Think Bigger From EdrawMind User Guide

01 Spelling Check

Correct spelling is important in mind maps. It ensures clarity and prevents misunderstandings. EdrawMind has a spelling check feature you can use to ensure all the words are spelled correctly. Follow the steps below to use this feature:

Click Advanced > Spelling Check or press F7.

spelling check feature of edrawmind

EdrawMind will then analyze the text in the mind map and look for incorrectly spelled words. It will inform you if there are no spelling errors.

no errors found

Suppose there are words with incorrect spelling. EdrawMind will show you an incorrectly-spelled word and suggest corrections. Select the correct spelling and click Accept.

accepting the suggested spelling correction

If you believe the word is correctly spelled, click Ignore. You can also click Add to Dictionary, so EdrawMind will not consider it a spelling error next time.

ignore or add to dictionary

After pressing Accept or Ignore or Add to dictionary, the dialogue box will show the next spelling error. Repeat the process until there are no more spelling errors.

no more spelling errors

02 Changing the Language

EdrawMind's Spelling Check can check six languages. It includes USA and British English, French, German, Italian, and Spanish. To set the correct language:

Click en_US on the dialogue box. Select the correct language.

selecting language for the dictionary