Think Bigger From EdrawMind User Guide

Insert Tags

A tag in EdrawMind is a powerful tool that adds contextual information to your mind map. Located below the topic, it can be keywords, labels, dates, people, locations, or a short supplementary description.

This feature simplifies the process of searching, filtering, and grouping similar topics, making your mind map more intuitive and easier to navigate. Using tags to group related ideas, you can quickly identify critical themes and connections, saving time and streamlining your creative process.

01 Create or Manage Tag Group

Want to add more context and organization to your mind maps? Here's how to generate a tag in EdrawMind.

Step1Select the topic you want to label or attach a tag.
select the topic to create tag
Step2Click the Mark tab bar in the right panel, and choose Tag manager in the upper right corner.
Step3 Click Add group in the lower left corner of the Tag Manager dialogue box.
Step4 Enter your desired tag into the text input field, then press Enter on your keyboard for each new tag.
Step5 Next, click Add on the right side of the Tag Manager dialogue box to add the tag to its respective group.
Step6 Click OK to confirm your changes after creating the tag groups. Then you will add tag groups at the bottom of the Icon list view under the Mark tab bar.
tag manager dialogue box create tag
To delete a tag group, repeat steps one and two. Next, select a tag group, click Delete group, then click Yes in the pop-up window.

02 Add a Tag to a Topic

Follow these methods to tag a specific topic in your mind map.

Method 1: Use Icon List View

Step1Select the topic where you want to add a tag.
Step2Click the Mark tab bar in the right-hand panel, and choose Icon list view.
Step3Select a tag you generated beforehand in the Tag Manager dialogue box or the default tags in Edrawmind.
select tag to insert into topic
Step4The selected tag will appear at the bottom of the chosen topic.
tag appears below the topic

Method 2: Through the Insert Menu

Select a topic. In the Insert menu, click Tag.

click more to add tag

Method 3: Right Click a Topic

Step1Right-click on the topic, then choose Tag.
right click on topic
Step2Enter your preferred tag in the text input field and choose your desired color. Press Enter on your keyboard to save the tag in the topic.
enter tag in text input field