Think Bigger From EdrawMind User Guide

Insert Clipart

EdrawMind provides a rich material clipart library for users to use, and the material covers many fields such as education, office, tourism, food, technology, sport, and so much more.

Here's how to insert clipart with EdrawMind.

Step1Launch EdrawMind. Click New to create or Open to open the file saved on your computer. Click Workbench to expand the menu and choose Clipart.
edrawmind choose clipart right panel
Step2There are many different types of libraries inside Clipart. Use the mouse wheel to scroll through the elements in the library and select your preferred clipart. Alternatively, you can also enter keywords in the search box of the Clipart library.
edrawmind choose clipart right panel
Step3Click the clipart to add it to the selected topic or drag the clipart with the mouse to any topic shape or blank area of the map.
edrawmind insert clipart to main window
Cliparts can be inserted anywhere around the subject text.