Think Bigger From EdrawMind User Guide

Inspiration Space

Have you ever had a great idea but struggled to organize it into a coherent thought? Or maybe you've had to spend hours creating a mind map or PPT presentation from scratch? If so, you're not alone.

edrawmind inspiration space on the workbench

EdrawMind now has a new inspiration space feature that can do that for you! Just enter a prompt on what you're working on, and it will generate an outline of ideas for you. You can then use those ideas to create mind maps, outline notes, and PPT presentations.

edrawmind ai assistant

A Brief Overview of AI Assistant

1. Mind maps

The AI Assistant can generate mind maps from the outline generated by the AI assistant.

ai assistant-generated mind map outline
AI Assistant Generated Mind Map Outline

2. Outline notes

The AI Assistant can also generate outline notes from scratch or help you expand on existing outline notes.

edrawmind ai assistant outline notes
AI Assistant Outline Notes

3. PPT Presentations

The AI Assistant can also generate PPT presentations from your prompt. Select from 20 advanced theme styles and export your file as editable or not.

edrawmind ai assistant ppt content outline
AI Assistant PPT Content Outline