Think Bigger From EdrawMind User Guide

Select and Edit Topic

Below are the steps for selecting and editing content on specific topics:

01 Select Topic

Topics can be selected by their types or level. Right-click your mouse on Select Topics in the menu, and you can choose your needed topic from:

  • All
  • Same Type
  • Peers
  • All Peers
  • All Parents
  • Current Branches
  • Next Level
  • All Topics
  • All Relationships
  • All Boundaries
  • All Summaries
  • All Summary Topics
  • All Floating Topics
  • All Callouts
  • Invert Selection
select topics button and options

02 Edit Contents of Topic

You can edit the content of a topic by double-clicking your mouse on it. Here are shortcuts to help you edit topic content quickly.

edrawmind style tab bar
Processing Shortcut
Edit Topic Text F2
Move Cursor to Beginning of Topic Text and Edit Shift + Space
Move Cursor to End of Topic Text and Edit Space
End Editing Enter / Esc
Wrap Text Ctrl + Enter; Shift + Enter; Alt + Enter
Move to Beginning of Current Line Home
Move Cursor to Beginning of Topic Text Ctrl + Left
Move Cursor to End of Topic Text Ctrl + Right
Cancel Editing Esc
Find & Replace Ctrl + F
Find Next Enter
Spelling Check F7