Think Bigger From EdrawMind User Guide

Format Painter and Style Follows

EdrawMind enables you to easily maintain consistent formatting and streamline the creation of mind maps.

01 Format Painter

The Format Painter tool in EdrawMind is a powerful feature that allows you to quickly apply formatting styles from one element to another. Whether you want to maintain consistent formatting throughout your mind map or make specific elements stand out, the Format Painter tool simplifies the process.

Step 1:Select the topic from which you want to copy the formatting style.
Step 2:Locate the "Format Painter" button. Click on it. The Format Painter tool will capture its formatting style.
Step 3:Identify and click the target topic in your mind map to which you want to apply the copied formatting style. EdrawMind will instantly apply the formatting style, making the target topic visually consistent with the source topic.
format painter

02 Style Follows

The Style Follows feature in EdrawMind is a convenient option that allows you to automatically apply the style of the last added topic to newly generated topics. By enabling this feature, you can maintain consistent formatting and save time when creating mind maps.

Step 1: Navigate to the Options tab in the File menu.
Step 2: Locate the Style Follows option in the Format section. Tick the checkbox to activate the Style Follows feature.
style follows