Think Bigger From EdrawMind User Guide

View Personal Gallery Homepage

The EdrawMind Mind Map Gallery provides a platform for users to discover, explore, and learn from a diverse range of mind maps, including both personal creations and works by other users. Follow these steps to access and view personal profiles and mind maps within the gallery:

Step 1Login to Your EdrawMind Account

Ensure that you are logged into your EdrawMind account. If you do not have an account, you can easily create one by following the registration process.

edrawmind loggin
Step 2Access the Mind Map Gallery

Once logged in, navigate to the main menu or dashboard of your EdrawMind account. Go to Gallery. This is where you will find a collection of mind maps contributed by various users.

edrawmind mindmap gallery
Step 3View Personal Profile

To view your own personal profile and mind maps you've published, look for a "Gallry Homepage" section. Here, you can access mind maps you've created in the past and manage your profile information.

edrawmind view personal profile
Step 4Discover Other Users' Works

To explore mind maps created by other users, navigate through the gallery. Look for options like "Most Viewed," "Most Liked," or "Recent Release" that interest you. Click on a user's profile to access their collection of mind maps.

edrawmind view personal profile
Step 5View Mind Maps

Within a user's profile, you'll find a list of mind maps they have shared. Click on a specific mind map to view it in detail. You may be able to zoom in, move around, and interact with the mind map to explore its content.

edrawmind view mind map
Step 6Gain Inspiration and Learn

Take this opportunity to gain inspiration from other users' works. Analyze the structure, organization, and creative elements of different mind maps. This can provide insights for your own mind map creations and projects.

Step 7Collaborate and Connect

If you're interested in collaborating with another user or discussing their mind map, some platforms may offer communication features. Engage in meaningful conversations and share insights with fellow creators.

Step 8Share Your Own Creations

As you explore the gallery and gain experience with mind mapping, consider contributing your own mind maps. Publish your creations to share your knowledge, ideas, and creativity with the EdrawMind community.