A Comprehensive Review of ToolBaz: An AI Story Generator

ToolBaz is a reliable AI tool made to assist writers in every way. It has several features, and one of its best functions is its story generation capabilities.


In today's world, AI has made incredible progress and is no longer limited to conventional tasks. It has expanded its reach to creative domains like storytelling. Thanks to AI writers, we can now generate captivating stories using advanced technology.

ToolBaz, a cutting-edge platform that utilizes AI to craft compelling narratives, is a fantastic tool in this field. This article will explore the capabilities of ToolBaz and how it is reshaping the storytelling landscape.

ToolBaz Review

Welcome to ToolBaz, your go-to platform for the best AI tools available on the web. Here, you'll find many powerful and user-friendly artificial intelligence tools to assist you in various activities.

toolbaz homepage

These are some of ToolBaz's top AI generators:

  • AI Text Generator: ToolBaz's AI text generator is a game-changer. The AI has an excellent command of language by having a vast data library. It then generates content that's sure to impress.
  • AI Content Generator: This powerful tool uses AI to produce high-quality content for marketers or copywriters.
  • AI Paragraph Generator: This intelligent tool uses artificial intelligence to analyze the context and structure of any given topic. That's why it can generate well-written paragraphs that captivate readers.
  • AI Story Generator: ToolBaz also offers a proficient story generator that you can use to write compelling stories. It's a great tool to supercharge your creativity using the vast literary database of AI, which helps you overcome common challenges such as writer's block.

1. Features

ToolBaz's Story Generator feature is easy to use. Provide what you need in the text box, and it will work on what you have given. For example, type a “love story between two dogs,” which will generate a short story for you. Check out the photo below to see how ToolBaz develops a story based on the prompt.

toolbaz story generator interface

It also features a built-in text editor, which is not present in many available AI generators. After editing, you can even copy the text you made into other text editors to continue your work.

Overall, the features of ToolBaz are straightforward, effective, and easy to use. It has a simple interface that's easy to follow, and the website is responsive.

2. Pricing

ToolBaz, for the number of features it offers, is already worth it, especially since it's free. This makes it a recommended story generator for anyone wanting to try AI's creative powers. This aspect of ToolBaz alone makes it an easy choice.

3. AI Capabilities

The Story Generator can follow prompts properly and generate stories based on what the user has provided. That itself makes it amazing. It can generate coherent and compelling sentences, which any writer would appreciate. Moreover, you can adjust the creativity level, making the AI adaptable to your needs.

ToolBaz's AI capabilities fall out on the number of words it generates. As you can see from the earlier photo, it only generated 176 words from the prompt. Even if you specify the length of your story, it may still sometimes generate fewer words.

A quick workaround to this is to fill in the details you want. This is thanks to the fact that there is a built-in text editor provided. It's a great addition, especially considering the limitations of AI. Remember, AI should only be used as an assistant and should not be treated as a ghostwriter.

4. Users' Review

Some users from Trustpilot report that the content's character count is minimal. Moreover, some users also reported that the ads can sometimes be annoying. There were also reviews stating that the CAPTCHA verification process can fail to work.

However, ToolBaz generally received favorable reviews thanks to its powerful features.

5. Overall Pros & Cons

Summarizing everything, here are the pros and cons of ToolBaz.

  • Capable AI writer that faithfully follows user prompt
  • Built-in text editor that can be used to edit generated content
  • The application is free
  • The character count of generated content is limited
  • Users report issues with the CAPTCHA generator/li>
  • Ads may interfere with user experience

Wondershare EdrawMind: A ToolBaz Alternative

Wondershare EdrawMind is a fantastic tool mainly used to create and collaborate on mind maps. It's an all-rounded program that provides essential features that make organizing ideas a breeze for anyone. These features include an extensive template Library, real-time collaboration, and quality-of-life quirks like drag-and-drop.


