Think Bigger From EdrawMind User Guide

Insert a Table

Inserting a Table allows you to add additional information to your maps. Here are the steps below.

Step1 Launch EdrawMind. Click Create to get a new mind map or Open to launch a file saved on your computer. Next, go to the Home toolbar and choose More > Table. Select the rows and columns with your mouse or click Insert Table and enter the number of rows and columns of the table you want to create.
edrawmind insert table on map
Step2You will be redirected to a new dialog box, Table, with editing options for your table, including Insert Above, Insert Below, Delete Row, Insert Left, Insert Right, and more. Customize your table according to your preference.
edrawmind setting the table
Step3Click OK on the top right of the Table box to set your table on the mind map when you are satisfied with your settings.
edrawmind new table on map