Think Bigger From EdrawMind User Guide

Edit Slides

Welcome to the Editing Slides section of EdrawMind.

YYou can create slides for your mind map from the Slides and manage them from View tab. Each slide can showcase branches or sub-branches of the map. The slides can be expanded or collapsed based on your requirements. This convenient feature allows you to concentrate on a specific map section. To edit your slides, follow the steps below.

editing your slides on edrawmind
Step 1Go to the MindMap button, double-click on any topic on your mind map. Input your text, and it will also automatically update on the Preview Slideshow pane.
edrawmind editing text via mindmap window
Step 2Edit the Layout, Theme, and Background by clicking on the right-side panel. All of the changes on your mind map will also automatically reflect on the Slide Deck.
  • Change the Layout and positioning based on your preferences.
  • Change the Theme, Colored Branch, Theme Color, and Theme Font under the Page Style option.
  • Change the Background to Color, Texture, or upload an Image to personalize your mind map's background.
edrawmind editing the text and layout
You can add new slides, rename the current slide or delete the selected slide through the tab bar below the slide deck name.
the place of shortcut keys for slides