Think Bigger From EdrawMind User Guide

Change Text Style and Color

Here's a guide to changing the font and the color of your Theme Shapes after selecting a Theme Style.

Step1:Launch EdrawMind. Click Create or Import a file saved on your computer and select the theme that needs to be changed.
Step2:Select the topic for which you want to change the font and color. Here are three ways to operate.
  • Method 1: Adjust in the menu bar Page Style > Theme Font.
  • Method 2: Go to the right-side panel. In the Style column, click Font and Color to adjust.
  • Method 3: After selecting a topic, a floating box will automatically appear. Change the font and color with it.
edrawmind three ways to change font and color
If you want to set a default font for maps, simply go to File > Options > Format, and choose Use default font instead of theme font. Next, select an appropriate font as the default font for the map.
edrawmind templates
EdrawMind Change Default Font