However, there are times when it's hard to come up with ideas. These can be caused by creative blocks, especially in storytelling. This is why Wondershare has upgraded EdrawMind with its very own AI capabilities. Check out the new AI features below:

  • One-click Mind Map: Easily create well-structured mind maps with a single click. Save time and ensure your ideas are organized effectively.
  • Brainstorming: Ignite your creativity with this innovative tool that generates unique ideas about your topic. Find inspiration and explore fresh perspectives.
  • Smart Annotation: Enhance your charts effortlessly with valuable annotations. Add insightful comments with a simple click, making your charts more informative.
  • Translation: Overcome language barriers using EdrawMind's AI translation feature. Translate your text into multiple languages for seamless communication.
  • Tarot Divination: Access ancient wisdom and gain horoscopes and fortune-telling insights through this intriguing AI capability.
  • Boast Assistant: Infuse positivity into your charts with the Boast Assistant. Sprinkle compliments throughout your work for a more engaging experience.
  • OCR: Convert traditional data into digital form effortlessly.
  • Copywriting: Refine the text in your charts with the Copywriting feature. Improve readability and engagement by polishing the content.
  • AI SWOT Analysis: Simplify SWOT analysis with AI assistance. Generate comprehensive charts with minimal effort and insightful commentary.
  • Article Generation & Weekly Report Generation: Streamline content creation with EdrawMind's ability to generate detailed articles and comprehensive weekly reports. Save time and effortlessly produce informative content.
edrawmind ai chatbot interface

# AI Story Generation With EdrawMind

With its new AI capabilities, EdrawMind can now become an ideal alternative to ToolBaz. Edraw AI has GPT-powered features that can provide suggestions, tips, and written content.

It's an easy way to generate stories or ideas. You can even create a mind map based on the generated content to visualize everything you need for your story. This way, you have a full-blown program to cater to your writing needs.

Follow the steps below to start generating stories with EdrawMind:

Step 1 Get EdrawMind from the official website. Launch the program. Note: Can Get EdrawMind free through below button ↓.

Step 2 On the homepage, click +Create a new mindmap.

edrawmind homepage

Step 3 Access Edraw AI by clicking AI on the upper toolbar. On the appearing menu, click Edraw AI.

edrawmind ai interface
Note: You can also access the Edraw AI chatbot by clicking Article generation or the little robot icon in the bottom left corner, then select Article generation in the dropdown menu of the Pre-scene setup button.

Step 4 Talk to the chatbot regarding what you need. Use clear and specific prompts like the following:

  • “Write a story about [insert topic here]”
  • “Can you write about [insert premise of the story here]. I want it to feel like a [insert genre here] story.”
edrawmind ai results

Step 5 Click the Continuous Dialogue button to let the AI generate more content for you. Alternatively, you can ask it to write more.

edrawmind ai continuous dialogue feature

Different Ways Story Generators Can Help You

Story generators are incredible tools that can benefit writers in various ways, providing creative support and inspiration. Whether you're an experienced author, an aspiring storyteller, or want to unleash your imagination, these AI-powered tools can significantly enhance your storytelling experience.

This section will explore how story generators like ToolBaz and EdrawMind can help you overcome common writing challenges.

1. Providing Suggestions to the Story

Story generators can offer valuable suggestions for your story by generating ideas related to plotlines, characters, and settings. The generator can ignite your imagination and give you a starting point by inputting keywords or prompts. These suggestions can be a helpful foundation to build upon, especially when facing initial obstacles and needing a push to get your creativity flowing.

2. Overcoming Writer's Block

Writer's block is a common hurdle that writers encounter. Story generators can be a powerful remedy for this problem. When you are stuck or struggling to find the right words, the generator can provide fresh perspectives and new directions for your story.

AI can introduce unexpected elements or twists that rejuvenate your creativity and help you break free from writer's block.

3. Providing Feedback

Receiving constructive feedback is vital for writers who wish to improve their skills. Story generators can act as virtual writing partners, offering instant feedback on various aspects of your story, such as pacing, character development, and grammar. This feedback helps you identify areas that need improvement, refine your storytelling abilities, and create a more polished final product.

4. Writing Stories

Story generators can go beyond suggestions and feedback and actively contribute to the writing process. With their advanced AI capabilities, these tools can generate entire stories based on your input. While the generated content may need some adjustments and personalization, it provides a solid starting point, saving you time and effort while fueling your creative vision.


Ultimately, AI is a competent writing assistant for creative writers. It can now generate stories and ideas and provide suggestions like a faithful writing companion. ToolBaz, one of the leading AI story writers today, is an easy choice for those looking to start making the most out of the powers of AI. It has a straightforward interface that's easy to use and comes with a helpful text editor.

Moreover, EdrawMind was recently equipped with powerful AI features. One of these features is the ability to generate stories with its chatbot. Try it and see how it can transform your AI writing experiences.

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