Think Bigger From EdrawMind User Guide

Outline Mode

The Outline mode is a powerful tool for observing the map presented as a textual outline. Subjects are sequentially displayed from the highest to the lowest, facilitating smooth reading and topic traversal. That is the space where you can effortlessly transition between the MindMap perspective and the Outline mode for seamless navigation through topics arranged in a top-to-bottom sequence.

Outline Mode in Edrawmind

01 Activate Outline Mode

Follow the steps below to activate the Outline mode.

Step 1Launch EdrawMind on your computer.
Step 2aStart a project by clicking on Create > The Mind Map a new mind map or by choosing from the available Templates at your disposal.
Step 2bAlternatively, click Import to access an existing file or Import to convert another file format into an EdrawMind file.
edrawmind opening or creating a project
Step 3To access the Outliner, click Start > Outliner at the top toolbar to go into the Outline mode.
open outliner at top toolbar

02 Basic Editing

Modifying your outline is straightforward by using the tools in the upper toolbar. Read the guide below to perform basic editing under the Outline mode.

Under the Outline mode, you can enhance organizational efficiency with the platform's editing features. Seamlessly adjust the structure of your content for a more refined visual representation. Here's how.

Step1Use the top toolbar on your main window under the Outline mode. Click any outline and choose between Increase Indent or Decrease Indent, depending on your needs.
increasing or decreasing indent outline mode
Step2To edit text under the Outline mode, click text.
editing text on outline mode

03 Change Settings

Incorporate style into your visualizations using EdrawMind's Background Settings section. Customize your outline background and width, and explore the advanced options below. Here's how.

Step1On the right-side panel, choose between Paper mode and Regular mode for the outline background. Click the background that best suits your preferences.
Step2Click None, Solid, Gradient, or insert your custom background with Picture to further personalize the background.
Step3Select your Outline width by clicking Narrow screen or Widescreen.
Step4In Advanced settings, check Paper transparent to set the transparency of your paper.
change settings on outline mode