Think Bigger From EdrawMind User Guide

AI Presentation Function

The AI Presentation function of Wondershare EdrawMind creates an entire presentation from a text prompt. Follow these steps to impress your boss and colleagues with AI-generated and professional-looking presentations.

Step 1 Start your presentation by clicking Inspiration space from the Workbench section.
edrawmind workbench interface
Step 2 Select PPT, enter a keyword prompt in the text field, and click the Send icon.
edraw ai assistant select ppt
Step 3 Edraw AI will generate a draft of your presentation outline. You can then review and edit the draft, click Regenerate to start a new content outline, or Generate PPT to create the presentation.
edraw ai-generated content outline
Step 4 Wait a few seconds while Edraw AI generates your PPT presentation.
edraw ai generating ppt on canvas
Step 5 From the PPT style section on the right panel, select an option from the 20 theme designs under the Advanced tab bar.
edrawmind with ai-generated ppt on canvas
Step 6 From the upper navigation pane, click Play to preview your presentation or click Play Current to start it from the current slide. You can also click New AI PPT to create a new PPT presentation with the help of Edraw AI.
Step 7 When ready to save or share your presentation, click Export in the upper-right side navigation pane. Then, select Export as type: Uneditable PPT or Editable PPT, then click Export to get a copy of the presentation.
export ai-generated ppt as editable