Think Bigger From EdrawMind User Guide

Insert a Hyperlink

The hyperlink can be used to add external files and internal files and can avoid cluttering the map when you insert or copy content.

EdrawMind allows you to insert several types of hyperlinks, which includes:

  • Current Document
  • File or application
  • Internet address
  • Folder

01 Add Hyperlink

You can follow the steps below to insert the specific hyperlinks in your mind map.

Step1Select the topic you want to insert the hyperlink.
Step2Right-click the topic, then click Hyperlink in the menu.
insert hyperlink option in the menu
Step3Decide which type of hyperlink you want to insert and edit.
Here is another method to add a hyperlink. Select a topic and click More in the Home menu. Then you'll also see the Hyperlink window.
the other way to insert menu

02 Insert a Current Document as Hyperlink

Here are steps to insert the topic of the current document as a hyperlink.

Step1Click Current Document on the left side of the Hyperlink window.
Step2Select a specific topic in the drop-down menu of the Shape and click OK.
current document in hyperlink window

03 Insert a File or Application as a Hyperlink

Follow the steps to insert a file or application as a hyperlink.

Step1Click File or application on the left side of the Hyperlink window.
Step2Click Browse to choose your needed file saved on the computer. Then click OK to confirm.
file or application in window

04 Insert an Internet Address as a Hyperlink

The following is the guide to inserting an internet address as a hyperlink.

Step1Click Internet address on the left side of the Hyperlink window.
Step2Enter an internet address in the input box beside Address. Then click OK to confirm.
internet address in hyperlink window

05 Insert a Folder as a Hyperlink

Learn from the steps below to insert a folder as a hyperlink.

Step1Click Folder on the left side of the Hyperlink window.
Step2Click the Browse button on the right side to select your needed folder on the computer. Then click OK to confirm.
folder in hyperlink window
Step3Name the hyperlink accordingly in the input box after Description, which will be displayed on the hyperlink icon.
Step4Click OK to confirm editing.

Tip 1: If you want to insert multiple hyperlinks to one topic, click the type of your needed hyperlink and click Create in the Hyperlink window. Then, repeat the steps above to add another one.

new icon in hyperlink window

Tip 2: To insert hyperlinks more quickly, you can directly drag the file to where you want to add. Then, click Add as hyperlink in the pop-up menu.

add as hyperlink option

View, Edit, or Delete Hyperlinks

The hyperlink icon is located on the right side of the topic text. You can view, edit, or delete hyperlinks with it.

01 View Hyperlink

If you hover the mouse pointer over the hyperlink icon, you can see the name or description of the hyperlink. Then, click the name to view the corresponding hyperlink.

hyperlink icon and name

02 Edit Hyperlink

Right-click the hyperlink icon and click Editing. Alternatively, you can directly click the hyperlink icon to open the Hyperlink window when there are multiple hyperlinks. Then, in the pop-up window, you can modify the hyperlink description, address, and hyperlink order and add or delete hyperlinks.

hyperlink editing option

03 Delete Hyperlink

There are two ways to delete the hyperlink.

Method 1: If you want to delete all hyperlinks in a topic at a time, you can right-click the hyperlink icon. Then, click Remove to delete the entire hyperlinks.

hyperlink remove option

Method 2: If you need to delete one of the listed hyperlinks, you can right-click the hyperlink icon and click Editing. Then, follow the procedure below to delete a hyperlink.

Step 1Select the exact hyperlink you want to delete.
Step 2Click the Delete button.
Step 3When you have confirmed the modification, click OK.
hyperlink delete icon