Think Bigger From EdrawMind User Guide

Theme Color and Colored Branch

EdrawMind allows you to adjust the theme color and use the Colored Branches feature to personalize the color of your mind maps.

01 Theme Color

EdrawMind offers dozens of theme color templates for you to choose from. Here are the steps to apply a desired theme color on your mind map:

Step 1: Locate the Theme Color section in the Map panel on the right.

edrawmind theme color

Step 2: Choose a desired theme color to apply it to your mind map.

change branch position in the canvas

Step 3: Select a main topic, then drag it anywhere on the canvas.

apply theme color

02 Colored Branch

Colored Branches are used to personalize how the theme colors are assigned. There are four available rainbow colors to customize your map branches, such as Single, Rainbow, Symmetrical, and Alternate.

Here are the steps to apply Colored Branches on your mind map.

Step1Click Create to start a new mind map or Import the file saved on your computer. Go to the right side panel and click on Map > Colored Branch.
edrawmind colored branches
Step2aClick the Single Color button if you want all branches to become a single color.
edrawmind single color
Step2bChoose the Rainbow button, meanwhile, to display a different color for each branch.
edrawmind rainbow color
Step2cSelect the Symmetrical button to make the branches symmetrical on the left and right sides.
edrawmind symmetrical color
Step2dLastly, click the Alternate button if you want all branches to use two colors alternately.
edrawmind alternate color