Think Bigger From EdrawMind User Guide

Move Topics

EdrawMind allows you to move the topic with two methods.

Method 1 Drag the Topic With the Mouse

Follow the steps below to move the topic with your mouse.

Step 1 First, select the topic you want to move.
selected topic interface
Step 2Drag the topic to the target position with your mouse. Then, as previewed, the topic will be moved to your needed place.
preview of moved topic
Except for the Main Idea, you can move any topic or any branch to and under any parent topic or subtopic.

Method 2 Use Shortcut Keys

You can also rearrange the topic with shortcut keys. Follow the procedure below to help you move topics quickly.

Step 1 Select a topic that you want to move.
Step 2 Press the shortcut keys to move the topic.
Here are some common shortcut keys to move topics.
Move up Topic Ctrl + Shift + Up
Move down Topic Ctrl + Shift + Down
Move Topic to Top Ctrl + Shift + Home
Move Topic to Bottom Ctrl + Shift + End