Think Bigger From EdrawMind User Guide

Other Settings

When brainstorming and finalizing the ideas for mind map, flexibility and convenience in the digital workspace are essential. EdrawMind offers a wide range of settings to enhance the brainstorming session and provide more convenience to present and discuss the ideas to create the perfect mind map. Here are all the settings you get in the brainstorming session.

01 Set A Timer

In the professional world, every activity has a time constraint. A brainstorming session should have a time limit so that productivity does not suffer. That is why EdrawMind comes with a time option to set a time limit for the different parts of the brainstorming section. Here are the steps to set a timer for your brainstorming session.

Step1Click More Function option located at the bottom-left corner.
Step2Click ,Display Timer option from the menu.
edrawmind display timer

You will see a digital timer located at the top-right corner of the document. Press Ctrl+F10 keys to hide the timer whenever you want.

02 Hide Panel and Toolbar

When discussing the collected ideas with your team members and drawing traces to illustrate your point, you may not want the left panel and toolbar. EdrawMind offers options to hide collect idea panel and toolbar for distract-free document. Here are the steps to hide panel and toolbar.

Step1Click Collect Ideas option located at the bottom-left corner to hide the collect idea panel. Alternatively, you can click the close icon located at the top-left corner of the panel.
Step2Click Hide Toolbar option located at the bottom-left corner to hide the collect idea toolbar.
edrawmind hide panel and toolbar

You can click the right arrow located at the bottom-left corner to bring back the toolbar.

03 Zoom Document

When you are discussing the collected ideas, you may want to zoom in on a particular group of collected ideas or subtopics. If you have a very detailed mind map with a large number of ideas, you may need to zoom out to accommodate all ideas in the mind map on your screen. Here are the steps to zoom the document in brainstorming mode.

Step1Click Zoom View option located at the bottom-left corner.
Step2Select a specific percentage for zoom in or out from the menu as per your requirements.
edrawmind zoom percentage

The document will reflect the selected magnification percentage. You can click and drag the mind map to place it centrally in the document.

04 Format Texts and Diagrams

When you add the collected ideas to the mind map, the diagrams and texts appear in black by default. You may want to colorize the diagrams and format the texts to highlight them so that everyone can distinguish them easily. Here are the steps to format the texts and diagrams in brainstorming mode.

Step1Click on any text in your mind map. You will see a floating widget.
Step2Click Text Color option to change the text color you want. Click Text Highlight option to highlight the background of the text with any color.
Step3In the same mini-toolbar, Click Fill option and select a specific color to fill the diagram. Also Click Border option and select a specific color to colorize the border of the diagram.
edrawmind formatting widget