Think Bigger From EdrawMind User Guide


EdrawMind offers a range of default shortcut keys for quick actions, and most of these shortcuts can be customized. You can find the complete list of shortcut keys in the Options menu under Shortcuts in the software. To personalize the shortcut keys, simply go to Options > Shortcuts and click on Custom Shortcuts. From there, you can modify the shortcut keys to suit your preferences and make your workflow even more efficient.

edrawmind shortcuts

Common Operation

Function Shortcuts
Activate Window (Hotkey) Ctrl + Shift + M
Create a new document Ctrl + N
Open Ctrl + O
Save Ctrl + S
Save as F12 (Hotkey conflict)
Save all Ctrl + Shift + S
Close document Ctrl + W; Ctrl + F4
Close all documents Ctrl + Shift + F4
Switch document Ctrl + Tab
Print Ctrl + P
Undo Ctrl + Z; Alt + Backspace
Redo Ctrl + Y; Alt + Shift + Backspace; Ctrl + Shift + Z
Copy Ctrl + C
Cut Ctrl + X
Paste Ctrl + V
Paste Special Ctrl + Alt + V
Delete Del; Backspace
Delete Selected Topic Shift + Del
Format Blush Ctrl + Shift + C
Find Ctrl + F

Add Topic and Related Elements

Function Shortcuts
Add Subtopic Tab; Insert; Ctrl + Enter
Add Sibling Topic (After) Enter
Add Sibling Topic (Before) Shift + Enter
Add Parent Topic Shift + Ins
Add Callout Alt + Enter
Add Floating Topic Alt + F
Add Multiple Topics Ctrl + M
Add Relationship Ctrl + R
Add Relationship (straight line) Ctrl + Shift + R
Add Boundary Ctrl + Shift + B
Add Summary Ctrl + ]
Insert Formula Ctrl + Shift + L
Insert Picture Ctrl + Shift + P
Insert Table Ctrl + Shift + J
Insert Priority Mark Ctrl + 1, 2, 3...
Add Hyperlink Ctrl + K
Add Attachment Ctrl + H
Add Note Ctrl + T
Add Comment Ctrl + Shift + T
Add Number Ctrl + Shift + U
Add Task Alt + G

Select Topic and Topic Operations

Function Shortcuts
Select all Ctrl + A
Select same type Alt + A
Select more topics Shift + Arrow
Select more levels Shift + Alt + Arrow
Select same level Ctrl + Shift + A
Select topic Arrow
Select first topic in the same level Home
Select last topic in the same level End
Select Main Idea Ctrl + Home
Move up topic Ctrl + Shift + Up
Move down topic Ctrl + Shift + Down
Move topic to top Ctrl + Shift + Home
Move topic to bottom Ctrl + Shift + End
Copy Topic Up Ctrl + Alt + Up
Copy Topic Down Ctrl + Alt + Down; Ctrl + D
Copy to Sub Topic Ctrl + Ins
Increase Sector Width Alt + .
Decrease Sector Width Alt + ,

Text Editing and Font Settings

Function Shortcuts
Edit topic text F2
Move cursor to Beginning of Topic Text and Edit Shift + Space
Move cursor to End of Topic Text and Edit Space
Wrap Text Ctrl + Enter; Shift + Enter; Alt + Enter
Move cursor to Beginning of Topic Text Ctrl + Left
Bold Ctrl + B
Italic Ctrl + I
Underline Ctrl + U
Increase font size Ctrl + Shift + .
Decrease font size Ctrl + Shift + ,
Set font color Ctrl + Shift + D
Highlight text Ctrl + Alt + D


Function Shortcuts
Switch between mind map and outline Ctrl + Shirt + M; F10
Add Topic Enter
Increase Indent Tab
Decrease Indent Shift + Tab
Delete Selected Topic Shift + Del


Function Shortcuts
Traverse topics Enter
Traverse Branches Shift + F5
Play Slideshow Ctrl + Shift + F5

Map Viewing

Function Shortcuts
Show different levels Alt + 1,2,3...
Show all levels Alt + 0
Display branch Alt + D
Focus on topic F3 (Hotkey conflict)
Drill Down/Drill up F4
Fit to window width Alt + F3
Fit to window size Shift + Alt + F3
Fold Ctrl + F3 (Hotkey conflict)
Fit map to 100% zoom Ctrl + 0
Zoom in Ctrl + +
Zoom out Ctrl + -
Vertically scrolling PageUp; PageDown
Horizontally scrolling Ctrl + PageUp; Ctrl + PageDown

Full-Screen Mode

Function Shortcuts
Start brainstorming F8
Enter Full screen mode Ctrl+F5
Laser pen (Full screen) Ctrl + L
Color pencil (Full screen) Ctrl + P
Draw rectangle (Full screen) Ctrl + Shift + R
Draw ellipse (Full screen) Ctrl + Shift + E
Draw arrow (Full screen) Ctrl + Shift + W
Eraser (Full screen) Ctrl + E (Hotkey conflict)
Eraser all traces (Full screen) E

Open Pane/Window

Function Shortcuts
Open tag manager Ctrl + G
Open clipart pane Ctrl + Shift + I
Open format pane F6
Display spell check panel F7
Display mark panel F9
Display idea panel (Brainstorming mode) Ctrl + F9
Display Timer panel (Brainstorming mode) Ctrl + F10


Function Shortcuts
Cancel operation or close dialog Esc
Show help document F1 (Hotkey conflict)
Copy software running log to pasteboard Ctrl + Shift + F12
Activate AI Smart Helper Ctrl + Q