and start your much-awaited brainstorming session.

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