Think Bigger From EdrawMind User Guide

How to Encrypt a File

EdrawMind offers an feature to encrypt files, which lets you protect your files with a password. This allows you to ensure only people with permission can access your file. Follow the steps below to encrypt a file.

Click Advanced > Encrypt File.

encrypt file feature of edrawmind

Set a Password, then retype the password on Confirm Password. Take note that the password is case-sensitive.

setting a password

You can click and hold the eye button to see the password in plain text. This will allow you to verify if it is your desired password.

verifying the password

Click OK. You will see a “key” icon appear beside the file name. It indicates that the file is now encrypted.

the file has been encrypted

To change the password or remove encryption. Go to Advanced > Change Password and click the corresponding option on the pop-up menu.

remove encryption