Think Bigger From EdrawMind User Guide

Change Branch Style

It's possible to change the Branch Style and the style of some branches on EdrawMind. Follow the guide below.

01 Change All Branches

Step 1:Launch EdrawMind and click Create or Import the file saved on your computer.
edrawmind edit your branch style
Step 2:In the Map column, go to Themes. From here, you can change the style of all branches in your mind map by adjusting items in Theme.

02 Change the Style of Some Branches

Here are the steps if you want to change the style of some branches in your mind map.

Step 1:Select the parent topic of the target branch.
Step 2:In the Style column on the right-side panel, you can adjust the Connector Style, Fill Color, Line, Dashes, Tapered, Weight, Arrow, and more.
edrawmind change the style of branches

Note: Changing the style of a parent topic's line color in Branch will change all line's color in this branch.

change branch lines color in edrawmind