Think Bigger From EdrawMind User Guide

Change Connector Style

Connectors or branches connecting ideas and information contribute to a well-organized mind map, offering a hierarchy and flow of information. It can represent relative connections between ideas, such as cause-and-effect, sequence, association, or comparison. By connecting one topic to another with a connector, you can show how they contribute to a larger concept or theme.

EdrawMind has multiple options to adjust the connector, which gives the flexibility to create a mind map that conveys your message better. Don't settle for a generic mind map. Follow this step-by-step guide to discover the connector style that enhances your diagrams.

Step 1:Select the items you want to edit, whether a section or the entire mind map (Ctrl + A to select the whole map).
change the connector style of topics
Step 2:Select a Connector Style.

There are a couple of ways to change the style or layout of your branches and connectors.

  • Option 1: Click Branch on the mini toolbar, and select a branch style.
open the branch from the toolbar
  • Option 2: Go to the Style tab bar and navigate to the Branch section. Next, click on the Connector Style dropdown list. Lastly, select a new branch style to switch to another design.
select connector style from style tab

01 Format Connector Style

Beyond changing connector styles, EdrawMind enables you to format them in multiple ways. Adjust the thickness, color, and arrowhead to create organized and visually appealing diagrams. Read on to learn more.

Branch Line Colors

Changing the color of your connector line can help you visually distinguish between different types of connections and add emphasis on the flow between topics. It is as simple as adding color to your mind map to make your diagram more visually appealing.

Step 1:Choose either a single or multiple topic(s).
Step 2:Go to the Branch section in the Style tab bar of the right side panel.
Step 3:Click on the Line dropdown list and select a color from the palette.
change connector line color

Branch Weight

Varying the weight of a branch in the mind map can help distinguish between main topics and subtopics, especially in complex diagrams with multiple connectors. Additionally, adjusting the branch weight can create a sense of depth and perspective in the mind map.

That is where thicker branches appear closer, and thinner branches recede into the background. It can make your diagram easier to understand and give it a more three-dimensional look and feel.

Step 1:Select a Topic and access the Style tab in the right-side panel.
Step 2:Navigate to the Branch section and click the Weight dropdown list.
select connector thickness from style tab
Step 3:Select from a range of line thickness options, including thin and thick.
change connector thickness

Branch Arrows and Branch Dashes

By customizing the arrow of a branch, you can guide the reader's eye and make it easier to follow the flow of information. UML class diagrams use arrowheads to represent associations, dependencies, and realizations between classes. Diamond and triangle connector caps work for other relationship types, such as composition and generalization. These connector caps and dashes make creating a UML diagram easy that effectively communicates your design.

Step 1:Choose a Topic you wish to modify the connector cap head.
Step 2:Navigate to the Branch section in the Style tab bar in the right side panel.
Step 3:Click the Arrow dropdown list, and select a connector cap head that fits your needs from the available options.
place arrowhead and dashed line
From the Style tab bar, click the Dashes dropdown list in the Branch section. Then, select a connector you need - a straight line or a dashed line.