Think Bigger From EdrawMind User Guide


Within EdrawMind, resources allocated for task completion are regarded as a distinct tag group. Here's how to conveniently generate and oversee resources through the Tag Manager panel.

edrawmind tag management window

Create/Delete Resources

Follow the steps below to learn how to create or delete resource groups in EdrawMind.

Step 1To add a custom icon, click the Icon Group Manager button to open a pop-up window. Add the name of the group and marks, and click OK. You can now place the icon on your project to further customize your map.
icon group manager pop up
Step 2Click Tag Manager to add a custom tag to your map. Click on Add group and type the tag text that you want. Click on OK to finish setting up your new tag. You can now place your custom tag on your map.
tag manager pop up window
Step 3To delete the added resource groups, select the groups' name and click Delete group next the Add group button in the Icon Group Manager and Tag Manager windows.
click delete group