Think Bigger From EdrawMind User Guide

Insert Boundary

One practical use case for adding a boundary line to specific topics in your mind map is to create a clear border between information sections. By separating topics with a boundary line, you can quickly and easily distinguish them from other content on your mind map. It can help you prioritize information, emphasize main ideas, and streamline your thought process.

Additionally, the default boundary line color in EdrawMind will automatically adjust based on the theme you have selected for your mind map. This allows you to integrate it with your overall design aesthetic. If you want to learn how to add a boundary line to your mind map in EdrawMind, follow the step-by-step guide below.

Step1Select the specific topic(s) you want to highlight with a boundary line.
Step2Go to the Start tab in the upper navigation pane.
Step3Click on the Boundary command button to activate the feature.
edrawmind interface insert boundary line

Customize Boundary Line

Customizing the boundary line in your mind map allows you to tailor it to your design preferences and branding. You can use different colors or weights of boundary lines to visually represent various topics, categories, or levels of importance. Follow the steps below to modify a boundary line and make your mind map stand out with a personalized touch.

Step1Click the boundary line in the canvas.
Step2Access the format editing options. You have two options to access the format editing options for the Boundary line:
  • Use the mini toolbar or;
  • Go to the Boundary Format section in the Style tab bar located in the right side panel.
Step3Once you have accessed the format editing options, you can modify various visual attributes of the boundary line, such as Fill color, Line color, Shape, Weight, and Dashes, and even add a Shadow.
  • By default, the Fill color and Line color checkboxes are selected. Then, click the Fill color and Line color dropdown lists to add a color of your choice.
  • For other modifications, click the Shape, Weight, and Dashes dropdown lists to create a cohesive mind map style.
  • The Shadow feature is not applied by default. To include a Shadow effect in the boundary, select the checkbox.

Experiment with different options to achieve the desired visual effect that matches your mind map's aesthetics or conveys the intended meaning.

modifying boundary line format